Saturday, April 29, 2017

Warning to LCG, PCG, UCG, COGWA: Take heed! Your Friends Will Be Butchered Like Hogs

Why is it that so many of the COG leadership have to wallow in fear-mongering? Where would the church be without famine, disease, pestilence, war and death?  Where would Rod Meredith be without his jack-booted Germans hanging COG members on meat hooks as they are confined in concentration camps, or so starved from famine they eat their own children?

Herbert Armstrong set that narrative decades ago as a tool of control over the membership. It worked so well that millions of dollars poured in every time he wrote a member letter claiming intense punishment stopped come.

Dave Pack has been working over time doing this as he talks about his god slaughtering three COG leaders and about a young man arising in the church to become the man of sin who would then slaughter all the COG members in the various splinter groups that have jumped ship to join with Dave.  Right now Almost-arrested Thiel is the youngest splinter group leader out there.  Will he become the man of sin and slaughter COG members?

Here is why Dave says what he does in order to "wake up" COG members so that they can escape  Thiel's wrath:
That’s why, brethren, I tell you before God…You need to understand me when I say this. You want to DO what Christ said to escape. If there are people, who are among us, who don’t believe these plain verses, then God be with them, because they’re going into the fire, and maybe we’ll see them later when they gain some wisdom, fear of God, and faith that when Christ said something, He meant it. Nobody has to preach these things. Let me just stop for a moment. Close your Bible. Set your notes aside. I just want to say something.
I’ve been thinking about this ever since I discovered this. I take no pleasure or joy of any kind in having to announce these horrible, horrible things. I could wish somebody else did. I look into the camera so I can talk to all of you people around the world…They told me which camera to look in, because I wanted to do this. Actually, I have a place in my notes. I don’t want to forget to say what I couldn’t have forgotten. The most horrific trial in the history of the world—an unrestrained devil, with unlimited power, is coming for God’s people…He comes and sits in God’s Church and attacks them—and God put him here, as surely as He unleashed the devil against Job.
I hate to have to say this. I hate to have to tell some of you, your friends are going to be butchered like hogs, but they’ll come back up soon…very soon. That’s the good news. And we haven’t talked about exactly how they fit into the resurrection of the dead and it’s very exciting. I would like to comfort you with those words. But they will not come up in the reckoning; but they do come up into a special status.
This video will be available, so I’ll just tell those in the splinters…I’ll name them. If you’re in the Living Church of God, PCG, UCG, COGwa, and others—take heed. You’re being warned. Brethren of God, now you know why Paul DIDN’T STOP for three years—with tears, warned everyone day and night. You got a better picture of why? Be warned. This man you seek…Maybe you think I’m wrong or it’s a joke, or you don’t fear God or look at the Bible. If you’re in those groups or the little groups—he is coming for your throat! And unless you escape, he’s going to get there and he’s going to rip your carotid out as he tries to catch your jugular on the way out! That’s the way it’s going to be. If that makes me a cult leader, so be it. I believe God…I believe God. 
Even though the thousands of COG members who join up with Dave will almost immediately be slaughtered, then will arise again to work with Dave and his crew as they usher in the First Dominion where his "jesus" returns for the first 1,000 years, and then comes again for a second 1,000 years in the millennium that Herbert talked about.


Byker Bob said...

Extreme, over the top punishment doesn't cause people to repent and change their attitudes! It turns them into bitter, angry, violent people. Pack forgot to mention that the people suffering in Revelation's tribulation actually curse God!

Armstrong theology has never squared with the data provided by behavioral scientists, studies on victimology, or for that matter, even Holocaust studies. The Holocaust has been cited as the primary cause of Jewish secularism or agnosticism. If the Armstrong prophecy mold ever unfolds, the largest growth profession in the early years of their millennium is going to be that of the therapist.

Looks like RCG has got Dumb and Dumber "qualifying" to become rulers in the Kingdom. And, the process is not any better in any of the other ACOGs, where the most extreme punishment is the norm rather than a last resort.


DennisCDiehl said...

"...If that makes me a cult leader."

It does. And a Jack Ass. And a fool. And delusional. And dangerous to one's mental health. I am pleased, however, that the thought of "Maybe I am a cult leader" has crossed your mind.

James said...

Thiel can't slaughter anyone seeing how he can't even straighten a bookcase.

R.L. said...

Where would the church be without famine, disease, pestilence, war and death?

In the Kingdom of God, that's where. Godspeed that day. :-)

Anonymous said...

Since the average age of most members in these splinters is in the 70s, dying in the tribulation is hardly frightening. Many with all sorts of medical problems, might secretly welcome death. To them it means becoming spirit beings minus the medical ailments.

Byker Bob said...

