Thursday, November 13, 2014

PCG Makes It Offical That They Dumped 4.5 Million In Tithe Money On Edstone House UK

Just as Jesus supposedly walked the hills of England, so thinks the PCG that Shakespeare might have walked the hallowed grounds of Edstone - as if any PCG student or member would read the pagan Shakespeare's possessed writings!

The Philadelphia Church of God has now made it official that they bought the property in England in order to establish another Herbert W Armstrong "college."  Rumors have been swirling around for a while now abort the PCG looking into buying property in the UK.

The PCG cult had hoped to buy the former Bricket Wood campus of Ambassador College.  That fell through when local zoning ordinances stopped the current developer from building condo's and restricted the sale of the mansion and other buildings.

The PCG was not happy that word had slipped out that they were negotiating with millions of dollars of tithe money for this property.  Now they have admitted that they have bought a new property that we previously reported about here:

Gerald Flurry Cult Buying Edstone Hall in England In Order To Start Another "college"

Gerald Flurry's Edstone House UK Financial Boondoggle

The PCG News has this to say today about how their god has been working behind the scenes on making this property available to them.  Just like the printing press and jet airplanes, this house apparently was built in 1939 to be specifically bought by Gerald Flurry in the end times.

EDMOND—The Philadelphia Church of God officially purchased a new campus in England on November 12. United Kingdom/Europe Regional Director Brad Macdonald received the keys today from a Sotheby’s real estate agent, marking the official closing of the deal and opening of a new chapter for the Church’s work in Britain and Europe.

The estate will serve as a new location for the Church’s regional office in England. A handful of students from Herbert W. Armstrong College will also travel to England to support the Church’s work in the region.

Edstone Hall, a 24,000-square-foot mansion in the Warwickshire countryside, contains more than 30 rooms. Built in 1939 in the art deco style, the building has an oak double-door entrance into a stained glass vestibule, stone mullion windows, stone fireplaces, balconies, a 5,500-square-foot Georgian cellar, a Cotswold stone roof and a detached garage. The 22-acre campus sits among the meadows about 4 miles north of Stratford-upon-Avon.

The parkland surrounding the hall includes meadows, pastures and woodland including mature oak and beech trees, as well as walking paths, gardens and a cedar of Lebanon; it also overlooks a large pond. The property also includes planning permissions for a 10,000-square-foot additional building, and an indoor swimming pool and a leisure complex.

“I believe God has long been preparing Edstone for His Church,” Mr. Macdonald said. “Edstone is ideal for the pcg—a perfect combination of majesty and functionality. It’s dignified and impressive, yet practical and sensible.”
It will be interesting to see how the neighborhood react to having an American cult in their midst that is going to be staffed by the elite of the Edmond compound.

Assistant dean of students Eric Burns announced on October 29 that 11 Herbert W. Armstrong College students and graduates from Edmond—Christopher Eames, Jessie Hester, Samuel Livingston, Kiall Lorenz, Brooke Davis, Victoria Lancaster, Nick Irwin, Emmanuel Michels, Kaitlin Eames, Anya Trietsch, Paris Turgeon—will transfer to Edstone to serve in the pcg office for the spring semester.

UK office staff and contractors are currently renovating Edstone Hall, updating fixtures and appliances, and installing new flooring, partition walls, paint and a computer network. pcg chief operations officer Andrew Locher said the technology should increase website performance, create a secure connection to the Church’s headquarters campus, and facilitate broadcast production.
Meanwhile, the Church’s regional office operations will move from a 900-square-foot facility in the Northampton town center to approximately 5,000 square feet in Edstone Hall devoted to office space.
PCG members will soon be able to look forward to mass appeals for more offerings and financial donations towards the upkeep of this financial boondoggle.  As the PCG shrinks in membership money is also starting to shrink.  How long will it be till either Edmond or Edstone is closed down and sold to the Catholic Church or Scientology?

You can read the propaganda piece here: PCG Gains New Campus In Britian


Anonymous said...

“I believe God has long been preparing Edstone for His Church.”

How to win friends and influence people.

Connie Schmidt said...

Time will tell whether or not "EDSTONE" will become a "HEADSTONE" for the PCG.

Black Ops Mikey said...

Perhaps they can hire Professor Charles Xavier as headmaster.

Christine Becker said...

Sad. Just so very sad.
And here the apostles preached the gospel without any money and with little in the way of material goods at all.

DennisCDiehl said...

