Sunday, May 10, 2015

Why Do So Many Living Church Of God Members Cover Up The Spiritual Abuse That LCG Commits Daily?

I have received various emails from apparent LCG members decrying the piece about Rod McNair disfellowshipping a person because they did not quit a job in a nursing home swiftly, because according to McNair, demons inhabit the elderly residents.  They deny McNair would ever say such a thing because he is a "man of God."

Various other readers here know for a fact that Rod McNair DID say these despicable things and disfellowshipped the person involved. 

I was having trouble believing this story. So I did a little digging.
And to my horror it is true!
How can this happen?
How can someone be so unchristian?
My mind is boggled by this!
I know this person. They were in a good position at this nursing home for years. I went to this facility to visit 3 different church members who were each there for a short time after being in the hospital for different things. One of them was a minister.

Each time I left the nursing home I remember thinking that you would have to be a saint to work there. I can't imagine helping people like that with everything from getting food in their mouths to going to the toilet (or worse, cleaning a diaper).

I have heard this rumor going through LCG ever since the Winter Weekend but I haven't talked to the person because we have been told not to. It makes me feel sad that something like this could happen and I don't understand it.

Serving those who are rarely served (the elderly) seems honorable.

It seems like it would have been easy enough for Mr. McNair to prove that this person had quit their job simply by calling the nursing home and asking if so-and-so still worked there.

Even still, I can't imagine asking them to quit in the 1st place :(
There are so many troubling things about this story. I heard it months ago and sort of knew that it would eventually end up being made public. Despite what anon 6:00 says, LCG members are troubled by the story.

It's troubling that they think nursing homes are demon-filled. It's troubling that the ministry think they have the authority to ask someone to quit a job helping people (including church people). It's troubling that this member was accused of "lying about quitting" because they worked a 2 week notice. It's troubling that this person was subsequently disfellowshipped for the so-called lie. Especially since anyone who knows the person knows that they really did quit the job when they said they quit their job which would have been pretty easy to prove in the first place. The whole situation is sad.

Then we had a reader respond that there was a reason why the person had to leave their job, did what they were told and then disfellowshipped because they were too slow in quitting.  It is this same mindset that has led to numerous suicides in the Church of God, of parents killing their children because they refused medical treatment, for marriages ripped apart by idiotic minister decisions, families separated and lives destroyed.  This is why so many LCG members sit there and watch these sick bastards rip lives apart and do nothing:

"Are LCG members outraged?"

No. They aren't. They believe that LCG is the Church of God under the direction of Jesus Christ led by Christ's chosen leader, Rod Meredith.

We believe that God is in charge of the Church and that it is not for us to understand why God's ministry do these kind of things. It is our job to trust and obey them. In doing this it shows that we are able to be lead and therefore we will be established as pillars in God's Kingdom.

If we question the ministry but say we believe they are being lead by Christ, then we are in essence questioning Christ.

If this person was told to flee to the place of safety, would they wait 2 weeks to do it? Maybe this was a test to see if they really trusted LCG ministry, and they failed. They should have had the faith to not worry about their reputation in the field, or money or anything else. If you follow without questioning you show your loyalty. LCG ministry has an extra measure of God's Spirit and is better able to discern these things. Most LCG members acknowledge this. To quote Mr. Meredith, "those who don't know where the door is".
This is cultic mind control at its finest.  No matter how much these people turn a blind eye to that, that's what it is. The fact that ANYONE in the Church of God allows these spiritual THUGS to tell them to do such things is appalling.  Its time that members stood up to these sick bastards and tell them how far to stick it!


RSK said...

"If we question the ministry but say we believe they are being lead by Christ, then we are in essence questioning Christ."

A year or so ago, I was slated to direct a talk show segment for my network. My boss (the executive producer), along with the rest of our group, had worked through the show ahead of time and we had planned everything needed out to crossed t's and dotted i's.

The morning of the show, one of the stage supervisors informed me that my boss had changed his mind on a few aspects and that we would now be executing the segment this way, with a new camera setup, with a new sequence, etc.

Knowing the executive producer as I did, I didn't see how he could have radically changed his mind just that very morning.

I called him on the phone when I could slip away and asked if he had indeed changed plans to such large degree.

He was shocked and informed me that he had never made any such decision. Apparently the stage supervisor had decided this would be a great time for him to make all these changes and take credit for them later.

Had I ascribed to the dictum quoted above... I'd have been in trouble as well.

When your boss is Jesus, that makes it even more important to question people who claim to be acting as his agents.

And they say they follow god, not men. It looks plainly like following men to me.

RSK said...

