Friday, January 30, 2015

"Set-on" Controls This World Along With The Adramelech's - But The "Keepers" Are Here To Watch Over You As You Become "Stage One's" And Get Your Mind Upgraded

Forget everything you ever heard from HWA and crew about Satan being the ruler of this world.  Gerald Waterhouse would be appalled to hear what Eric King is now promoting as "truth."

The god of this world is Set-on.

When we talk about the “Keepers” we are talking about what most would call “the angels of God”. These would be the GOOD angels; they did not side with Set-on, the “Wicked One”. We have talked about the fact that there were created beings that were the custodians of our galaxy and of our planet. These are anciently called the “angels of heaven”. They are now broken apart into two classes due to the KT war which broke out some 65 million years ago.-

The “bad” angels which sided with Set-on are still “overseers” of our “fallen” planet and still participate in its evolution.
Don't worry too much about Set-on, the Keepers are here to make our evolutionary journey more enjoyable:

The Keepers are a large group of created entities (unfathomable) which supervise the destiny of our planet.

Now if you would only pay attention to the delusional mind of Eric King, you would have a mind upgrade by now.

Right now those who are true Christians have received a mind upgrade through the power of Divine Mind Linkage. Anciently it was talked about as “receiving the Holy Spirit”. The Apostle Paul invoked the phrase “new creatures in Christ” and he talked about each of us having “the mind of Christ in you”. This was advanced verbage for his time. Now science is validating these and other phrases used by Jesus Christ and the apostles.-

When a human receives the Space Age Christian “upgrade” he or she becomes what we call a midway being. This simply means that the human is now considered a stage one hybrid. Stage-oners have been impregnated with Holy Spirit. When the person receives his/her complete new body they will then become a full Elah [Evolutionary Level Above Human].
So what is the "Keepers" job?

So why did we decide on calling the good angels “the Keepers”? It is because they are the preservers of life and the will of Divine Intelligence that we call them the Keepers. They truly are our friends. They send signals to leaders on our planet all the time. Sometimes they send warnings and use weather conditions to give us wake up calls. Because the weather on our planet is going into chaos due to human pollutions and some natural causes we are being challenged to become concerned. The Keepers want us to pay attention.-

These seraphic custodians (the Keepers) are higher beings of knowledge and truth. We sometimes refer to both classes of angels as I.B.’s (Intelligent Beings). We must not confuse the angels with the lower species of extraterrestrials which exist in our universe.-

The higher classes, the angels, have much more power and control than any other extraterrestrial class. They have greater abilities. When we talk about cherubs/angels using bodies we mean that all cherubs/angels already have higher energy bodies but when functioning in our dense reality of physicality they interface with a biological entity of their choice. In other words they connect to the brains of physical beings in our dimension. This sounds amazing because it is.
 When "Set-on" and the Adramelech's went to heaven to fight with God they were cast back to the earth.  Some of them landed in Arizona where they left a hole in the ground...and when those big bad meanies hit the earth it wiped out the dinosaurs.

If we want to know when the angelic rebellion occurred all we have to do is find the time of the dinosaurs destruction. We now know that this angelic “super war” broke out around 65 million years ago. When war broke out in heaven Lucifer [Set-on] and his angelic horde left their physical bodies and tried to war with God [the Keepers] in heaven. They were eventually cast back down to our planet and they left four giant craters when cast down. One of the last of these craters can be found in the state of Arizona.-

When they were cast down much of our planet was destroyed including the dinosaurs. The earth became covered with dark clouds and many things died. Modern scientists refer to this time as “the KT event”.
So what did these pissed off Adramelech's do once they landed in Arizona? They became stuck in the apes God was playing with as he was trying to create man. That must really have sucked Adramelech's and humiliated God because he failed to stop the Adramelechs from possessing the ape-men.
So now the angelic host that had fallen lost their capability to take back their regular glorified physical bodies so instead God [through Logos] began to create a host of animal like creatures that they became stuck in. Simply put, these angels were placed in physical bodies which resembled ape like creatures. They could stay invisible and get by but they missed their first glorified bodies so they tried out all sorts of animal like creatures. This was the beginning of their punishment.
 To read more of this asinine nonsense go here.


Anonymous said...

Evolutionary Level Above Human

This is more than just nonsense; it's the language used by the Heaven's Gate cult, which believed in (and carried out) mass suicide to bring its members into full contact with the supposed higher beings.

Is Eric King going to lead his followers into another mass suicide? Or does he just plagiarize his nonsense without regard for its source?

Connie Schmidt said...

King has no followers, nor any type of church. His greatest harm is to himself.

I have come to conclude that he is a suffering soul that is beset with psychosis and delusions. He is mentally ill, and desperately needs help.

Because of this, I take pity on him, and hope for his recovery and aid. It is not right to pick on this man, who appears to be in a a deep spiral away from reality and sanity.

Byker Bob said...

I find this to be of equal value to what Dave Pack teaches.
Of course, that's not really any sort of compliment.


Black Ops Mikey said...

When did Eric King start experimenting with Scientology?

I'm sorry, but he has Scientology wrong -- not one mention of Xenu (although in his terminology, it's probably Set-on).

And by the way, there's no such thing as mental illness -- it's either mental, in which case it's not an illness, or it's illness, in which case it's not mental.

This guy is mental.

Anonymous said...

If not for this site, nobody would have heard of Eric King (or Balarney Breath, for that matter). A couple of zeros.

old EXPCG hag said...

Eric don't realize he's been "Set-on" by Set-on".