Tuesday, November 11, 2014

I am proclaiming the SINS of the people so they can return to their Husband

The Church of God's greatest Pharisee is declaring himself "The Watchman" to the filthy remnant of the Churches of God who are back-sliding, pagan worshiping, pork eating, sabbath breaking, Saturday restaurant eating, Laodiceans.

The Chief Pharisee still is stinging from his wife walking out on him leaving him penniless and with no one to care for him now that he has serious health issues.  That anger comes out repeatedly as he uses the "husband" metaphor in describing Jesus Christ being eternally PISSED at those who claim to follow him. His wife turned her back on him, so he assumes all of the COG's have turned their back on Jesus Christ.
Brethren of the church of God; Why is there no one to proclaim the sins of the people and turn them to a passion for their Husband, the love of their youth?  Why will today’s elders and leaders lead the Ekklesia into the sin of following them, instead of proclaiming the warning, and teaching sincere repentance and a passionate zeal for the truth?   I have no choice but to stand in the breach, for the guilt of the blood of the unwarned people will be upon me if I do not speak out.

These are the "sins" of the Church of God today, particularly in the Untied Church of God, whom the Chief Pharisee is continually ticked off at.

God gives a few reasons why they shall be removed from the land in those days and again in our days. 
  • We eat without properly bleeding as I mentioned a few days ago.
  • We are zealous for our idols of men and corporate entities and their false traditions. 
  • We spiritually shed blood by turning people away from any zeal for God’s Words out follow and be zealous for our corporate idols. 
  • We depend on the sword [war and bullying] 
  • We are full of abominations like calling the Sabbaths holy and then polluting them. 
  • The Ekelsia is full of spiritual adultery, loving others instead of loving and being faithful to the Husband of our baptismal commitment. 
We shall be corrected along with physical Israel in this latter day.  We shall NOT inherits the spiritual Promised land of eternal life, unless we sincerely and

If you do not heed his words he says this about you:

If the watchman does his job, then the people who hear the warnings and do not sincerely respond and repent, will bear their own guilt; they have been warned and have rejected the warning.

You BAD, BAD, BAD heathens!  How dare you reject God's most perfect and mightiest angry man!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

The only light shined by Malm is on his own bitter warped mind. His most important function seems to be announcing when the new moon can be seen in Jerusalem and telling everyone else that the are worshiping wrong.

Anonymous said...

All these good Christian men are preparing to become the bride of their new Husband.

Yes, Armstrongism was genderqueer long before mainstream Western society had even heard of the term. Can you picture Gerald Flurry or Rod Meredith in a wedding dress? I wonder if they picture themselves that way?

Black Ops Mikey said...

Based on his performance as a husband, one wonders how he'll do as a bride.

He can't possibly be a minister, since he's not the husband of (even) one wife.

Anonymous said...

"We eat without properly bleeding as I mentioned a few days ago."
I can't speak for anyone else, but I always bleed properly before eating. Sometimes I prick my finger. If my nose bleeds, I count that as a proper bleed. Sometimes I bite my tongue while I eat, which means I bleed not only before but also during eating. I also enjoy bleeding after I eat. Particularly after eating pork I like to take the knife and slash my arms a few times. Then I drink my blood...whoops, not supposed to do that. Sorry. Pretend you didn't read that.

Byker Bob said...

Rejoice! Malm is his own punishment. He has voluntarily imposed a very crappy lifestyle on himself. And, now he journals it for all of our entertainment or sympathy. He is a most pitiful character.


Chuckles said...

James Malm seems to have set himself up as the watchman over all other Christians, but when did God give him that job or ordain him as such. Malm puts everyone below himself as he tells everyone how sinful they are, he fails to realize there are many out there who believe in God and are obedient to him whether they are in any organized religious church or not, he seems to expect everyone to be perfect right away, like he is. Malm seems to always put down other church leaders, he judges them, criticizes them and tells them how wrong they are, he failed to come across the scripture that says "work out YOUR OWN salvation with fear and trembling", why are you pointing your finger at others, look at yourself and see what you can see, unless you are to self righteous and busy looking at others thinking you are their savior instead of the one that truely is.

Anonymous said...

It's only a matter of time until Malm is a full-blown orthodox Jew, except a strange version of that pharisaism he created independently. I am awaiting the black hats, sideburns, and phylacteries.

Or maybe he'll do himself and everyone else a favor before then and kick the bucket, with no schadenfreude intended. It's just that I've never seen such a miserable killjoy. There aren't many people who could hack the lifestyle he imperiously seeks to bind upon others (only COG people tho, curiously) while damning the rest to hell. I think he really has no idea how extreme his idiosyncrasies are, and how untenable it all is for the human race as a whole or a representative cross-section thereof.

old EXPCG hag said...

What's an Ekklesia or Ekelsia?

Did Chief Pharisee write this seriously??

"Watchman", hahahaha!

Watch this >Ecclesia<

That's Greek to you Chief Hahahaha!

Anonymous said...

I wonder why Jim Malm's wife left him.

Was it because he'd make her stay in a shed in the yard when it was 'that time of the month', and he thought she was 'unclean'?
(Jim sure has exhibited a strange obsession with blood. Maybe he got punched in the nose in second grade and never could get over seeing blood drip from his nose.)

Whatever the reasons for his wife leaving him, she surely did the right thing.
I applaud her move, and wish her the best.
It's never good to be married to a delusional micromanaging lunatic of juvenile proportions.

Black Ops Mikey said...

What's next?

Animal sacrifices on altars on the holydays?

And after that?

Daily animal sacrifices on altars in his back yard?