Sunday, April 12, 2015

Living Church of God Treats COGWA Member With Disdain When Visiting LCG HQ

The millennial kingdom of the LCG where the lion eats the lamb.

God's most perfect representatives of God's true love and grace put that love in action recently when a COGWA member dropped by LCG HQ to inquire about attend LCG services while in Charlotte on a business trip.  Given how the Living Church of God embodies new covenant love with such a passion we should all assume that they welcomed this person with open arms, as Jesus would.  Right?


They ignored the person and refused to let him/her attend services and basically treated the person with disdain.

Can you imagine Jesus doing such a thing to ANYONE who desired to listen to him or fellowship with him?

Meredith has always led a sanctimonious life ridiculing and devaluing anyone outside his small narrow held beliefs.  Meredith's ministers and his actions prove once again how debased the LCG has become. Gracelessness is the hallmark of the Living Church of God.

The  Living Church of God continues on its rapid downturn into irrelevancy.  Why would anyone choose to stay in such a graceless environment?

From a reader here:
I am a COGWA member who came to Charlotte on business and wanted to check out LCG. I popped into LCG headquarters to get info on where to go for Sabbath services (it was a Friday afternoon). They refused to give me the address of services and were totally unfriendly and unwelcoming. The refused to let me attend services without first having met with a minister and, although I've heard there are over a dozen ministers in the building, none of them were available. In shock, I turned around an


Byker Bob said...

Probably the best advice for a travelling ACOG member who wanted to attend sabbath services while on a trip would be to check in with COG-7 or the local SDA congregation.

Most of the splinters are way too provincial and a bit paranoid. Imagine if they were the gatekeepers for the kingdom!


Anonymous said...

Sorry...there must be more to this story! Our local LCG congregation allows visitors from other COGs. In fact, due to health reasons, a COGWA member cannot travel the distance to their congregation, so she has been attending with us for many weeks now. This story doesn't fly!

Otis Campbell said...

The first time I went to services, it was like 1980 again. Very friendly small group. Minister was supposed to interview me before attending. Found just as controlling as WW. The minister does opening and closing prayers, a sermonette, then BS about who went where, news of the work, then sermon. All making sure it's two hours long.
Then you have the ones looking for promotion, the SPIES, attendance taker. A carbon copy of the old gang!
In the mail comes the same old letters and don't let me forget the return envelopes.
Now they announce you can send your money in by direct bank deposit. Not as bad as WW trying to get a monthly credit card deduction.
Older and wiser, it's deja vue all over aggain

Anonymous said...

I think you left out most of the comment as it ends in the middle.

Black Ops Mikey said...

Should have said, "But I have tithes!"

Byker Bob said...

These Armstrong related occurrences used to vary widely, dependent upon people (local ministers, deacons, etc.) and places (urban, rural, headquarters). Some of the latitude extended to his people by Dennis, and the fact that he could get away with it all, demonstrates that there was uneven application of policy even in the old WCG days. This is why when people share tales of horrible unfairness and repression, others come to the forefront to reassure us that it just wasn't so in their area. We tend to extrapolate our own localized experiences, and to project them upon the entire organization, even though the real picture is actually extremely variable, and spotty.

I believe the COGWA member. However, as one who calls on businesses on a daily basis, I also realize that receptionists and security often indulge in screening, insist on appointments, and avoid making decisions for which they think they might get in trouble later.

In the cases of these ACOG splinters, some seemingly benign situations become almost like the CIA vs the KGB in the Cold War era! Someone, especially if he appears to carry himself well, could be seen as a spy, or divisive emissary. Also, perhaps there was past history. Many long time members are well known to one another, and to the each organization, even though they currently attend other groups. Past history can play a part in the outcome of a request to visit.

It is sad that people who have basically the same belief structure would be so polarized, and suspicious of one another, but such is the state of Armstrongism as it stands today. The seeds for this were planted a long, long time ago, probably at the time that HWA started his splinter group.


Anonymous said...

I was wondering if I could go to one of these services one day, sort of for old times sake.....and who knows I might get re-converted, and sometimes I feel a bit lonely. Do you think I could get in without being noticed or do they have goons at the door with photographic memories?

