Monday, May 4, 2015

Philadelphia Church of God Sinks to Another New Low

The Philadelphia Church of God, a legalistic splinter cult of Armstrongism, recently printed a "news" blurb from David Privratsky concerning the Chicago Winter Social that happened on January 31, 2015.

You may remember Privatsky.  He is the husband of the late Janet DeGennero.  In late July of 2014, Janet committed suicide because of the sick rules that Gerald Flurry has established forbidding his members from having contact with non PCG family members.

When Janet committed suicide, the PCG covered up the suicide and said that she died from a massive heart attack.  That is the story that the abusers in the PCG sent out to the membership and had the husband tell Janet's family.  Imagine lying to you in-laws because you were scared of the PCG hierarchy and what they would do to you if you disobeyed them?  That is what Privratsky did.  He called Janet's parents and lied!  He lied because the PCG told him to!

In the PCG, committing suicide is a sin and damns the person to the lake of fire.PCG has done everything they can in the last few months in trying to eliminate any knowledge of Janet from the minds of members and her husband. 

Less than nine months after her death, PCG has Privratsky reporting in their church news section about Chicago's winter social event.  It can almost be guaranteed that PCG ministers told Privratsky to attend this event so he can start looking for a new mate.   The Church of God has always frowned upon members mourning the deaths of loved ones.  Why should this be any other way?  Can you imagine the PCG giving Privratsky grief counseling or spending months taking care of him?  No, I didn't think so, because I can't either.

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Byker Bob said...

I had a feeling they'd be trotting David out as one of their exemplary heroes sooner or later, having emerged victoriously from a "fiery trial". (one that their toxic little group totally caused).


Redfox712 said...

Thanks for mention, No2HWA.

I thought it was odd that PCG would get him to write an article too.

Black Ops Mikey said...

"Janet and David Privratsky were not legally married."



Does someone want to explain what this really was?

Ivan Chesnokov said...

David and Janet were Probably Married in the PCG but maybe never signed Marriage Licenses? Perhaps there were legal Issues with her being from Canada?

Anonymous said...

So, according to PCG doctrine, a marriage must be recognized by the secular legal system before their god thinks they're married?

Nonsense. If a man and a woman decide they're married, then that should be good enough for any god.

And what does this mean for gay marriage when it gets legalized in that same secular legal system?

No, no, no, hold on a second there...

I'm sick of people telling me they KNOW what god wants, thinks, feels, had for breakfast, shit smells like, etc.

Anonymous said...

"It can almost be guaranteed that PCG ministers told Privratsky to attend this event so he can start looking for a new mate."

Total speculation. Grow up.

"The Church of God has always frowned upon members mourning the deaths of loved ones. "

That's news to me.

Anonymous said...

I come on here daily to check out what's new in certain COG areas. It has helped me see the liars and scoundrels claiming to be Gods ministers, and the ones that are trying to be except they lie in their efforts. Lately though, there are a lot of useless comments on here that are just that, useless. Some are total speculation, some are out and out lies, some are filled with hate, and judgmental criticism about somebody or something they know nothing about other than hearing it on here, and so they comment it seems just to fit in the conversation, or the hate on for someone. I have heard some comment on something or someone but when I went to double check on their claim, I could not find what they said anywhere else other than they said it. If anyone has a claim then tell us where you get it from like others thankfully are doing. I only say this because it is what it seems like now, and that is because of all the useless and unprovable comments now going on I am not so excited as I was to come on here anymore. It's like going to James Malms site knowing before you go there that he will be slamming everyone else except himself because he is the only one teaching the truth, without fail he will say something negative about other COGS, I guess to turn people away from them and onto himself, I always thought that was causing division, anyway, just my rant for today.