Monday, May 11, 2015

Rod McNair Dares To Preach About Family Communication While Destroying Families

Here is Rod McNair; the one that gets in screaming fights with his brother at LCG HQ.  The one that says elderly people are possessed by demons.  The one who disfellowhips those who do not cowtow to his idiotic demands.  This is the man who rips families apart and then dares to speak about "family communication"...what a joke!


Anonymous said...

I had to turn that sermon off after about 10 minutes. I have never heard anything as boring as that in ages! I cannot imagine how anyone ever ordained this asswipe. I know, he is a McNair so that is an automatic jump into ordination.

By the way, that pathetic beard does not make you look like a real man.

Anonymous said...

BORING! What a horrible speaker. I imagine half the audience falling asleep and the other half running up to him after services saying how amazing and inspiring it is because they like to kiss butt.

This is the same man who always tries to isolate and interrogate women without their husband present so that he can more easily intimidate and manipulate. This is the man who has told women that they should choose LCG over their husbands and marriages when their husbands start to question the tyranny that is presently occurring in Living. This is the man who has no problem telling a woman to seperately from her husband long enough that he would do anything, including dropping his issues with the church, to get his family back. This is the man that "counsels" married couples to keep a written log of every perceived offense their mate commits so it can more easily be used against them later.

He is a destroyer of family. The hypocrisy is sickening.

Sweetblood777 said...

Well 5 minutes have gone by and already it is plain that this man is in the wrong occupation.

He simply does not know how to communicate. He speaks as if he were addressing little children. Today, he can't even keep us older folks awake, how then can he keep young children awake, who require excitement in order to maintain their attention on what you are saying.

Failed big time.

Byker Bob said...

Now we get some additional insight as to why Bob Thiel thought he could be a prophet! One would infer that in his little world, this was apparently what passed as a typical example of ministerial communication skills. Add some of your own personal touches such as crooked items in the background, a few farting noises, and some hand flailing, and, voila!


Anonymous said...

I would love to find out what you guys are talking about, but I can't listen to sermons anymore. The hypocritical moralizing is too much for me to deal with anymore. And the only way I can put up with the bible is if I'm trying to understand all those points of view on it that fundamentalist preachers like HWA would never tell you in a million years. It's fascinating, however to realize that the bible is, in a sense, a collection of classical novels, as it calls upon all the tropes, motifs, and formulas used over and over by classical novelists and playwrights. One thing it isn't, however, is the word of god.