Yes, correctimundo! While they were showing us film footage from the Third Reich and the Holocaust at AC in the '60s, we would have been prime slave material. Some even dramatized by telling us that God would supernaturally keep the rebellious amongst us alive the whole 3-1/2 years so that we could receive the full brunt of the tribulation. But, they always did say that the old and infirm would most likely be shot or gassed, and babies would be smashed against walls.

The reality is that the only holocaust most will ever know was being raised in WCG + splinters, and the time we spent as members. Forced to be pariahs while in the world, and abused and mistreated by our own at church. Shakespeare said something about the brave tasting of death but once, but cowards dying 1,000 times.


Anonymous said...

I don't believe you calling all former and present members cowards is objective or fair. Millions people world wide are trapped in abusive relationships. I suggest you read up on the topic before making such a flippant judgment.

Byker Bob said...

I wasn't aware that citing, quoting or paraphrasing a playwright was painting with such a specific brush, 2:26. How did you go from a general quote illustrating a possible condition to a specific indictment of every individual who is or was an Armstrongite?

It was one of those "if the shoe fits, wear it" things.

The fact is Armstrongist theology turns many of its members into fearful cowards, who think of the Germans and the Tribulation first thing every morning as they wake up, and frequently throughout the day. Obviously, there are exceptions, like perhaps church members who are former members of the US Marine Corps, but by and large, the fear motivation has done permanent damage to many, many members. The bully-type ministers (there are other personality types as well) cry persecution or blame Satan every time someone looks cross-eyed at them, while other Christians around the world are being tortured and decapitated for their faith.

What is true is that an abusive relationship requires two non-typical personality types: a dominant (sociopathic?) individual to dish up the abuse, and a passive one who absorbs it for one or various reasons. In many cases, these two types are drawn to one another sequentially, again and again and again. Often, the passive one is looking for the strength of the dominant one, hoping that that person will exercise the strength in a benign way. The "hook" of Armstrongism was always that punishment and tribulation are coming soon, but you and your loved ones can obtain protection right here, through us! If members were only attracted to the beauty of the Old Covenant rituals, they could have simply converted to Orthodox Judaism, or joined Jews for Jesus, or other Messianic groups. The Armstrong version of the apocalypse was what differentiated Armstrongism from other groups.


Connie Schmidt said...

Will PETA come to our rescue?

Anonymous said...

This poor man has totally lost his mind. I think delusional is an understatement. He needs a quiet rest home with a rubber room.

Anonymous said...

In the churches there are a spectrum of personalities. They are all oppressed by the ministers. Your sociopathic-compliant personality explanation makes no sense, and smells of blame the victim. It's so easy for you to play armchair critic while being comfortably and safely out of the church. There are thousands of sites in abusive relationships on the internet which you obviously have not read. The are many references in the bible of people being oppressed. Non describe it in your terms.

One example, in the book 'Snakes in suites,' the author makes mention of employees being verbally torn down by abusive bosses, but they don't leave because they have families to support, and fear not being able to find another job.

Byker Bob said...

I understand some of what you are saying. And you are right that I don't wallow in victimology or visit victim sites. From 1975 until about ten years ago, my chief joy in life was making abusers figuratively eat crap, regardless of the personal cost to me. But, I've become a bit kinder and gentler over the past several years, although I still openly defy abusers and generally defend others from them.

The thing is if you defy the pseudo authority figures in an ACOG, they either label you as rebellious, or call your defiance persecution. They create a whole new layer of victims by pretending that it is actually God who is the bully or abuser, and that they personally have no choice but to accept that and to go along for the ride.


Lake of Fire Church of God said...

BB Said, "The reality is that the only holocaust most will ever know was being raised in WCG + splinters, and the time we spent as members."

MY COMMENT - Truth Bomb! Those of us who grew up in the WCG were taught "time was short", and that many of us would be taken and slaughtered like pigs by the invading Germans. Threatened for a lifetime by the coming Great Tribulation and a gruesome death, Anon 9:40 April 29 is spot on - "Since the average age of most members in these splinters is in the 70s, dying in the tribulation is hardly frightening".


Byker Bob said...

It wasn't only "the Germans", either, Richard! "The Negroes" were supposed to be rioting regularly, and beating "Israelitish peoples" senseless and robbing them. Homosexuals would allegedly be seducing or molesting the few remaining straight people as they went about their daily routines. Church members were prophesied to have God's protection, but the people who lapsed in "qualifying" were thought of as perhaps having to occasionally suffer amongst the rest of the world to teach them a lesson. And then, there were turbulent weather conditions and disease epidemics rising to a crescendo.

They've fanned the flames, and still do in real time today, but nothing like anything they said would happen ever did. Isolated incidents, but no huge rolling trends. Even the outrageous rock n roll music they said was going to rot and warp young peoples' minds has tamed down into the insipid "pop" we've got today.