Saturday, September 26, 2015

ExCOG member Ken Jackson claims to be the hereditary KING of Africa and has power to raise the dead and banish demons!

Armstrongism has produced a lot of crackpots over the decades.  I'm not talking about Dave Pack, Gerald Flurry, Bob Thiel, Rod Meredith, and the other delusional church leaders.  I'm referring to COG members who felt god had personally spoke to them

None seems to be more crazy that Kenneth Jackson.  Here is Ken's "official" title:

Apostle Dr. Kenneth D. Jackson Sr., SSD, PhD, TMD, DED, ND, 
Ambassador of ‘ELOHIYM/Diplomat, Apostle & Chief Overseer, Grand Chief of State / Permanent Minister of Ecclesiastical, Indigenous & International Law & Justice – Washitaw Indigenous & Immigrant Nation, Special Attorney - S. G. Sta. Romana Estate, International CEO – 1BLOOD, International (An Int’l, National Development NGO, Traditional Medicine physician / Inventor – Disease Elimination Specialist, Founder / CEO – Word of ‘ELOHIYM Int’l University, Founder / CEO – SCEI-1BLOOD Skills Development Centers & IFSEC – GLOBAL (Independent Food Security Project Int’l Ambassador, Grand Chief-of-State, King, Diplomat, Chief Overseer, Exclusive Special Attorney, Int’l Non-Government Organization CEO, Traditional Medicine Physician, Inventor, National Development Specialist

Jackson also claims he is in possession with a magical pearl: that he is in possession of a $400 million dollar luminous pearl, an ancient far eastern artifact of immense pseudo historical significance.

So where does the Church of God connection come from?

Kenneth Sr. claims to have been a top security official of the personal guard and administration of World Wide Church of GOD leader Herbert W. Armstrong.

Kenneth Sr. teaches that prior to HWA's death, he was entrusted with one of three official WWCG seals of authority. Another of these seals remained with HWA and the third was passed to his successor Joseph W. Tkach.

One thing seems clear, Kenneth Sr. lusted for HWA's power and office, and made it his mission to build for himself the same prestige, international respect and power; seeds which grew into Sovereign Church of 'ELOHIYM International and 1BLOOD International a church of even greater apostasy and deception than Armstrong's organization, despite its relative insignificance in world events.
The only "seal" the church had was one that was metal and was a stamp that embossed letters onto documents.  There was no wooden seal other than the lion and lamb seals that were give to almost every single church area to affix to their speakers podiums.

Jackson reportedly took a trip to Sierra Leon in 2003 where was met with much adoration and gratitude for a successful food program he had supposedly initiated years before. 

...the success of his first seed rice farms in the Bo District of Sierra Leone had caused the natives, as is their natural way, to exhort Kenneth with great parades and tributes,    including grand displays and gifts and offerings. It seems that this adoration consumed him and when he returned he immediately began to change in the eyes of his members. He began wearing royal clothing, and adorning himself with gold and diamonds. He had a crown constructed for himself and wore it for all Sermons and official meetings. His Sabbath sermons began to shift from bible studies into long rambling stories of his exploits, grand designs, visions, prophetic powers, ecclesiastical authorities and he also claimed himself Apostle. It reached the point at which Kenneth rarely opened the Bible or read from it, claiming that he now received visions and new testimony straight from the Most High GOD who he identified as 'ELOHIYM, based on the original phonetic translation of the Hebrew word used to describe GOD in the ancient Chaldean. The church which had been called International Church of GODs Elect became Sovereign Church of 'ELOHIYM International, and he established 1BLOOD International as his outreach ministry and registered it as an NGO.

Like with any good Church of God leader, that adoration went straight to his head and he began to imagine himself as something highly elevated by God. This is much like what Dave Pack, Bob Theil, Gerald Flurry, Rod Meredith, Vic Kubik and others have done.,  They set themselves up in positions they had no right to.

Once he abandoned the Bible as the center of his teachings his doctrines began shifting radically. He began printing and publishing his own doctrinal writings and forcing his congregation to undergo intense workshops where he indoctrinated them with his new lofty visions and scriptures. He began to identify himself as a hereditary king of West Africa, based on some connection he had found through his slave ancestry leading back to Africa. He rapidly convinced the West African natives under his influence of this belief and he gladly accepted royal praises, titles and tributes from his new subjects. As his food program grew, so did his ego. In time he began to claim that he was in fact a modern day Joseph, in reference to Joseph of ancient Egypt whom GOD used to implement a national food security program to stave off famine for the glorification of GOD. This became a regular topic of his "sermons" which were little more than several hour long bragging sessions during which he would boast of all things from having the power to raise the dead, over power demons, speak self fulfilling prophecies and influence world leaders.

The latest I could find on the guy was from April of last year where he promised to help fund a soccer stadium:



Anonymous said...

the occupation of false prophet is an equal opportunity employer...

Anonymous said...

I have the power to raise the dead too. I just choose not to exercise it.

Black Ops Mikey said...

The WCG certainly had a way of bringing out the worst in people.

In some cases, they were actually OK before the WCG experience but were turned dark afterward -- as in the case of alcoholics who actually started drinking who never had a drink before hand.

All in all, the WCG instilled the works of the flesh in its adherents and this is only one example of so many....

Black Ops Mikey said...

When sociopath meets opportunity....

Allen Dexter said...

You know, this raising the dead stuff and vampires and zombie superstition is absolute nonsense. Once you die and the blood and other fluids congeal in your body, it's all over baby. You're never moving again. It's especially all over once that blood is drained out in some funeral home and sent down a drain, to be replaced with embalming fluid. Why do they do that? To keep putrifaction from taking off, and it already has to some extent just as soon as those life preserving fluids cease to flow, especially in that all important brain. Embalming just slows the process down exponentially, but I'll guarantee you that very little remains of my grandparents and even my parents today. Forget about anybody of a few generations back. And, no, I have no desire to disinter anyone to find out. Even the bones will eventually disintegrate. Everything is stardust and to stardust it shall return.

Anonymous said...

OMG! Saying the dead are now being raised in the name of JAY-SUS?
This is taking delusion to new and more entertaining heights. (BTW, I've heard of megachurch victims claiming the same stupid and completely unsubstantiated shit!)