Sunday, July 26, 2015

Dave Pack, God's Most Highly Favored COG Leader Faces More Public Humilation

More trouble is brewing in the Restored Church of God.  Faced with humiliating embarrassment after three years very specific failed prophecies Dave is having huge issues with grumbling ministers and members. With the failure of his god in striking down three Church of God leaders and the humiliating embarrassment of announcing that he and his staff were ready for the influx of thousands of members from those three dead leaders groups, Dave has been holed up in his Wadsworth compound.

Dave's public humiliation continued last year when one of his ministers left and took members with him.  Now, Dave has the same embarrassing situation to deal with again.

There has  talk on Facebook that Dave has recently fired two of his loyal ministers.  When he did this quit a few RCG members left with them.

With all of these public defections and Dave's idiotic prophecies, he is facing a large financial drain on his wallet.  His mini-me auditorium has been put on hold yet again as income has dropped.  Members are tired of sitting and listening to his mindless two hour rants during his sermons. Ministers and members are chaffing under the abusive treatment they are receiving by young proteges of Dave who are attempting to exert their power over those under them.

It was predicted several years ago that Dave was setting himself up for a very public failure.  Hopefully we are seeing the start of that.  How long will we have to wait till we see his property auctioned off and movie companies coming in to blow it all up?

What's Dave going to do if his dwindling  empire goes belly up?  He has no real job qualifications other than being on the dole as a COG minister.  Perhaps he could go and work at his son's health food store but given the animosity he has with his boys that will not be happening.  It will be left up to his wife to support Dave as she goes back into home health care. Will we see in sitting in jail like Ron Weinland currently is?

Dave's future is not bright.  Running the most superfantabulous Church of God EVER is not an easy task!


EX-RCG said...

I am talking to more and more EX-RCG members. I don't know anyone can stay with Pack. He is a total ass-clown (who has had his heyday).

I am glad to hear of his firings. They may not realize it now, but he has done them a BIG favor. If they weren't worried about getting paycheck they probably would have left RCG long ago.

Anonymous said...

What, trouble in Paradise???

Wadsworth Giant Eagle shoppers have a right to know!


Byker Bob said...

Dave might have done better if he had put a little less ego and a little less authoritarianism into his Armstrongism. He really leaves no room for people to feel compassion for him.


Anonymous said...

David Pack cleverly used the fact that many other splinter groups are frauds full of evil people and perverse teachings to attract people who wanted to find the one true church that was teaching the pure truth of God. After conning many people into trusting him to have precision of doctrine, David Pack himself then made huge doctrinal changes, such as his greedy “common” theft idea. David Pack did this even while still claiming that HWA was the Elijah who had restored ALL things. Now that David Pack has suddenly decided that he himself is the Elijah (since he restored the “common” theft idea, and some other prophetic number nonsense) and that HWA was wrong about being Elijah and was actually Moses, David Pack is free to go totally wild with “restoring” all sorts of crazy ideas.

David Pack's unsuspecting victims probably did not see any of this coming. Now, however, many of them probably do see that even more bad things will be raining down on them from above along with David Pack's spittle. They will go from totally trusting David Pack with everything they have to being forced to face the truly frightening realisation that David Pack is just another raging, satanic impostor.

What David Pack did to his followers was diabolically evil in the very worst way. People tend to underestimate greatly the ability of the Devil to outwit them, and do not realise how unbelievably skillful he is at deception and trickery in high-stakes games like religion. Let's face it: Satan does not play fair, and is not nice at all.

Minimalist said...

Come on Dave, borrow $100m and build that long promised gold and marble auditorium to draw attention away from your nemesis in Edmund. Then 20 years later it can be sold off to Pentecostals for pennies on the dollar, just like Herbie's.