Thursday, May 28, 2015

The Arrogance of WCG TV Archives

Get a load of this from the Facebook page of WCG TV Archives:

You are not to leave OUT, remove, change, cast out, pervert, REBEL AGAINST, ANYTHING that God has given to His Church through whom HE HAS CHOSEN. You did not choose the instruments God uses. You cannot DENY the WORK DONE by those instruments. For it was a Work done by GOD. And it is God you are denying. Do you want to be found denying Jesus Christ? FB post

No brethren, DO NOT even dare to think for yourselves or attempt to disprove anything the COG teaches.  You are denying their god if you do!


Anonymous said...

So sad that fans of HWA like to lick that which he pulled from his ass.

Anonymous said...

Didn't HWA like to say on TV, "Don't believe me, believe your Bible!"

Anonymous said...

Why don't they just preach what they believe and be done with it? Apparently, the idea of generating original content -- indicative of having original thoughts -- is too daunting for them.

That said, which of HWA's original articles or broadcasts do they favor? Makeup yes, or makeup no? D&R yes, or D&R no? Doctors yes, or doctors no? Centralized government or no centralized government? Place of safety yes, or place of safety no? In the college business, or not in the college business?

The whole thing is problematic for them, and they don't even realize it.

James said...

Nazi propaganda from the pulpit. Jack-booted authoritarianism in order to threaten the masses who follow such dribble.

Only fools follow such crap. And in the ACOG's there are many.

Anonymous said...

Everything Armstrong built is crumbling into smaller and smaller pieces.

Why can't people in the UCG,LCG,PCG and others see that?
Herbert Armstrong was nothing but a cultic leader of a cult called the Worldwide Church of God.

The WCG was a personality cult. What is happening happens all the time when a cult leader dies. The organization they built falls apart.

Wake-up people and see the fruits!!

Byker Bob said...

It's funny. Because of the ways in which I have seen most of this material used, I had believed that the people who preserved all of this material had done so to corroborate the track record of failed prophecy, of extreme financial coercion often exceeding the definition of abuse, of the legendary temper of HWA, of many decidedly unChristian attitudes expressed in letters and articles, of the vanity and ego of HWA in being photographed with the world's great and powerful people, and of the exploitation of starving, destitute, and bereaved victims of famine, disease, and disaster around the world. This is basically why so many of us have been so happy to have these materials accessible. They have been a "blessing" to the debunking of Armstrongism, of holding the movement accountable. I had no idea whatsoever until just recently that the curators of these sites are actually pro-HWA. I would never have realized that unless someone from the HWA library had taken another blogger to task following the Armstrong grandchildren corroborating the incest.


Anonymous said...

I attended AC for two years, it was not a college or university but an indoctrination center. Ask pointed questions and you might be accused of having a "bad attitude." Conformity in thought and appearance is the coin of the realm. Ask questions, they will give you your diploma and send you on your way. Thank God for unanswered prayers when I was not offered a job in "the Work."

Anonymous said...

The Wanderer has a question regarding AC. I recently listened to a sermon by a COGWA leader and I think it was one of those end of the program type about beliefs. Long story short, AC was mentioned and it was called a Liberal education degree (?) or education that students earned (received?) that was beneficial in securing a future. Correct me if I am wrong but I thought AC was not an accredited institution unless I missed something. Any insight is welcomed.

Thank you for your time and brain waves.

NO2HWA said...

AC was in canard it status twice to receive accreditation. While you are in that status supposedly the degrees then are more legit.