Monday, April 13, 2015

Penetrating the Indoctrinated Mind

If as a child you were taught for years, until you were an adult to believe a certain way about certain things, then later in life your mind becomes a wall and a barrier that cannot receive alternative ideas to what you have thought for years to be true (for most people).

For example suppose that you were taught by your parents, your school teachers and through the "news" media and through movies that God spoke to a man long ago, by the name of Santa Claus and that this Santa Claus said that God told him 700 rules that humans are to live by.   What if millions of people all around you believed the same way?  How do you overcome this myth, which has been pounded into your mind for thousands of times over the years?

What if you were schooled to believe all your life anything a certain way, such as belief that the Bible is the infallible and inerrant word of God?    Others have been taught that their "Holy" books are inspired by God and they have been schooled to believe that their books are true, even though their books differ with yours.

You read in the New Testament that "all scripture is given by inspiration of God", but how did the person who said that, thought that or penned that,  know that?   Had you been standing there by the source that penned that and asked them what "right" they had to make such a claim, would that person have been embarrassed because he knew it was not true?

When certain men long ago said "God commanded", how would they know that, unless of course God literally appeared to such persons and spoke with them?   Some may claim that God actually did speak to them, but since God does not speak with anyone today in a verbal since, why should
we believe that God ever spoke with anyone throughout all human history?  And why should we believe them?

The fact is that human beings are programmed and indoctrinated to believe things, for which they have no real clue as to its truthfulness or validity.   People who hear something through the lying "news" media or movie industry thousands of times, have been so inundated with that information, that it becomes nearly impossible for people to comprehend that anything contrary could be true, even though what they have believed to be true may not be true at all.

It actually is a long process to unwind false information and false knowledge that has been deeply embedded into the human mind.   Humans have been used and abused since the beginning of time, by other humans whose motives in life are less than altruistic.

How often I have heard people recoil at the idea of "conspiracies", as if they admit they believe in a conspiracy, they will be looked upon as a kook.   Well, for Christians if the Devil comes as an angel of light, does that not tell you that Satan IS a liar and a deceiver?   What is a conspiracy other than deception?   Of course you believe in conspiracies and if you don't then you don't believe there is a
devil, provided you are a Christian.

You know why people are skittish about admitting to belief in conspiracies?   Simply, because the "news" media makes you think you are an idiot if you believe in alternatives to the status quo.   They want the public to believe what they tell the public and without questioning.   You are far better off to never trust the "news" media for anything and dig for truth and answers for yourself.   In fact take your television to the landfill if you want some peace of mind.

Had you lived on another planet and never been exposed to all the information that has been funneled into your mind for a lifetime, you would most likely not believe anything that earthlings believe.  If you were God and you could witness everything on planet earth, understand all languages and have the ability to be behind closed doors and see how humans plot and scheme, lie and cheat and deceive, then you would know the truth and not be a party to an indoctrinated mind because of the lying "news" media or religious liars.

Sad to say but adult human beings are rendered childish in their knowledge and thinking abilities, because of the relentless programming into their minds by innumerable sources. Ever wonder why the public is bombarded and assaulted with 24/7 advertising?  Virtually everyone wants you to believe something is true or good or you can't live without it and why? :-) $Money?

One of the main and major reasons why so many people are bankrupt in knowledge about so many issues, is the fact that they DO NOT READ and if they read, they only read what they may agree with or what agrees with their pre-programmed mind conditioning.   Want a clue to learning?   Read from sources that challenge.

Want the truth about "Biblical" archaeology?   Then read books or articles from sources that challenge the status quo and not just from sources that have hidden or ulterior motives to make you believe the bible can be proved by archaeology.   It can not!   And you will learn that Ron Wyatt an amateur archaeologist supposedly discovered more "biblical" truths through archaeology than all others for hundreds of years.  He did not.

No matter the subject, read from sources that challenge and you will learn how the bible really came into being and you will learn the truth about many other types of subjects.

The best way to penetrate the indoctrinated mind is to challenge people to prove their own beliefs and stop listening to and reading only what agrees with their preset beliefs.

Unfortunately most people are willing to live in the bliss of ignorance, because they don't want to spend the time to learn, they just want to be told by some preacher what to believe, even though the preacher himself knows next to nothing.   And they want to be told by the "news" media, the government or the movie industry what to believe, as if these primarily atheistic sources tell you truth.

Van Robison


Miller Jones said...
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James said...

Van Robison,

Most excellent article!

Homer said...

This year marks my 10th anniversary of the start of the point of this article by Van Robinson. After being challenged in an indirect way on what may seem to be a minor point, a personal study of the Bible, church, and the teachings of several religions began. As a result the following comment was made about 3-4 years ago in an ACOG group discussion. “All religion is man made.” The immediate response by one individual was, “Except ours.”

