Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Lawrence Mumme: COG Weddings Are Heathen Celebrations of the Incestuous Relationship Between Isis and Tammuz

The latest Journal is out, issue 165 (pg.10).  One of the advertisements this time is from Lawrence Mumme on weddings.  Like any good Armstrongite he has to find something pagan about weddings.  Anything that is enjoyable in the world and daily life seems to lead directly back to paganism.  Nothing can be simple in Armstrongism.

Mumme writes:

"Heathenism Is Still With Us
We have cast off the pagan holidays,such as Easter sunrise services, Christmas with its exchanging of gifts, Halloween and its evil. But how about the other paganism?  From the very most ancient times, the heathens have followed the “Queen of Heaven” by doing what she did:having weddings. She came down the aisle (in her temple, dressed in white with a white veil; “here comes the bride”). The glory went to her,not to God. All eyes were upon her. This was an incestuous union—with her son.The two were known as Isis and Osiris, or Easter and Tam-muz, or Inauna and Damuzi (Tammuz). This was very sinful. The righteous people had no such thing."
"One of hte ways of the devil's church that we of the Church of God still observe is that of having weddings."
"Every day, thousands of women march down the aisle dressed like the Queen of Heaven. Is this Christian? Invoking the name of Christ at a wedding ceremony does not make it Christian any more than placing the name of Christ on the Saturnalia, calling it Christ- mas,makes it a Christian holy day"
If you read his article you will quickly see that the entire thing is focused upon the women.  They are the sinners that wear white.  They parade down the aisle like "the queen of heaven" and they file for divorce.  Its all their fault.  Men seem to be hapless bystanders sucked into the deception of the vile satanic women.  Only men can file for divorce and it is the disruptive women of society that have caused the divorce rates to skyrocket.  Apparently the woman must remain in the abusive or failed marriage and if that fails must remain single the rest of her life.

At least 50 percent of husband-wife unions fail, along with the backing by the government that upholds the wife with alimony and property. This is the scourge of this nation:the breakup of the home.

Jesus gives only one exception to divorce, and that is to the man:“except for fornication”(Matthew 19:9).
 If he finds out she was not a virgin,fraud.
 If she afterwards fornicates.
 If she withholds herself from him so that he is tempted to fornicate (1 Corinthians 7:5).
 Adultery is the classification for all sexual sins. Women have no biblical authority for divorce.1 Corinthians 7:1-5 is very important. Romans 7:1-3:
 Here she has no way out, except possibly to remain single. (See 1 Corinthians 7:10-11.)
Its all the fault of those damn Catholics!  They had to go and ruin everything for those in Armstrongism.

“By the authority of Jesus Christ, I now pronounce you man and wife.”

These words are heard every day.Yet,without authorization from the state,such a ceremony is illegal and will not hold up in a court of law. There is no right of inheritance for the children either.

This ceremony is a mockery to Jesus Christ and is not found in the Bible, either in an example nor any words to that effect.

A woman does not become a wife till the union is consummated.

Isaac took Rebekah to his mother’s tent and she became his wife (and not till then) (Genesis 24:67; see also Song of Solomon 3:4).

The ceremony called “the wedding”came down through the centuries from heathen religions to Rome and the Catholic Church,which uses it and did use it to control people and exert authority. If you do not go through their ceremony by one of their priests,it is considered a sin and your children are considered illegitimate,so they say.

It has erroneously been said that “God performed a ceremony for Adam and Eve”(Genesis 1:28). This was a command from God, not a ceremony. Adam and Eve had no choice in the matter.

If you are a minister, you have authority only from the state in these matters,and not from Jesus Christ

The Queen of Heaven had her incestuous union stamped with approval by the rite we now call the “marriage ceremony.”

God’s Word shows no rite whatsoever. It is not the taking of vows that I am writing about. It is that heathen rite where the bride enters, dressed and veiled as the Queen of Heaven, and the audience rises in homage.The groom comes in silently from the side (based on a quote from HWA in 1957).
I guess the pagan origins of wedding rings, wearing white are not as bad as wearing white and walking down the aisle with a veil.  Damn women!  Its all YOUR fault...and Isis, and Tammuz, and Herbert Armstrong, and SATAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

The man obviously never heard of Lilith. Lol. Oh...she was left out of the biblical myth

Byker Bob said...

Paganism is everywhere. Paul told us that idols are nothing, and have no power over us, but Armstrongism has fomented fear and paranoia over even the faintest hint of paganism.

A more balanced approach, dispelling the irrational fear, would be a therapeutic aid, promoting good mental healh. Strategically, if you can keep people off guard, and continuously work their insecurities, you can make yourself their guru and your organization the total solution to all of their problems. This is how normally insignificant men leverage people into emptying their 401k and savings accounts into their coffers.

Researching paganism, finding it in the customs which Armstrongites are still able to take part in, puffs certain ones up with ego and vanity.


Allen C. Dexter said...

Hadn't thought about kooky Larry for a long time. While we were in college, he lobbied to get Mother's Day outlawed as worship of Mary. In this case, old Herb didn't fall for the bullshit. I see he's still at it. What an idiot!