I imagine I should dress similarly to the way I did when I went to services 30 years ago? and carry a Bible, any other tips? I am a completely harmless and shy person and would definitely prefer the anonymous approach to being interviewed by a religious official (who might talk to me about sex). Generally I go everywhere being completely unnoticed as I am a middle aged woman. I don't wear makeup, do you think I would be less noticeable if I did wear it? And are pants (trousers) still out for women, I never wear dresses, but I do remember that all women wore dresses back in the old days. I doubt if anyone would recognize me, even people who used to know me.

Anonymous said...

Annon 3:57 are you sure your COGWA member didn't contact a minister first? I mean, how did he find the address of wherever your LCG meets? It's very unlikely that they just showed up without anyone knowing.

It is common knowledge that LCG and PCG have "closed door" policies. In other words, the addresses to meeting halls are not on the internet or publicly available in any way thereby forcing you to go through the ministry to obtain that address and meeting time.

COGWA and UCG have "open door" policies in contrast. One can do a google search for the nearest congregation and just show up without ever having contacted a minister.

I totally believe this story. Especially since it was at LCG headquarters. Perhaps security and formality are less strictly adhered to in smaller outlying groups but heaven forbid a shooter or some other kookoo gained access to Meredith!

Anonymous said...

I had to meet with an LCG minister for coffee at a Perkin's before I could attend LCG Sabbath services. The meeting took over 2 hours and I was asked all kinds of person questions.

Anonymous said...

Original poster here... The receptionist had brunette hair... she said she "wasn't allowed to give out the address of Sabbath services" and then told me I'd have to see a minister. I waited in the foyer area while she rang some numbers and was subsequently told that no one was available.

Your belief or disbelief doesn't make it less real. It happened. It might not be everyone's experience but it was mine.

orange 65 said...

Next time your in Charlotte , id recommend the Church of the Great God.
Balanced insightful and meaningful sermons, from a caring and humble Shepherd

Anonymous said...

Sorry, this does not seem right ..I am a COG, AIC member in the Northeast with many concerns over my current organization. I have visited LCG four times since summer 2014 and have been welcomed and treated with utmost respect from the members and the ministry. This feeling of being accepted will most likely be part of my ultimate decision of where to attend.

Anonymous said...

In complete agreement with Orange.
J. Ritenbaugh group is friendly, caring and accessible.
John himself is the real deal as they say.

Anonymous said...

Orange 65 - this must be a member of the Ritenbaugh family who worship at the feet of John Ritenbaugh saying this about CGG. Balanced??? expect 20-30 part series of sermons, usually taken out of books provided by the matriarch Ritenbaugh. Another COG whose JR is just waiting in the wings to take over from Daddy. Better to stay home that day....

Anonymous said...

That was Coles group, right? Or is that McNairs? I get them mixed up.

Anonymous said...

Years ago when a former minister was visiting in town, I wanted to attend services with Meredith's group to see this minister again. I mentioned it to a friend/member, who told me I would need to obtain permission first. I was a little surprised. He went to the deacon or elder who was in charge and, because he knew me, agreed that I could visit this one time. Except just the fact that I needed permission kind of gave me an uncomfortable feeling -- like I was imposing. I didn't end up going after all, because it was granted as an exception and not a sincere welcome.

James said...

Anonymous said...

I had to meet with an LCG minister for coffee at a Perkin's before I could attend LCG Sabbath services. The meeting took over 2 hours and I was asked all kinds of person questions.

One question I got is if I ever had butt sex. Kid you not. I recall giving the minion a disgusting look and he dropped it. I think he may of been looking for a boyfriend. That was my first clue that I should run from the group (wcg). I ignored it.

Anonymous said...

It's probably the best advice for a travelling ACOG member who wants to visit another Sabbatarian to check in before visiting.

I recall a cowboy from the UCG who once posted here inviting people to come and drink beer and consume beef at his ranch with him.
However, he also mentioned that he and his "bad-ass-wife" have a large store of ammo and are ready, willing and able to shoot and kill hungry people who trespass on his property wanting food.

I guess the moral of the story is: It's not a good idea to visit someone unannounced, especially if the person is a gun-fondling fan of Mr Armstrong's teachings!