Sunday, December 11, 2016

Dave Pack: The Plain Truth About Annie Green Springs Wine

Besides being a theological powerhouse, Dave Pack is also a fine wine connoisseur.  No Rothschild wine for this guy!  Only the best will do....

“Howl, you inhabitants of Maktesh, [a city] for all the merchant people are cut down; all they that bear silver are cut off. [That is, basically, the business owners and the bankers.] And it shall come to pass at that time, that I will search Jerusalem with candles…[to find any person who escaped]…and punish the men that settled on their lees…” (vs. 7-12).
Now here is what “lees” are…Lees is the sediment that appears at the bottom of a vat of mature wine. When you read the word “lees” in the Bible, it is associated with wines. It’s all the sediment. You, probably, have poured some quality wines out, and once in a while, there is a little bit of sediment at the bottom. That’s the lees, the lees of the wine that didn’t quite get filtered out. Annie Green Springs and some of these other cheap wines usually don’t have much lees in there, because they never settled. They, basically, were made at 2 o’clock and served at 3. Anyway…


Byker Bob said...

They quit making Annie Green Springs back in the '70s. It was popular amongst hippies (you never knew you were one until someone else called you one), and in the ghetto. Personally, I was enjoying Gallo burgundy or rose back in those days, and occasionally Bali Hai. Sometimes we'd make B-52s, which were beer-wine cocktails. A ten dollar bottle of wine would have been considered wasteful back then.

Next thing you know, Dave will be talking about Ipana toothpaste or boat neck shirts!


Anonymous said...

The first time I ever had that stuff was at Ambassador College in Pasadena. That is all any of the students could afford...that and Cold Duck. With hourly pay that was abominable, it was all we could buy. Of course this was also the time HWA was buying $700.00 bottle of brandy and rare Rothschild wines.

Anonymous said...

Is the lees of wines similar to the 'mother' of vinegar?

nck said...

HWA drank said wine with the Rothschildt's too.......... Tkach only once on the yacht Britannia, I guess he enjoyed the Wodka more.

In any case I consider the composer of this posting one of the funniest people on the planet at least for this day.


Anonymous said...

Dear Dave Pack,

As I'm sure you know, since you know almost everything, dormant yeast cells often settle to the bottom of bottles of craft beers. When the bottle of beer is agitated, conglomerate particles of the yeast cells become floaters.

Here is my dilemma: I want to be as classy as possible, and drink and drive on the way to your Feast- so which of the following would you advise?

1) I not give a shit about floaters in my beer, and drive to your Feast like I'm the hillbilly hot rodder Bo Duke from 'The Dukes of Hazzard'?

2) I gently set my six-pack of craft beer on the seat next me, nestled between your booklets like, 'REVELATION Explained at Last!' and 'DO YOU EXIST?', and gently pour my beer into my "Pack-Man" mug along the way, carefully, to avoid conglomerate yeast cell particles from becoming floaters?

3) In true "Herbie style", I bring my daughter with me to your feast, where she will carefully hold by beers during the ride, and then be appreciative when I rape her when at our hotel room. I'll give the maid an extra generous tip to "not notice" the blood stains on the bed, to make it THE BEST FEAST EVER, Praise Jesus!

Opinionated said...

What, no mention of Mad Dog?

Anonymous said...

Opinionated asked:

What, no mention of Mad Dog?

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