That remark is not unique in the mind of those that are of that mindset. As has been said many times, “They are where they are. No one can change where they are, except the individual.” Most are not willing to accept the challenge Van Robinson writes about. Most who visit this blog either have been, or still are, of this mindset. Thankfully, at some time in the future, the realization will come that we all have been duped, but not necessarily with the purpose of doing so. Those who teach incorrect tradition are not necessarily aware that those teachings are incorrect. They teach what they have been taught to teach. It is all up to the individual to determine whether those things are logical and/or reasonable. Once again, a quote from Galileo, “I do not feel obliged to believe that the same God who has endowed us with sense, reason and intellect has intended us to forgo their use.”

The above remarks, in no way, implies the Bible is of no value. Quite the contrary, it remains a very important book concerning the individual’s understanding of what and who we are.

This is an excellent article by Van Robinson. Thank you for posting it.

Byker Bob said...

There are also people who have just enough skill set to build their own wall, and then once it's completed, they won't challenge or test it, either. Their wall is box-shaped, and it is just too comfortable.

The scientific method involves test and retest, even of things long considered to be true. You don't just prove all things once and then forever check your mind at the door.


Anonymous said...

I like the Italian "fuggedabout it" method.

That's what I used and found helpful. After leaving the WCG, I simply focused on non-religious aspects of life for many years, and later when I revisited such aspects (through a simple twist of fate), it was as seeing with new eyes again, "like buttah".

Michael said...

That so many can claim to have rock-solid faith in the most tenuous of claims is nothing short of astounding.

Whoever wrote that "all scripture is inspired by God" made quite a wild and unverifiable claim, but it must be true because they said it.

Like the only person who could possibly know that Jesus was born of a virgin was Mary herself, yet millions parrot it as if it were an objective truth that they've personally verified.

Human behavior is truly amazing.

JesĂşs Christopher de la Cruz said...

"Whoever wrote that "all scripture is inspired by God" made quite a wild and unverifiable claim, but it must be true because they said it."

Even more astounding is the fact that there was neither a canonized NT, nor a canonized OT at the time 1 Timothy was written. Yet the faith addled mind has no trouble assuming that the author of 1 Timothy, and the many other NT books that use the word scripture all were referring to the exact canon they're reading.

When is carelessness, thoughtlessness, and sloppiness a virtue? When reading the bible, of course!

Anonymous said...

Once someone has accepted a belief, it is difficult to change their minds. This is called belief perseverance. Also, once someone has invested a lot into a belief system, they feel they can't let it go because they will lose the investment (sunk cost fallacy).Byker Bob 5:37 mentioned the scientific method. It has limitations. It can't test beyond the natural world and even has limitations in the natural world. Sometimes the only tool that you have is reason. I ask, "Is it more reasonable to believe this or to believe that?" When you combine belief perseverance, sunk cost fallacy and a dependent personality type, I think you can see why some church members cling to ideas so tightly. I spent 4 years in WCG, graduated from AC in 73 and left in 74. I think I had just enough exposure to cults to be "vaccinated" against further "infection." BTW this is a great website and I hope more COG members read it.

Homer said...

Anonymous 3:45, you obviously understood more and left about the time of the beginning of my indoctrination with an investment of over 40 years in this belief system.

The World Tomorrow program was first heard by me at the age of about 15 years old and subsequently became aware of the Radio Church of God in 1963 at the age of 21. The information taught was not acted on until after my military service. I began attending services early 1971 and was baptized early 1972. Ten years ago my decision was to do as HWA said many times, by searching the scriptures as Acts 17:11 gives as an example. This was the beginning of my in depth personal study of the Bible. What was found is that many things once believed were based on tradition, supposition or conjecture rather than fact, logic and reason. I began to listen with a more critical ear to what was being taught. Not in a criticizing way, but more as analyzing what was said. When things were heard in services which did not “click” in my head, I would go home and study the subject that night. During the next several years those factual, logical and reasonable findings were shared with others which was not well received by most of my friends. Obviously, those friends no longer see me on a weekly basis. However, they are still in the category of friends.

Black Ops Mikey said...

2 Peter 1:16 For we have not followed cunningly devised fables

2 Peter 1:19 We have also a more sure word of prophecy;

The scientific method is based on making an hypothesis and then making observations. It it's done correctly, it is self-correcting.

1) cunningly devised fables
* We've observed that
2) sure word of prophecy
* We've observed that the word of prophecy was sure false.

What we really need is to remove emotion from the behavior and apply "Pseudoscience and Extraordinary Claims of the Paranormal: A Critical Thinker's Toolkit" by Jonathan C. Smith.

If you are involved in Armstrongism as a hobby for social interaction, admit what it really is and stop pretending that it's "The One True Religion" as an excuse.

