Tuesday, March 10, 2015

David Passover Pack: If You Are A True Follower Of Me You Will Also Be Taken Up With My Fiery Chariot

If you are a true believer of David Passovers Elijah-hood and turn over all of you financial gains, then you too can be whisked off to Dave Passover's secret place.  Imagine how fun THAT will be!

55: How did Elijah escape? How did he get away? He was taken up by angels in fiery chariots including fiery horses, which the splinters don't know about because that knowledge has not been restored to them. But we're in a position to see the parallel, so will I be. They don't know about that; they don't know the eagles are angels or all the verses that took eight sermons to preach. But that's a powerful point, but it goes further. 
David Passover's time is running out! His life is in jeopardy! David Passover will be sooooooooooooooo reviled that his god will need to remove him from this earth for his safety.  No martyr will David Passover be!

Next point: Why was Elijah taken? This is where it'll get exciting for the church. Time was running out on him; his life would be in jeopardy. He was reaching the point when no man could work, we might say. So will mine be when we're hated of all nations. That's why he was taken.  But Elijah's unique "taken into heaven" departure is NOW seen to have always been a type for both the final Elijah and the remnant who this time will all be taken with him. It's a grander type; Elijah's a restorer. If the brethren of God are restored they go with him if they faithfully assist in his commission. So it's a lot bigger than just the one man. That's the part that excites me more.


Anonymous said...

But this can only happen AFTER you've ALL sent in EVERY PENNY.

And then, if you're REALLY lucky, when god takes me away in a (Boeing) "fiery chariot" to Petra, Lima, Peru, or a non-extradition country, you will be able to afford to buy a ticket for a seat on my "chariot." But you're only eligible to buy one IF you've already given me EVERY PENNY. If not, then you're outta luck, my friend. Maybe next time god charters a "fiery chariot."

Black Ops Mikey said...

Followed by an NTSB investigation.

Anonymous said...

Dave will be raptured and so will his flock of sheeple. What an ironic doctrinal change!

Nemesis of Pack

Charlie Brown said...

"If the brethren of God are restored they go with him if they faithfully assist in his commission."

" His commission " . Did you catch that RCGers? It's not God's, it's Dave's commission. I know, if someone would dare question him he would say the " him " referred to God, but it doesn't.