Sunday, July 12, 2015

United Church of God: This is the Boy's Club - We Are Going To Do It Our Way!

From a reader:

Comment was made that: " it any wonder why "new" visitors and members do not remain as UCG members?..."

That sounds like lots of "turn over!" In 1998, there was a sermon given on God's Government where "turn over" for United was anticipated and why it would occur. FWIIW, here is a partial transcript of that sermon given about 17 years ago:

"...Then, you look at UNITED! Now, I’m sure I’m going to offend a lot of people who will hear these taped sermons later out there, but this is a real mess! None of these men were even considered to be chosen by Mr. Armstrong; were they? None of them were, but they all voted themselves in anyway; didn’t they? Now, that’s not such of a firm foundation to have when you have to vote yourself into office.
Where was God?

Oh, they may say that: “Well, look at the Apostles! They cast lots.”

Yes, but they were already Apostles!

You guys weren’t even that. None of you were the leaders. You really weren’t, and GLOBAL was already going at the time. They were already following what you knew and perceived to be right, but do you see? All of these ministers who went with UNITED: they never liked being under authority and they wanted their say-so. They wanted their opinions to be heard, so they all joined in one big mass.

Now, why start a church like that? You already have one going that was doing the same thing that Mr. Armstrong was trying to do, but they didn’t want to be under authority.

I look at this as: “This is the ‘Boys’ Club!’ We’re going to do it our way,” and they’re not going to give up that RULE. Now they all think that they have the authority and that’s really a shame.

What’s their first agenda? “We’re going to pay ourselves very well!”...

...Well, one of the first things that they want to set up is, of course, their retirement fund...

...When they got together their attitude was: “We will vote ourselves to happiness! Every time we don’t like something, we’ll just take another vote! We’ll vote it our way again, and if we don’t like the other guy: we’ll vote him out!” ...

...So, they can’t even agree on how to spend the money, and where to have their office and who the president should be. They’re all out there politicking to get into position so they can be the president and the same thing will happen to them. You’ll have this: turnover, turnover and turnover! Why?...

...Because God never placed anyone in charge!... ...Do you know? They preach some of the truth, some that was revealed to the past servant, Mr. Armstrong, but nothing has been revealed to them! Nothing has been revealed to GLOBAL. Nothing’s been revealed to any of them. They’re stuck in a rut!..."

Of course, where is GLOBAL today? It is virtually non-existent. Where is the United Ass. going? What's been revealed to them? It appears United also will end up in the same condition as GLOBAL before too long.



Sweetblood777 said...

The fundamental problem with all these man made groups is that they think that they are following the government of God. Nothing could be farther from the truth. The fact is that Yahweh's government is not structured like a triangle, from the top down with the most important ones at the top and most of everyone else at the bottom.

The fact is that His government is much the shape of an atom. Yahweh is at the core and all others revolve around Him. The more spiritual and righteous one is, the closer to the core he/she will revolve.

Try to understand that Yahweh made no planet or star in the shape of a triangle,the only triangular institutions that we see are all based on Satanic concepts.

Byker Bob said...

When a charlatan starts up some sort of bogus movement, actually the probabilities of any successor, or imitator, taking it to the next level are miniscule. It is possible that if GTA had been faithful to his wife, he may have had the credibility (in addition to natural talents and abilities) to succeed his father, but once that was off the table, the movement was irretrievably doomed. Nobody else was even being groomed, and no suitable replacement has ever emerged. But, even if GTA had toed the line, it is doubtful that he would have been able to overcome the failures of the false prophecies, the allegations against his father, and the changing complexities of the surrounding world.

I really do not believe that the Tkach's, or splintering and doctrinal differences broke up Armstrongism. Honestly, it was a religion informed and fed by the aftermath of WW II, the Cold War, and the emerging technologies of those days. The time and date stamp expired during 1972-75, and this was underscored in the mid 1980s by the take down of the Berlin Wall.


R.L. said...

Ironic, your choice of a music video. UCG ministers have preached against that song for years.

NO2HWA said...

That's exactly why I did it! They have done it their way from day one.

Hen said...

Who gave the sermon that was quoted?

Anonymous said...

Try to understand that Yahweh made no planet or star in the shape of a triangle,the only triangular institutions that we see are all based on Satanic concepts.

From where do you get this stuff?