Thursday, March 12, 2015

Jim Meredith: Off to Hawaii AGAIN Because He Is Entitled To The Best Of Everything

Lil'Jimmy's Humble Shack
Dave Pack must be humiliated right now. Lil'Jimmy's home is bigger than Dave's!
How can that be??????

From a reader:

Narcissist NCIS Jimmy Jr
Jim Meredith has graciously and selflessly "assigned" himself to be the coordinator of the Hawaiian LCG Feast site once again this year. Ministers in the Living Church of God grumble behind his back over how unfair it is that he always takes the creme de la crème of available Feast sites for himself.

Other ministers would love an opportunity to serve at the best Feast sites but narcissist Jim feels he is entitled to the best of everything as the prince and heir to the Meredith throne. After all it's his family's money and he can spend it however he sees fit.

Other ministers would love to have all expense paid trips to Hawaii and Israel; including multiple trips before the Feast to set things up and, of course, there's the post-Feast extension (because he works so hard during that he needs a vacation from his vacation, all at the tithe payers expense).

Prince Jim can't stay in affordable housing like the rest of the church brethren. The crowned prince stays at the luxurious Marriott Kauai for the low, low price of $329 per night. But hey, they have great views and $30 breakfasts and NCIS Jim deserves nothing less.

Jim Meredith is a true example of a COG "servant leader". Such a giver.

After bankrupting his California company and having Daddy Dictator save his ass by giving him a big corner office and a coveted title at LCG headquarters he continues to whine about how much he has sacrifice to move to Charlotte. All of this while living in a 4100 square foot McMansion (see attached) and traveling the world in search of where "God has placed His name" for each year's Feast sites. Just like Jesus


Anonymous said...

Jimmy has to be one of the most dispised people in LCG.

Byker Bob said...

I bet Mother Teresa wishes she knew about all these perks the servants were supposed to receive. The only difference is that Mother Teresa would probably consider them as blessings to sow back into the work.

Ah well. Different molds, I guess. According to the original, the heir apparent was supposed to have his own jet, and girlfriends on the side.


Former Union NJ member said...

I would love to see you post an article on the homes of the cog leadership from all the various groups.
Would be instructive to those paying for those homes!

Anonymous said...

A thought for the day: If Jimmy Meredith had married Bo Derek, would she be known as Bo Derek C. Meredith?

~Miguel de la Rodente

Connie Schmidt said...


Meredith Ann Brooks (born June 12, 1958) a popular American singer/songwriter and guitarist best known for her 1997 hit song "BITCH", for which she was nominated for a Grammy Award , got married to...

Jim Meredith...

Would her name be MEREDITH MEREDITH???

Anonymous said...

Does anybody here have the time and the stomach to listen to Little Pink NCIS Jimmy's sermons to see if they're as crazy as his Daddy's and Dave Pack's?

The Doctrine of Fellowship

Examination of Wisdom

Commitment to Excellence

Are You Ready for Judgment Day?

A Change of Heart

Anonymous said...

His awesome business skills have cost the church potentially tens of thousands of tithe dollars for being in breech of contract at the Wisconsin Dells feast site. Probably because he promised more than he could deliver in the way of rooms or meals or something. The resort will likely sue to recover their losses but I'm sure NCIS Jim will get a get out of jail free card from his master. After all, it was probably Satan and not his horrible business skills that caused the problem. Right? To make matters worse, he's asked the brethren not to cancel their existing Dells reservations until further notice even though the site is official cancelled. I'm sure he's using their reservations in an effort to help mitigate the damages.

He just sent this message out:

Wisconsin Dells Feast Site Cancellation – Due to some unforeseen issues with the venue we were planning on using for the Feast in the Wisconsin Dells, we are having to close this site. We hope to have another site to announce in the next week or two, so if you were planning on attending this site you will have to wait to register. We do know that we will not be having a site in the Dells as there are no other places available with adequate meeting space, so please do not make any reservations at the Ambers Resort or any other hotels in this area. We are sorry for this last minute notice and hope to have a great new site to announce soon.–Festival Office


Black Ops Mikey said...

Rank has its privileges.

Something sure stinks.

Anonymous said...

“Jim Meredith: Off to Hawaii AGAIN Because He Is Entitled To The Best Of Everything”

This sounds like some spoiled LCG church members don't realise just how relatively good they have it in the Living Church of Rod that Roderick C. Meredith started specifically so that he could be Number One. Of course the presiding Head Honcho and his family will preside, and get all sorts of good things, and have special privileges, and get special treatment. Didn't the LCG members figure out this sort of thing long ago? These spoiled, rotten, grumbling LCG members need to wake up and realise just how relatively lucky they are. It could be much worse.

In the LCG, the members too can go to nice locations and rent nice hotel rooms as long as they have the money. In the insatiable greed cults like David Pack's Restored Scam, members are required to hand over everything they own and will be lucky if they can even afford to go anywhere at all, or even eat, after David Pack's continually changing teachings leave them destitute paupers. And David Pack is not content just to have every good thing for himself. David Pack also cannot stand to see anyone else ever have any good thing at all! It immediately brings out his extremely covetous nature and he must have it for himself.