By the way, Christian theologians acknowledge that II Peter is a forged book.

Anonymous said...

" How do you overcome this myth, which has been pounded into your mind for thousands of times over the years?"

An excellent way to start is turn off your TV, and end the Programming. Then pick up a book, then another, then another.
The lies and deceipt are so deep and wide, it is hard to know where to start the deprogramming.

What if we start here: Egypt is the Greek name for that land. It mean the "land of Ptah." If I was to say to you that you can perform an internet search of "statues of Ptah" and find many examples of him "sleeping"...would you accept E. Wallace Budge's (one of the earliest archaeologists of this ancient land) translation of the hieroglyph of Ptah? It was "Butah." Have you never seen an example of the "Sleeping Buddha?"

If I was to say to you that I can prove through mainstream translation of those same hieroglyphs that one of the "Butahs" was also a "KHeperu" king of Egypt (silent "k"), the son of a northern Indian princess (Nepal) and brother of a king he built a temple for, that had the initials "YHW", the earliest knwon written record of such initials, would I grab your attention? What if I told you he was also "Hanoch/Kanakht", the "brother of "Joseph?"

Anonymous said...

What if I told you I can prove that the same man with the initials "YHW" was Joseph aka "DashArtha", meaning the "ten avatars of Vishnu" and that he gave a sword to his brother "pulled from a stone" that science has proven was "forged from a meteorite" because it was found buried in an Egyptian king's chest....would you agree it could be termed a "celestial weapon?"

Then what if I told you that the same sword was "given away by Shiva"...and that it is also "Joshua's" sword....and that it was forged in an area now called "Kurdistan" but was then known as the Kuru kingdom...and that they forged bronze artifacts as well as STEEL weapons from that meteorite and called them "Cere X Bern"...would I get your attention? ExCaliber....fact. Tut's tomb had dozens of items made from that meteorite. "AakHepesh" was it's Egyptain name. "X-Hepesh." 92% iron, 5% nickel: steel. "Nantan meteorite": google it, you can still buy fragments online.....true.

Yes, it is as real as it gets: what modern man does today is the same that ancient man did too: Ancestor Worship. You hear me???? ANCESTOR WORSHIP OF REAL, HISTORICAL PEOPLE.
These are ancient tales of real people, mythologized and USED by the Lairs and Deceivers to enslave and Control the masses.

The metal from that meteorite was called by the ancient Khaburs (Haburs/Haberu/Hebrews, speaking Luwian/Levite) of Vasu (Devi/David) Kanni (Blacksmiths/Cains)..aka Washukanni: "natas, the "black metal." be an ancient smelter, an "AlChemist", you practiced making "Black metal"...Black Arts. And if read from right to left, that metal is called "Satan."

Which brings a whole new meaning to the "three kings of the Orient" "following a ("Fallen") Star, now doesn't it???

Anonymous said...

Full circle: the king of the VasuKanni (David's Smithies) Mittani was "TushRatta"...aka DashArtha...aka Yuya...aka YHW. And where does mainstream academia tell us that "Yuya may have been from?" AkhMin, Upper Egypt, in the Minyan Province of ancient Egypt. In a location called "al-Khemmis." ALCHEMIST.
I can prove Yuya/Tushratta used to "dress up" in costume, along with his son Seti I and grandson Ramses II as "green Demon and Red Devils" to conduct False Flag attacks, then offer "safety" as "Gods."

Tushratta and "UD-hi murdered their father King Arta-tama. King Arthur. "Yuya" and his brother Thutmose IV murdered their father: Amenhotep II. READ CAREFULLY: Asurhaddon the Assyrian and his brother killed their father" Sennercherib.

ALL THE SAME PEOPLE...except for one tiny detail: The "Greek Dark Ages" are a HOAX perpetrated on the masses to hide this FACT: the real time was circa 668 BC. And when EsarHaddon's gradson, Ashurbanipal invaded CanaanUgarit and Egypt, and STOLE ALL THE BOOKS IN 666 BC, he took them back to Ninevah, and REWROTE HISTORY.

NOW you KNOW why "Isis", created by ISREAL, just destroyed and BULLDOZED Ashurbanipal's city of NINEVAH. Broke his stautes. Trying, again, to COVER UP the LIES and DECEPTIONS. What does Isis actually say? "God told us not to invade Israel...."

Anonymous said...

Hello? Deprogramming Services offered...freely given....historically valid proof to be offered.

Buddhas were old pharaohs...28 Buddhas to the present day. YHW was "Father" to them, and he is aka "Vishnu...and one of his avatars is "Butah."

