Monday, August 10, 2015

Philadelphia Church of God Wastes Tens of Thousands of Dollars of Widow's Tithe Money on New Fake Waterfall

A "retrospective" of a new waterfall on the PCG cult compound

You know it's a Church of God if they have to start building waterfalls, streams and fountains on their church headquarters properties in order to imitate Herbert's campus in Pasadena.  From Gerald Flurry to Dave Pack, these men cannot seem to come up with an original idea in their confused narcissistic little  minds.

Gerald Flurry has recently dropped tens of thousands of dollars in widow's mites to build another fake decoration on his campus.  A fake waterfall on a fake hill surrounded by new growth trees planted to give the impression they have been there all along.  That's pretty symbolic of a group of people trying to be Jewish while pretending to be Christians.

The three-tiered water feature consists of 40 tons of rock and forms the centerpiece of an artificial hill topped by trees, plants, flowers, walking paths and benches. At night, the water and rocks are illuminated by spotlights that periodically change color. The church’s landscaping and maintenance departments built the waterfall over the course of 14 months, and its three pumps gushed forth for the first time in September.

Forty tons of rocks hauled in to build a fake waterfall that took fourteen months to build.  It utilized numerous employees which added to the cost.  Spending money is never an issue when God's holy and mighty apostle wants something.  Let the members eat bread and go without electricity while money is wasted upon extravagance and Irish dance lessons for the Pastor Generals grandchildren. Its just another day in COG land folks, just move on.

I do have to admit that this waterfall will probably look pretty good in 10-15 years as a back drop to a condo complex swimming pool area after PCG goes bankrupt.


James said...

Image first you know.

Anonymous said...

There is none so blind as he who cannot see. In Flurry's case, it's the handwriting on the wall.

His message didn't resonate. Not long after he plagiarized the "Message" manuscript, other groups broke away from WCG and left him in their dust. Even the masses he dubs with the erroneous term "Laodiceans," to whom he is supposedly directing his message, didn't care about him, and still don't.

He builds big buildings, ships in old sculptures, buys property overseas...and for what? His magazine is full of errant hyperbole, his television show is unwatchable, and his ministry is known for little more than a panting, salivating approach to enforcing their gestapo-like mindset.

Forty tons of rock? FORTY TONS? And 14 months to build? What are people thinking when they send this guy their money?

He needs them more than they need him. If only they understood that.

DennisCDiehl said...

When a ministry, falsely so called, talks about the imminent Second Coming, while at the same time embarking on large building projects, it need give one pause for thought on just how much they believe their own schtick. I recall thinking this at 19 while watching the Ambassador Auditorium being built in 1970. Should have paid better attention to my stomach instead of my head.

vickie parker said...

Self important little man on a mission to prove he'a as "chosen" as Herbie was... Copycatting is the highest compliment.

R.L. said...

"Don't go chasing waterfalls...." - TLC

Anonymous said...

“I do have to admit that this waterfall will probably look pretty good in 10-15 years as a back drop to a condo complex swimming pool area after PCG goes bankrupt.”

Waterfalls are nice but the PCG should remember to build a traditional whitewashed wall too. For some reason it just seems like it would be fitting for the PCG to do so.

Gerald and his PCG cult are already morally bankrupt but have avoided going financially bankrupt so far due to their many guilty accomplices, some of whom might individually go bankrupt while trying to support the whole scam.