Plus, if the ministry has an extra measure of Spirit and therefore you should not question them... one wonders how these splinter groups ever got started. If they truly believed that... dont they belong in WCG/GCI where they were?

Oh, sorry, I should know better than to actually take such statements seriously. Logic and reason always yield to the need to lie to oneself when convenient.

Byker Bob said...

I can't imagine how anyone in their right mind could invoke the "place of safety" in correcting the general consensus point of view here! That would be the epitome of naivety. Does anyone seriously believe that all of the abuse is going to magically and mystically disappear with several thousand miles of geography? What happens when these supposedly godly dictators no longer have a constitution and bill of rights regulating their tyranny? It is plain to most of us that if they have a double portion of the Holy Spirit, which they believe is an impersonal force, they are ignoring and repressing "it". What good does having "it" do, if you refuse to use "it"?

When I was a WCG kid, growing up, I wondered why my parents would always disingenuously escalate offenses to the level of "lying" , which was the worst punishable offense you could commit. They were just following an example. I see these ACOG cretins are still indulgng in that same sort of injustice, having learned nothing of God's sense of love and fairness all of these years later. The good news is that the Bible tells us that they will be judged by the same standards as they apply to others.

My advice to those who would defend them would be to stay right where you are! You deserve whatever they dish out, because you refuse to use the good sense that God even gave to the animals.


Anonymous said...

One of the things (among many) that I am having a hard time processing is that when I asked an LCG minister what this person had done to be disfellowshipped, THIS is the story I was told. I was also at a table at the winter weekend dinner dance where this story was being discussed exactly as it has been printed on this blog. At that time everyone was rumoring it and even though LCG leadership surely knew by that point that the miserable victim had in fact quit and that there was no lie, they continued to perpetuate it! Now that it's public and being seen for how trite and ridiculously mean it was they want to deny it?

So in other words when it makes them look justified, they perpetuate the rumor. But when it shows how horribly tyrannical they are they want to deny it?

I know the person this happened to and they were utterly dismayed that they were accused of having not quit a job that they in fact had quit!

All I can put my faith in is that God sees all and will make it all right in the end.

Maybe those that did this will end up at a nursing home with this person caring for them. I can only imagine...

Anonymous said...

People need to realize that these men can act this way. If you don't believe me just cross one of them and see what happens to you.
As for Rod McNair...he had to be recalled from working in the Philippines because he had caused so much trouble they where all ready to go somewhere else.
And his fights with his brother Jonathan are legendary at HQ.
That man can hold a grude for a long time!

Anonymous said...

"Thug" is the perfect word to describe McNair. I've witnessed his fits of rage towards his brother Jonathan and towards other church members who do not cowtow to his immediate demands. Why the church keeps this man employed is a question many have asked. Everything that is wrong with LCG is encapsulated in this man.

Anonymous said...

I have watched McNair berate children at living youth camp to the point I wonder if they will ever come back. It is literally uncomfortable to watch and yet no one, including myself, does anything about it. I think about it occasionally and feel ashamed.

Anonymous said...

The Apostle Paul wrote:

For I know this, that after my departing shall grievous wolves enter in among you, not sparing the flock. Also of your own selves shall men arise, speaking perverse things, to draw away disciples after them. (Acts 20:29-30 KJV)

And so they have! Some of their names are Meredith, Pack, Flurry and Weinland.

When will the abused followers of these men wake up and realize that just because they claim to be God's appointed leaders doesn't mean that they are? Anyone who studies their deeds can see that they are the grievous wolves that Paul wrote about, not the gentle shepherds Jesus commanded his disciples to be.

Byker Bob said...

6:18, You forgot the main wolf: Herbert W. Armstrong, who apostasized from COG-7, combining British Israelism with the apocalypse of Revelation, and using it as the perfect marketing "hook" to scare people into his church, with extortionary, non-Biblical tithes, perpetual spiritual abuse, and physical abuse to women and children. He's also the one who reversed God's government, making it from the top-down, with him and his cronies next in the chain of command, rather than from the bottom-up through one transformed Christian heart at a time.


Anonymous said...


Anon 6:18 here. I had Armstrong in mind but wanted to make a limited point about the current generation of wolves in hope that some of their victims might recognize their oppressors in Paul's words.

I like your brief but comprehensive summary of HWA's career.

Anonymous said...

When time permits, you might want to do some digging into what a UCG Pastor recently ordered in Oklahoma.

As I understand it, some members were going to a prison and holding Bible studies with inmates. They turned into outright "worship services," but then the Pastor told them to stop.

My source on this is one of the church leaders who was involved with the project.