Black Ops Mikey said...

I guess the Apostle Paul was right: It's better not to marry.

Anonymous said...

Looney Larry! Haven't heard from him in years.

Allen C. Dexter said...

The funny thing is that everything traces back to pagan origins, even the feasts we so superstitiously tried to out-Jew the Jews on. Every tribe and nation had their harvest feasts and Octoberfest can be just as much, or even more, fun as the feast of tabernacles. It's the superstition that messes everything up.

Anonymous said...

Never heard of this guy 'till now (and, based on what you've said, I should be glad).

There was always someone around, who, like most of us, had no significance in the World of Armstrong Worship, who nonetheless wanted to prove, "I can have INSIGHT, too!" They, like this guy, found "hidden" evil in something and wanted you to know that they were responsible for "discovering" some kind of "truth" that no one knew about.

I even remember one or two people who "announced" (it was said in whispers) that they had studied into it, and found out some church teaching was WRONG, and they were going to go over it with a minister first chance they got. These people - you guessed it - vanished from the congregation.

That's all I have to say for now. I want to go browse the Christmas trees for sale sometime today. Hobby Lobby has a good selection.

old EXPCG hag said...


Gerald Flurry needs to read this!

And NO the wife don't get everything. Not if Gerald (Hitler) Flurry of the PCg gets involved.

Black Ops Mikey said...

We've studied into it and found that church teaching on British Israelism, church history, church eras, tithing and the calendar are wrong. We've actually proved it. Multiple times. In multiple ways. Much of it could stand in a court of law.

What do they have?

Lies, deceptions, fantasy, delusions.

But what the Hoeh, it makes them right!!!

Anonymous said...

Paul said the idol is nothing in Corinthians to bash James for demanding in acts 15 gentiles not eat idol meats. In other words ACTS 15 makes paul seem to be on same page when clearly not one bit

dewdrop said...

Didn't someone turn water into wine at a wedding once? He couldn't have considered it that bad & he had family there too!

Always thought it strange that we couldn't celebrate fireworks day in England as it was pagan, but put rings on fingers at weddings which also had pagan origins. Neither could we honour our mothers on English Mothers Day, but OK for Americans to do so on theirs! Well, we did have "yes man" McNair lording it over us.

Anonymous said...

Circumcision didn't be start with Abraham. It was "pagan" in origin. Abraham had a different meaning attached to it, so then it was OK. Same can be said for Christmas, Easter, etc. And with regards to birthdays . . . Why didn't HWA and the JWs outlaw banquets, as well as celebrating birthdays? Were they sitting at these banquets? Well, let's outlaw eating while seated. Were they drinking at these banquets? Well, let's outlaw . . . . of forget about it.

Anonymous said...

Well then, A-9:41, I guess you have the green light to continue being paranoid about all manner of paganism.

Jethro said...

The name Mumme is obviously pagan. It bears a striking resemblance to the word mummy, and may even be mispronounced in that way, and mummification was obviously a pagan ritual practiced by pagans. Furthermore, the three M's in Mumme represent the pagan concept of the Trinity: the Mather, the Mon, and the Moly Mhost. In addition, the letter M is the 13th letter of the English alphabet, and pagan myth says that 13 is an unlucky number. So in the name Mumme we have an unlucky trinity which has been mummified. Mr. Mumme better change his name.

Byker Bob said...

Reality? African Americans from the 1960's were right when they used to use the saying "Everything's everything." Everything is pagan (hey, the pagans drank water!), and everything is holy. It depends on what it means to you, and how you use it. What you extract and personalize. Yin, and yang. Good, and evil. One generally makes you aware of the other.

Take the example of sex, for instance. We had a very dramatic teacher on this topic! As HWA taught us, it has a good use (procreation and recreation in marriage) or a bad, pagan use, such as boinking one's daughter while starting a new religion.


old EXPCG hag said...

How bout them columns/phallic symbols holding up Armstrong Auditorium AKA god's House with all those made-up worldly whore women running around in it?

NO2HWA said...

ExPCGHag: that was already brought up years ago when some ministurd claimed the auditorium pillars were phallic symbols. GTA retorted back in a sermon that this man was probably turned on by piano legs.

Anonymous said...

I remember the phrase, "everything is everything", which was often used by some Black Americans decades ago.

I looked it up, because the way Byker Bob was using it seemed somewhat different than how I remember it's usage.

It comes from the Supreme Alphabet and the Supreme Mathematics of the Five-Percent Nation (AKA the Nation of Gods and Earths, which was a splinter group from the Nation of Islam, of Malcom X fame).

In the Nation of Gods and Earths' Supreme Mathematics, it correlates with #6, which is EQUALITY: "It is to be equal in all things in existence such as knowledge, wisdom and understanding. When you share your knowledge through wisdom and bring forth and understanding it only shows and proves equality. Knowledge(1) Wisdom(2) and Understanding(3) is all being born to Equality(6)"

In the Nation of Gods and Earths' Supreme Alphabet, it correlates with (E)—EQUALITY: "Knowledge your knowledge, you will deal with everything within your cipher equally, which gives birth to Wisdom that is showing and proving. Everything is everything, which equals one. Equality gives birth to Wisdom, and Mathematics do not lie."