In the LCG the members too have at least some control over their own bodies. In the satanic filth cults like Gerald Flurry's Paedophile Cult of Fraud, the members even lose control over their own bodies. Some local tyrant and moron will try to fix them up with some filthy old pervert and predator, and will get them kicked out if they do not go along with it. Gerald Flurry insists that people must put up with depraved behavior to show their submission to the tyranny of Satan that he practices in his PCG. Gerald Flurry cannot stand to see anyone even so much as politely decline to go along with old sex perverts and predators and their selfish and immoral agendas. It immediately brings out his totally satanic nature and he just cannot stand to have any decent people around.

In summary, it is shocking, I tell you, to hear these spoiled LCG members grumbling over nothing. Absolutely shocking! Twenty years of relatively good times with Meredith have softened them up into a bunch of spoiled whiners. Too long in the Living It Up Church has made them fail to appreciate that they could be trapped in Pack's slavery or Flurry's filth.

Anonymous said...

In summary, it is shocking, I tell you, to hear these spoiled LCG members grumbling over nothing.


Have Flurry or Pack had even one mass shooting at a PCG or RCG Sabbath service? LCG had one. Ten years ago, this week, in Wisconsin.

Attending with Flurry or Pack may cost you some money or self-respect, but attending with Meredith may get you SHOT DEAD by an unstable LCG member.

So, did a Meredith (Rod or Little Jimmy) say even ONE little thing to console LCG members upon the tenth anniversary of the deaths of their friends and loved ones? NO! All he did to mark the occasion was to cancel a previously scheduled Wisconsin feast site. Do you really think the timing of this disrespect to Wisconsin LCG members was a coincidence?

The ironically named "Living" Church of God is the very best ACOG to attend if you want to get shot dead. God sure works in mysterious ways, it seems...

Anonymous said...

LCG is well on its way to Pack/Flurry dictatorships.

Anytime you rule by fear with an iron fist the people suffer.

LCG has started policing friendship's just like Flury, it also has all kinds of perversion including 70 year old men marrying 30 something women and rampant adultery, even wife swapping.

Make no mistake, LCG is also all about money. Meredith is obsessed with the almighty dollar. He might not be as bad as Passover Dave Pack yet, but it's pretty bad. Once he dies and Jim takes over it will be even worse. Jim is a consumer with a taste for luxury. LCG might not be as overt about their greed as Pack is but they are well on the way.

What people pay in tithes and offerings is supposed to be between them and God. Meredith contends that he only checks tithe history prior to ordaining a man which is ANOTHER bald-faced Meredith lie. Several of the victims of the purge a few months ago were withholding their tithes and now their gone. Meredith probably dreams of instating Pack''s common law but he lacks the balls.

All in time...

Black Ops Mikey said...

Mafia. It's all Mafia.

Anonymous said...

Dorm monitor (during dorm meeting) to Freshman who did not grow up in the church: "We'd like to get to know you better, know what makes you tick. Who are your favorite movie stars?"

Freshman: "Uh, Rock Hudson and Tab Hunter!"

Dorm residents: (snicker)

Freshman: "What's wrong???"

Monitor: Oh, nothing. But, tomorrow morning, I need to get you a reprint of an article Mr. Meredith wrote for the Plain Truth back in 1960.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

“LCG is well on its way to Pack/Flurry dictatorships.”

The Pack slavery, and the Flurry filth, could represent a great opportunity for Roderick Meredith to tighten the screws on his own spoiled Living Church members. RCM complained in the past that if someone was put out of his LCG they would just go join some other splinter group. Nowadays, the option of jumping out of the LCG party and into the Restored Church fire, or into the Philadelphia Church sewer, no longer seems like much of an option. The only way this could work out well for the LCG reject is if the LCG reject really were so bad that Satan could use the person in one of his other cults, such as in his PCG.

Anonymous said...

Rumor has it that even though NCIS Jim moved to Charlotte to take care of his father, who is showing obvious signs of dementia, he tried to put him an assisted living retirement home! It has been said that one of the younger sons stepped up to the plate to take care of Spanky boy so he could remain in his house. Jim's character is definitely questionable. I wonder how many will leave LCG when he officially takes the reigns...

Anonymous said...

“Attending with Flurry or Pack may cost you some money or self-respect, but attending with Meredith may get you SHOT DEAD by an unstable LCG member.”

Oh, those spoiled LCG members! Even their killing gets done for them! No wonder they have become spoiled and dependent on others to do everything for them. Again, I say, I am shocked. Absolutely shocked, I tell you. Of course the other splinter groups kill too--just not as quickly or as painlessly as in the LCG.