It is theologically dishonest and financially irresponsible to use the tithe monies of others, which are easy to spend on pet projects, by those who claim that any Jesus is going to return soon, shortly or in your lifetime because it is the last hour which now is and we preach things which must shortly come to pass.

All lies and simply wrong to treat people with such contempt for their common sense.

I recall as a teen watching the orginal Mobile Home for God being built in Pasadena and thinking no one really believed that Jesus was coming soon or they'd not build such a place.

Anonymous said...

Nobody believes what a lying piece of shit says anyway.

Byker Bob said...

Hope the transfer students enjoy warm beer.

I can certainly think of myriad better ways in which $4.5 Million could be spent to actually help fellow man. If you give the ACOGs money, they always end up using it to screw more people over. Rule with a rod of iron and such.


Anonymous said...

They could help their fellow man by helping helping their fellow members. Instead they have them purchase that useless auditorium and now this, just to worship what the WCG used to be.

Anonymous said...

Who's the liar Anon? This blog or the Flurry clan?

old EXPCG hag said...

They're looking forward for the membership to shrink. More room and positions for the hierarchy in >the kingdom<

I notice Brooke Davis (Brian Davis' daughter),and Paris Turgeon (Wayne Turgeon's daughter and Gerald Flurry's granddaughter) are named as future students. Good kids.

So I guess that means BRIAN DAVIS
is still around...wowsie!

old EXPCG hag said...

The only reason I can think of that Brian Davis is still in the PCg is that he has no where else to go as his whole family is there and it would take out other family members if they got rid of him.
But for someone like me whom Brian Davis didn't allow to attend services while the PCg was involved in my divorce case (that he caused but was telling others I came in the PCg just for the PCg to pay for my divorce, obviously as my local minister implied to me during that time)...and while I was having to live at my sister's house because I was BANNED FROM MY HOUSE IN EAST TEXAS AND BANNED FROM SERVICES, but Brian Davis was telling me to "walk to the library on the Sabbath".

Black Ops Mikey said...

The poor we always have with us.

And now we see why.

Anonymous said...

Some choice quotes from Grant Turgeon’s article:

“opening of a new chapter” Oh, please, not another one!

“meadows, pastures and woodland … walking paths, gardens … a large pond” – makes you think he’s been reading Dave Pack’s description of the Eden in Wadsworth, and wants to top it. Eesh!

“capped off a two-year quest” Quest? This was some sort of adventure?

“There was a kind of epiphany” Referring to the fact that Bricket Wood (including the house where HWA got drunk when visiting England) fell through, they thought about buying some other white elephant. What’s so profound about that?

“we anticipate expanded regional operations to immediately get underway” With what? You just spent so much money on a huge building and are spending more on renovating it.

“The first semester of Herbert W. Armstrong College–England commences January 12.” Spoken of as some epic event. It ain’t, guys!

“Watch Stephen Flurry’s new Trumpet Daily program, taped on site at Edstone.” No thanks. I’ve already wasted more time than I’d like on this.

Anonymous said...

Why are they bragging about buying the wrong property, with some unseen
power guiding the way.
"long been preparing" - if he was a real god, he would have snatched it in a second. Oh I get it the people are really slow.
You don't need a college for

Anonymous said...

Yes Connie, a Great Investment!
During the last year, sold prices in Edstone were 47% down on the previous year and 71% down since 2008.
I hope this purchase comes back to haunt them, and discourage members that have wasted their money.
This idiot sounds like he is worshiping the building.

Anonymous said...

The will soon need another
"compound" as the Edmund area has been hit by 61 earthquakes in the past month, as high as 4.8 in
magnitude, with a 3.6er today.
They and their god don't have the sense to see the destruction that will come to them. Their buildings are in Twister and Fracking alley.
Someday we will get a look on the Weather Channel.

R.L. said...

There appears to be a COG "name game" at work here.

First Ed-mond. Now Ed-stone.

Could something in Edmonton, AB be next?

Black Ops Mikey said...

So far, they've missed Texas.

Maybe there's some property near Big Sandy.

I hear there's some property in Texas near a Superfund site.

Go for it.

It's mini-me upsmanship.

Anonymous said...

PCG is the true Church and you can prove it, just look at the fruits of the work and the new revelation revealed by God to Mr Gerald Flurry is hard to ignored it.

We all allowed to ignored it or wait for the tribulation to teach us a lesson.

The big massive difference is the message, spiritual food and the fruits of Gods work..