The "Everything" in the phrase represents the current fixed reality, and not that anything can actually mean anything and everything else.
"It is what it is." is another form of this phrase.

Byker Bob said...

Good grief, 8:37! You are assuming that the man on the street who used this as everyday slang was aware of the great intellect behind the original defining of this phrase, if indeed that was the original definition?

All I can share would be some of the connotations in which I heard it used, and most of the people using it were unaware of any Malcom X manifesto. But, you raise an interesting possibility. Maybe there are similar roots for other popular street sayings, like "Know what I'm sayin', man?" or, "I heard that!"

I believe that most slang, regardless of ethnic origins, comes from the same processes we witness through the English Cockneys or American Redneck Truckdrivers. People coin phrases in chatter amongst themselves, modifying them regularly. Some of them pass beyond their immediate groups, and into the general lexicon, because they are catchy, and therefore trendy, part of the zeitgeist of the day. This stuff comes up from the street. There is no "slang from the top down" principle in play here through which it percolates down from intellectuals. It's from the common man.

I will close this with a saying possibly originated by Bill Cosby, and popularized by the personalities of the great L.A. FM radio station of the 1970s, Ace Young and Paraquat Kelly: "Whoo-ahh!"


Allen C. Dexter said...

Eh? What was all that again, Anonymous? Somebody wanted to sound profound and just ended up sounding stupid. Par for the course where religion is concerned.

Byker Bob said...

Another tidbit for Anon. 8:37. If you are familiar with some of the folklore, you realize that it becomes difficult to pin a lot of it down. Various sources are often speculated about, some details remain constant while others change, and the whole thing tends to morph around.

As a typical example, I'd suggest googling "Stagger Lee", not just the song, but the century of folklore behind the song.

I'm glad this came up, in a way, because it illustrates the role of folklore in what the people who are constantly looking for paganism and pagan origins end up believing. The support for Larry Mummy's theory is not dissimilar to the support for what specific individuals might believe is the authentic story behind Stagger Lee. There really isn't anything conclusive. People write their own opinions and prejudices into these things, and begin teaching them to others as dogma.


Anonymous said...

I wasn't assuming that the "man on the street" who used the phrase "Everything's everything." was aware of anything of it's roots.

I was helping by giving some historical background. I forgot to mention that the usage of the term "Everything's everything.", like the usage of many other terms, has surely taken on different meanings by various people who've spoken and spread it.

BTW, the phrase "GOOD GRIEF!" is first noted to appear in 1900, "for an expression of surprise or horror, following in the Hebraic and Middle English tradition of avoiding the use of sacred words, such as God, by substituting words with the same initial letter. Thus for GOD these oaths substitute such words as George, ginger, Godfrey, golly, gosh, gracious, gravy, grief, etc., and By God! becomes By George!, Good God! becomes Good gosh!, Good gracious! Good gravy!, Good Grief!. There are similar such substitutions for Christ (e.g. cracky, cricky, criminy, cripes), Jesus (e.g. gee, gemini, Jeez, jeepers), Lord (e.g. land, law) and so on for DAMN, HELL, etc."

The internets tell me so :-)

Interesting stuff!

old EXPCG hag said...

Blogger NO2HWA said...

ExPCGHag: that was already brought up years ago when some ministurd claimed the auditorium pillars were phallic symbols. GTA retorted back in a sermon that this man was probably turned on by piano legs.

September 12, 2014 at 6:58 AM

GTA was busy being turned on by his masseuse and anyone else he could get his hands on.
Excuse me, I need to go put some more eyeliner and red lipstick on.

Anonymous said...

Yes, part of the HWAcaca treated "euphemisms". Herbie used to proudly tell of little Richard David preaching his first sermon, telling a playmate about Jesus needing to die because the playmate said Gee, Gosh, and Darn.

Howsomever, somewhere along the line, the word "Ghastly" came into play at the Ambassador Colleges, another G word euphemism. At one point, people throughout the business districts of Pasadena instantly recognized those who were part of Armstrongism in the community by their use of this word. And, yet, when asked how that was any different from the other forbidden euphemisms, since ghastly had the all important stamp of approval (GTA and other ministers said it) nobody raised an eyebrow, even though the word was said when worldly people would have used the Lord's name in vain.

Whatever happened to "ghastly"? I suspect it just died a quiet death, sometime in the 1970s.

NO2HWA said...

ExPCGHag: Teds comment was way before his masseuse escaped. When he said this he was winding down his 200 coed phase.

September 13, 2014 at 6:07 PM

Allen C. Dexter said...

"Whatever happened to "ghastly"? I suspect it just died a quiet death, sometime in the 1970s."

There were others, like "abominate" for like having a donut or some other questionable thing (to us). All organizations develop their own jargon and it stands out to outsiders.

They also have attitudes which become recognizable. The Mormons exude a peculiar haughty and superior attitude all their own as an example.