Sunday, July 12, 2015

Rod Meredith: Elevating Him To Status of Pope

All hail Pope Meredith!
(pictured above is Rod McNair kissing the blessed ring of his puppet master)

Does Spanky have a direct hotline to the Almighty? Just as the Catholics believe that their Pope is closer to God than all other men on the face of the earth, LCG members and ministry exalt Rod Meredith to the same level of rank and practically worship the very ground he walks on. Meredith harps on the fact that he and his ministry are being supernaturally directed by God ad nausiaum these days. To not obey or to question "God's ministry" is akin to questioning God Himself per Ol' Roddy. This message has been pushed even more in the last several years as many in LCG have begun to question if LCG really is "Gods one and only true Church" because of doctrinal changes and because of an increase in abuses of power and highly publicized ungodly actions by Meredith and his main men at the Charlotte LCG headquarters. 

It's sickening to see people line up after a sermon just to shake his hand so they can go back to all of their friends to brag about having met him as if he was some sort of deity. Lately I've heard more than one LCG member question the purge only to ultimately settle things in their minds by saying, "I don't understand it but the ministry is being led by God and God can't be wrong so it must be God's will for all this to happen". The Bible I read says not to "put your faith in man" but yet thousands of LCG tithe sheep look at Meredith with stars in their eyes like he can do no wrong; like he is their Pope. 

Meredith's ministers know that loyalty, blind obedience and a healthy dose of ass kissing is the best way to advance in LCG. The higher-ups have enormous egos that must be fed by the flames of doting subjects like coal to the engines of the great ocean liners of yore. Rule with an iron fist and be willing to frequently preen the peacocks above you and you will go far in LCG. Christian character and knowledge won't do half as much for you. All hail the Pope!

From a contributor.


Anonymous said...

People in the church have always elevated its leaders to positions of outright worship. I saw women and men cry at the mere presence of HWA. People would shake evangelists hands and feel like they had touched God's hands. It is all rather sickening.

Anonymous said...

This is too funny!

I can imagine Tom Turner (Risk Management for RCM) using tithe payer money to acquire a Pope-mobile with bullet proof glass and everything. He's already suggested that Meredith's driver take varied routes to and from his home each day in case someone plans something heinous. He also petitioned for an emergency escape hatch from the executive offices and Maglocks on all the doors. It's bad enough they have some "less valuable" employee opening all RCM's mail in the mailroom just in case it's laced with Anthrax.

Anonymous said...

Annon 6:44 I cry every time Dr. Meredith gets up to give the sermon because I know exactly what he is going to say for the next 2 hours. His sermons are so repetitive and boring I want to cry myself to sleep.