Sunday, August 10, 2014

Steven Flurry Blames Upcoming Tribulation Trials On Backsliding Young Members

Being a youth, teenager or young adult in Armstrongsm has never been  encouraging.  Massive destruction, enslavement, starvation, disease and being hung up on meat-hooks by the invading German armies have always been the stories they were spoon fed by the devious robbers of grace.

Most think they will never be able to graduate from high school, get married, have children, or get a job they like.  The end is always being rammed down their throats.

Instilling fear in the memberships has always been the biggest method of control in Armstrongism.  That fear culminates in losing ones salvation because members are such vile sinners regardless of how hard they try.

Stephen Flurry continues to beat that same drum in the fear based Philadelphia Church of God.

Young people are certainly not exempt from these principles of proper Sabbath conversation. No teenager is too young to read the Trumpet, Royal Vision and the news of the Work.

The main reason the ancient Israelites were taken captive by the Assyrians and Judah by the Babylonians was that they profaned the Sabbath Day! Much of this Sabbath-breaking was due to the carelessness of later generations. The later the generation, the more it seems we take things for granted, especially when it’s something many of us have heard all our lives. As young people, we should strive to read the Trumpet articles and listen to the Sabbath messages and discuss them with our peers, as well as the adults.
The solution to this dilemma is to have the youth read PCG propaganda.  That solves everything. 


Byker Bob said...

Is it just me? I thought the reason for the captivity was idolatry----worshipping gods other than Yahweh. All of the Asherah poles, the high places, and all of that.

Attention PCG teenagers: You can let them get away once with the ol' tribulation in 3-5 years gag if you want to, or you can simply learn from the 1972-75 experience all of us older folks suffered at the hands of HWA, the dude the Flurries idolize.


Anonymous said...

Why would any young person, still at least partly in possession of his mind and God-given common sense, want to read The Trumpet, and "discuss" it, especially after sitting through a "church service" as HWA-worshippers put one on? Who is capable of continuing that sort of BORING activity for so long? And, how is that "rejoicing" in the Sabbath?

Steve, maybe you've robot-ized your poor offspring to behave as you prescribe, but rebelling against such slavery is NATURAL! Introduce me to some of your rebellious teens and I'll ENCOURAGE them to carry on with it!

Eventually, one hopes, they will realize that it is not only intolerably dull and repetitive, but irrelevant: it's all been said BEFORE,and said BEFORE, and it DIDN'T come true any of those times!

old EXPCG hag said...

Keep in mind that those who are just visiting may only know you, or remember you, for the few words you said to them in fellowship. Don’t pretend to be someone you aren’t, but be careful to leave a good impression. Think before you speak!

Interpretation: Visitors have no clue what goes on behind the scenes of the PCG. Make sure you put on your fake face until we reel them in and and have them in our clutches. Be very tricky...and Praise the Lord!...and don't tell anyone we had this conversation...signed, Brian Davis.

Black Ops Mikey said...

Nah, people will suffer the Great Tribulation because of false prophets like the Flurrys.

Shred and burn all their material you have so you won't have to suffer the coming tortures!

RSK said...

Derp, Brian Davis.

James said...

The kids are leaving. Its a income problem for Steve especially after his old man "6-pack' croaks.

Anonymous said...

"Much of this Sabbath-breaking was due to the carelessness of later generations."

So, "Sabbath-breaking" of that time was due "to the carelessness of later generations"?

What the hell?!

Isn't that like saying that if I don't recycle my mayonnaise jars now, it's due to my great granddaughter not recycling her mayonnaise jars 100 years from now?

Someone needs to tell this deluded dude Stevie that time moves from the past to the present, and then into the future.

Hopefully, Stevie doesn't think he can alter the laws of physics just because he's in line to head a shitty cult when his crazy dad dies.