Monday, July 6, 2015

UCG Facing More Rebellion In Malawi, Africa Sends In The White Man To Control Them

From a reader here.

UCG recently lost three of its church leaders in Malawi.   UCG claims they all resigned for "health reasons."  Many others claim there is far more to the story.  Apparently UCG is not content with the African members running their own boards and being "independent" from Cincinnati.  It has now appointed Aaron Dean to sit on their church board.  This will have a chilling effect upon the local leadership.  No one will ever question or stand up to the powerful white man from Cincinnati.  He is from the church HQ and he is more enlightened than they are, and since he is a true descendant of the 12 tribes he is of the same skin color as Jesus Christ.

UCG has had a bad track record in Africa.  From stolen cows to lawsuits filed by Kubik and crew.  Is it any wonder no one trust them any more!  For people that claim to be the one and only "TRUE" church on earth today, they certainly are setting the wrong example!


Anonymous said...

“UCG Facing More Rebellion in Malawi, Africa; Sends In The White Man To Control Them”

“It has now appointed Aaron Dean to sit on their church board.”

Is the UCG sending Aaron Dean away to Africa to try to control him and to get rid of him?

Why is someone in the UCG always trying to cause trouble for Aaron Dean and to get rid of him?

Why doesn't Victor Kubik go to Africa and take care of his cows?

James said...

Off the cuff, I wonder if Kevin Owen Dean is also in Africa. It seems that the law has yet to catch up with him!

Anonymous said...

How can the UCG send a black man to Africa when they refuse to have blacks in leadership positions? Just one look at the lily white council of elders is proof that racism still is at the core of Armstrongism. The African American members that I know in UCG talk constantly about how racism still permeates the UCG.

Anonymous said...

as long as the cogs are unwilling to distinguish themselves from the way of the world they can hardly have any credibility or sanctification...

Anonymous said...

The Council of Elderly White Guys strikes again.

Black Ops Mikey said...

It's all about the Church Corporate. You send your top executive to quell dissent for the sake of the corporation. The Corporation Lives! It is Alive! And if you know much about corporations, the end justifies the means and people don't matter if they get in the way.

But it does bring up a question: Just how long did it take for the UCG top brass in the Church Corporate to decide this?

I thought they'd be too busy with deciding on Logos.

And as for Victor Kubic: Have a cow, man!

Tammy Faye Boober said...

Will you please start thinking positively???
If the Africans ever can afford their own Gulfstream multimillion dollar fancy shmancy jetliner, Dean can be a stewardess!
I can see that jet now filled with solid gold salt shakers and dining sets, roast beef warmers in silver, extravagance galore at the expense of the little people.
We kept them like kept men back in the day didn't we?
ahh, Ambassador quality.

Tammy Faye Boober said...

Well, after all the apostles created a corporation.
And of course the Apostles argued over the logo, the name of the church and how many tithes to squeeze out of the brethren.
Peter, from his mansion on Millionaires Row in Rome, surrounded himself with gold and silver objet d'art and drove around campus, I mean Rome with his Rolls Royce chariot pulled by the finest Ambassador quality horses.
The church has no changed in 2000 years except as HWA reminded us only he ever preached the whole gospel.