Monday, August 10, 2015

HuffPo Article (COG Related): When You Feel Frozen and Alone In Church

Here is an interesting article in Sunday's  Huffington Post

"Yes. When I was young, I learned to act grown-up and self-contained in church, the same as others."

Growing up, I attended The Worldwide Church of God (WCG). The WCG was a cult, characterized by exclusivity, secrecy, and an authoritarian culture. There was lots of emphasis on conformity, and very little room for individuality.

"So now ... I'm trying to be authentic and the same as," I said. "And I just end up feeling lost."
Until that day, I didn't realize how much of my identity was wrapped up in spiritual achievement.
As a girl, I'd filled out every Bible lesson book. I was the first of my friends to be baptized. I never missed devotionals, and I served in various leadership roles.

In other words, "Hi, my name is Caroline, and I'm a religious performance addict."

Read the entire article here.


Ed said...

I always felt like I was headed to the lake of fire when I was a member of the WCG. No mater what I did I always felt condemned. I felt like leaving years before I actually did. However I felt like if I left I would surely end the slim hopes I had for avoiding the lake of fire.

The changes made in 1995 ended my feelings of condemnation but the damage was done that leaves me scared maybe for the rest of my life. Although my life is better then it has ever been there are still many scars that remain.

I believe that there remains many in the COG that still feel condemned like I did.
That is just the dynamics of Armstrongism.

Anonymous said...

This author nailed it.