And anyone that has ever been to a Buddhist temple can see with their own eyes that Buddha holds that sword. And see the golden boat he sailed in....same as a very famous Pharaoh of Egypt that built a lake for his famous queen. The ORIGINAL "Lady of the Lake." Nimue.....Tiye....SaTyaVati.

Her husband was called "Nimmu'erya"...Nimmu and Nimue. Amenhotep III/Jamuna Hatap and SaTyaVati. Another mame for Amenhotep III?

NebMaatRe. The "Future Buddha": MaitReYa. Brother of YHW/Yuya/Dashartha. Half-brother of Ramses I....Parashurama...another avatar of Vishnu.

So Much to little time. BTW: just one month ago, in Abydos, the University of Pennsyvania unearthed a king of a "disputed hidden dynasty" and his name is Waseribre Senebkay. "Archaeology Today" website has the article. Seems this 1600 BC king was killed in battle....18 axe wounds mostly on feet, legs, lower back, then a few fatal blows oh head. he was riding his HORSE. Wearing ARMOR.

Photos of his remains are on article. He is waSERibre senebKAY.....Sir Kay.

Step-brother of KING ARTHUR. The story comes full circle.....Sir Kay was found buried in Abydos...Avalon, the burial grounds of KINGS.

So, again...who killed "King Arthur?" Mordred. Who is "Mordred?" I already told you....three times. EsarHaddon...AsurAten. Asur-El....L'Azer..L'Azerus...Lazerus. The BLUE ONE. Vishnu is always depicted with BLUE SKIN and RED CLOTHES and FLYING.....SUPERMAN. Spiderman. VISHNU. "Walking on water" as the avatar/fish: Matsya. Messiah. Hello, are lightbulbs flashing on? Yes, another avatar of Vishnu is KRISHNA.....that willingly died/"sacrificed himself" to save his TRIBE: The Yadu....Judah. The Yoni/Ionian/Jonah tribe. Yadu/Yoni: Indo-Aryan for GREEKS.

Who wrote and produced "Superman?" Same "Chosenites" that produced "POPeye".....and guess what? If you go to "Yuya" and look closely at his right eye? Someone POPPED it with a stake through his forehead into eye....and his wife sure has a distinctive hair bun: OLIVE OIL's hair bun....GREEK olive oil...she is "Thuya"..which is actually Thyia....which MEANS a Greek Water Nymph. Her real name is KaiKeya....MOTHER of Smenkare and Akhenaton...."Kiya" the "mysterious woman" that Akhenaton built a home for in Armana. YHW/Yuya/Dashartha/Tushratta's wife.

SNAP! Awaken....when the Kanni/Cains invaded Ugarit, they "killed off" the native supreme deity: Ba'al. What? You never heard about "Cain killing Abel/ABal?"

SNAP: AWAKEN.....You're welcome. Fog clearing a tad, I hope???

Google "Ugarit myth"....see where the "Chosenite" religion actually was Indo-Aryan MYTHOLOGY....history of their ancient KINGS. The Kanni/Cains called it "Asur-El" after thier chief deity: Asur....the sun god that drove a chariot in the sky...Asur-El/Asher-El....Ishra-El. "Israel"...first formed in 666 BC. Luwian/Levite-speaking invaders from Assyrian/Akkadia/Mittani/Medes/Hurrian/Urartian/Phyrigian/Hittite culture of Turko-Greek tribes. The dreaded Asura Demons on horseback with the unbreakable SWORDS.


Bad-Clown said...

Try this...

Byker Bob said...

Wow. All that mythology. (9:33-9:35) At best, speculation. I've read better in the works of Sitchin. Bring on the Nephalim!

In an ex-Armstrongite context, whenever you see someone presenting as fact some ideas or information that scientists, historians, or other academics regard as theory, you can know beyond the shadow of doubt you are seeing part of somebody's wall. It's a defensive maneuver, in some cases with which they hope others will agree, adding validation. Unfortunately, it is against the old programming to be able to admit to not knowing, that some things actually can't be known.

As an example, when renowned archaeologist Israel Finkelstein develops 4-5 models, scenarios, or possibilities as an outgrowth of his findings from a dig, and if someone lifts and presents one, or part of one of those models as indisputable truth, that's because it has become a key part of that person's "wall". You could hardly blame a former Armstrongite for so doing, because quite honestly, that was what passed as honest research or "proving all things" in the WCG, and continues in the splinters today. A paragraph from Josephus, Hislop's bogus connecting of mythology dots with the RCC, a theory from J.H. Allen, and boom! There you have it, revealed truth.

Life just isn't like that. It is a continuing study, and often for the pure joy of learning. The moment you have it all formulized is the moment you stop asking questions, and cease growth.


Anonymous said...


OMG! Apparently the blog post awakened some nutcase's snappy yet delusional sense of [fill in the blank].

Sadly, it's not the first time, nor will it be the last.