Sunday, August 2, 2015

Dressing Up In Sabbath Wear To Watch The Telecast

Could we have been any more crazier?


Connie Schmidt said...

Anyone else willing to "Fess Up" to having "made love" being not dressed in their Sabbath Best , but more like "Garden of Eden Best" while either listening to a sermon tape, online broadcast, or telecast sponsored by a COG?

Byker Bob said...

This is an exercise purely intended to equate WCG/HWA with God. As in Moses hearing YHWH's voice and having to remove his sandals while in the presence of the burning bush. It goes way too far, though. Jesus didn't require this sort of reverence from the people listening to Him, and neither did the apostles, some of whose shadows are said to have healed people.

It's too much. We're told to call God by the familiar "Father", and these fools want to impose barriers, like wearing a suit to hear a false prophecy broadcast! Ministers, especially, should realize that God sees you even when you are taking a crap!


Anonymous said...

We had to do this idiotic thing when I was a kid. How absurd!