In Gerald Flurry's PCG, people have to kill themselves. They have to cut off all contact with their own families outside of the PCG, and if they are not happy they can commit suicide. Others in the PCG might gladly help to drive them to it, but no one will do it for them. And none of their so-called “friends” in the PCG will care about them or miss them at all after they are gone. In fact, their “friends” will probably look down on them and despise them for not being mentally strong enough to isolate themselves from everyone else in the whole world except the other sickos in the PCG. The PCG is not for the mentally unstable, even though that seems to be the only type of person who goes there. More than merely physically killing themselves now, they could be flirting with eternal death when the record shows that they supported evil, depravity, and a false prophet. Only their current total spiritual blindness will work in their defence.

When PCG members have a serious health problem, they have to avoid doctors and medicine, and too often die a painful, unnecessary death. Now this takes true grit. Again, they will probably die alone and soon be forgotten by all their fake “friends” in the PCG who care only about saving their own hides from the Great Tribulation. In fact, their “friends” might look down on them for lacking the faith to be healed, even though no one else ever seems to be healed in the PCG either. No one from the PCG is even likely to come visit them in their suffering--much less shoot them and put them out of their misery. A PCG “minister” might give them a quick phone call to remind them to write a Will and to leave everything in it to the PCG.

In David Pack's RCG, people have to be strong (that is, weak minded), and rush to make all the difficult decisions (that is, all the wrong decisions), and hand over all their earthly possessions and wealth to DCP. Then, they have to go on working at their job, plus do continual fundraising, to support the RCG in drawing others into this wonderful way of life (umm, make that “existence”). If they are unable to go on sending in money for any reason, DCP's donation tracking computers will flag it and a so-called “minister” will have to talk to them about it. If they end up unemployed, or too old to work, or too sick to work, then of course they are just “bums” to be cast out and left behind in the ditch so they don't become a drag on the Work by requesting third tithe assistance. While DCP explains in his shouting that “precision of doctrine” basically means faithfully paying third tithe, DCP reportedly likes to sweep any so-called “unused third tithe” into his general bill-paying account at the end of each month. The fewer “bums” requesting handouts, the more “unused third tithe” (that is, misappropriated third tithe) that will be available for other projects.

RCG members have to be mentally and spiritually flexible enough to believe faithfully one thing at one time, and then to be able to believe something totally different just six hours later. Talk about being able to grow in knowledge and understanding really fast. Those whose minds cannot quickly adapt to DCP's truly outrageous and continually changing doctrines are obviously “idolaters” who need to be shouted at by DCP to “get out” of the RCG if they don't like it. They leave the RCG as destitute paupers, without their savings, retirement plans, houses, or so-called “friends,” which all get left behind.

Anonymous said...

What's worse, a cobra a rattlesnake or a pit viper?

Meredith, Pack and Flurry are all ego maniacal, money hungry abusers. One is not better or worse than the other.

They should all be avoided!

Anonymous said...

I'll never forget Freshman Bible Class with Spanky Boy. Even then, his almost daily references to Charles Atlas, the once-famous bodybuilder, made me wonder if ol' Rod was a latent homosexual (or maybe just very insecure). Boggles my mind that the folks in these cults still accede to living the lives of abused tithe slaves!

Byker Bob said...

Something homosexual had a big impact on Rod, for sure. The thing is, without knowing the specifics, it would be difficult to identify the nature of the trauma. It could have been a topic that was constantly harped on by his parents at home, or perhaps a close, trusted, boyhood friend had eventually come on to him. Or, it could have run deeper and been more traumatic, some sort of activity. He has never given an explanation for his preoccupation with it, like people might on Oprah or Dr. Phil, today, and far be it from the church members to hold his feet to the fire for explanation.

One thing is for certain. No other WCG minister spoke on the topics of homosexuality (or masturbation) as frequently as did Rod. HWA and GTA mentioned it occasionally in the context of Hollywood, as another reason why we shouldn't spend too much time at the movies or watching TV, but that was about it.


Anonymous said...

Something homosexual had a big impact on Rod, for sure.

Listen to the almost homoerotic way Spanky talks about wrestling with his beloved childhood friend Jimmy (for whom Lil Pink NCIS Jimmy is named?). Then listen to the way he talks about how Jimmy's tragic and unexpected death shook him to the core and prompted his religious crisis. "Why did God let Jimmy die?"

HWA gave Spanky the reassurance that, no matter what the young boy's spiritual condition was at death, Jimmy would later on be called and would then have his chance for salvation.

There may be something else involved, but it's hard not to see this as a foundational part of Spanky's identity and a reason why HWA's ideas could take such hold of him.

Anonymous said...

Response from another post:

"Rod is completely obsessed with ALL types of sex, not just homosexual. Despite the fact that there are many young children and impressionable teenagers in his audience he often goes into disgusting detail of various sex acts. Things I would never say to a child. On one occasion he told the entire Charlotte congregation that his wife had shown him all kinds of "disgusting sex acts on the internet including women with women, men with men and beastiality and every other unimaginable abominable thing". The audience is thinking, what in the world! Why are you looking at the stuff in the first place and then why are you openly admitting to it in public? Meredith is a grade A pervert."