Monday, April 20, 2015

Stephen Gilbreath Goes Bat-Shit Crazy Claiming "PERSECUTION" After "...Jr's pizazz boy's squelch Herbert Armstrong's message"

The die-hard followers of Armstrongism are up in arms over Grace Communion International's take-down of a vast library of Herbert Armstrong videos on YouTube recently.

The latest to jump into the foray is Stephen Gilbreath, a wanna-be church leader who has one of the most pathetic "web casts" ever produced by a COG group.  Even the crooked and sad videos of the Doubly-blessed Apostle/Prophet Bob Theil look like major works of art compared to Gilbreaths.

The world could care less about the "truth" the various COG's claim as restored knowledge and is therefore not persecuting the COG.  What has shocked many is that one of their "own" is leading the attack from the "inside."  "FAMINE OF THE WORD" and "PERSECUTION" is the name of the game now.  Appeals for money to fight this attack will soon be made and gullible people will dish out more money for "the final push."

In today's Sabbath.TV live stream for 18-March-2015 we talk a little about the current doings of the Joseph Tkach Jr. administration of the so-called Grace Communion International organization (''GCI'') against God's Church with a new persecution that began this week on 15-April.

Through his newly appointed media man -- one Dr. Kenny Ryan -- Junior lays claim to the rights to the broadcasts and telecasts of Herbert W. Armstrong under copyright infringement laws. But is not the real truth that Junior's pizazz boys are trying to squelch voice of Mr. Armstrong in opposition of a ''right'' to his voice which is a voice that was never for sale but which bought the truth and shared it freely. Are the pizazz boys not claiming rights to material which they by their actions deny their ''rights'' to the material.

When copyright is used to squelch a talk that was intended to be freely broadcast or telecast -- which, in fact, Mr. Armstrong PAID money to radio and television stations to broadcast and that without a request for money or payment from viewers -- is the right being properly exercised or used -- or MISUSED! Do not those who claim rights via a trust given them which trust they have betrayed -- make themselves in fact UNWORTHY of the trust placed in them.

Why is it that there is not one single COG leader out here in TVland that presents a "sane" image to the world?  Gilbreath certainly doesn't, the three amigo's on the UCG channel don't and Pack and Flurry cannot no matter how hard they try.  None of these men have any credibility, yet they wonder why people and money are not steadily flowing into their churches.


Anonymous said...

Note to Stephen: Please stop going bug-eyed at your itty-bitty computer monitor while you are attempting to talk. You look like a fool.

James said...

Folksy type of guy. Somewhat entertaining making money off Herbie's bones..

Anonymous said...

Another mixed-up speaker to avoid. He sounds about as convincing as "Bitter Bob".

Byker Bob said...

One would have thought that Armstrongism had come to nought in 1975, but one would have been wrong. Members accepted the backpedaling as a true account, allowed themselves to be reprogrammed, and continued to faithfully send their tithes to Post Office Box 111, Pasadena, California.

If the WCG was Anheiser-Busch, the splinters of today are micro-breweries. Too bad the product costs more than a premium beer, but tastes like Brown Derby.


Michael said...

The 3 amigos on the UCG channel


Anonymous said...

Another mixed-up speaker to avoid. He sounds about as convincing as "Bitter Bob".

We've seen humans in Armstrongism form splinter groups, gaining followings.

But what if the UCG's Jelly character formed a new group, all up in arms about the latest world events, with Jelly telling us we should do concealed carry so we'll be able to overthrow Hillary?

Should we just smear some peanut butter on Jelly, and exile him to the "Isle of Sleazy Propagandist Cult Dolls" ?