Monday, July 31, 2017

Living Church of God Men's Training Camp, Edition 2

The Living Church of God has having another "men's training camp" in order to make their men be men and to rule their households. LCG men have never been able to measure up to the high standard that Rod Meredith set for men to be masters of their dominions and heads of their families and spouses.  Far too many LCG men have been labeled as milquetoasts and have been inadequate leaders.  Add to that the bed hopping examples of the McNair and Meredith boys and some LCG ministers in Charlotte, then yes, there is a crisis in leadership.

LCG men MUST be leaders of their families and pillars in the church and the community.  What's that?  Leaders in the community?  Since when has any LCG member been a community leader? LCG members don't vote, they have been encouraged to not be a part of the world and not get involved in leadership.  What example have the men of LCG ever set in their communities?  What example has the church leadership EVER set in the communities they've had their HQ's?
Northeast Men’s Training Camp 2017: “Following Christ”—Change in Deadline: August 1
As husbands, we’re commanded to be the “head” or leader of our families. Elders are given the duty of leading in their congregations. And as pillars in our Church and community, we’re given the task of setting the pace, being examples, influencers, and leaders. Yet, can we lead well without ever learning how to be a good follower? Did you know that Christ was and continues to be the most powerful example of the perfect follower? Can you and I be followers like Christ? These questions and challenges will be at the heart of our 2017 Men’s Training Camp. Come prepared to wrestle with these real-life issues as we face the challenge of being better, more Godly men.  
On the main web site it states these themes for the weekend:
We live in a time of crisis for men in our society. But there are ways to fight the demise of the Godly role of men in the family, community and society. The best mechanism is to have Godly fathers and male role models in the church. We can also offer education in sermons, Bible Study topics and Spokesman’s Club. But a concentrated, focused “Spiritual Training Camp” is another mechanism that is a real help for our men. 
The COG, under Rod Meredith, has always been living in a crisis mode.  The world is evil, the gays are flinging glitter everywhere and transvestites are proving to be more masculine than many LCG men. The world is coming to an end!

Therefore, Jonathan McNair will be teaching the LCG men how to be REAL men!  He will be training them in the fine points of how to be a man. Jonathan McNair?  Seriously?  Imagine sitting down for a weekend and having Jonathan or Lil'Jimmy lecture you on how to be a man.  It is vomit inducing!
The purpose of this weekend activity is threefold. 
First, to gather men together with other men to build bonds of brotherhood, building and deepening friendships. Men need to know and respect other men in the church. That takes time and face to face contact. 
Respect men in the church?  Where and who?  Who have been men of integrity in the LCG?  Look at the corrupt men who organized Global, then took all their money as they then corruptly started LCG. What about the abusive ministers who have treated members like shit for decades?  Is that who LCG men are supposed to respect?  Who is Terry Ratzman supposed to respected after the perverse teachings of Rod Meredith drove him off the deep end?
Second, we need to continue to learn together how to be better and sharper tools in God’s hands. In other words, this weekend is a time of “continuing, concentrated education.” 
"Concentrated education?" On what? Keeping the law better? How to be submissive to Gerald Weston and all of his commands?  How to bow down at the altar of HWA and Meredith?
Third, we need to worship God together. We need to do this. We face a society that is hostile to God. The challenges and temptations create a minefield for us and we, together, need to beseech God for His help to navigate this spiritual minefield. 
Worship God?  But in the meantime ignore Jesus and anything he taught.  I can almost guarantee that Jesus will get the short shift of the weekend. A few mentions of his name and everything will be ok, but the law will be promoted all weekend.
This weekend will be a “spiritual bootcamp”! 
See you there!
Jonathan McNair 

For more information and to register, go to (not an official LCG site) and click on the “Activities” tab on the top of the page. Then click on the “Men’s Training Camp 2017” in the menu. If you are reading this online, you can go directly to (not an official LCG site). The deadline to sign up and pay is August 1.—Jonathan McNair

The best thing any real man could do in the Living Church of God is take his wife and children and LEAVE the church and set he and his family free!


Anonymous said...

You have well stated the reasons I will NOT be attending the men's weekend. The idea that Jonathan McNair is going to be there and leading things is disgusting. I will take my family to the lake on Saturday and then to movies that weekend and enjoy what real men do all the time.

Anonymous said...

I was told by a member and her husband who attended the first "men's weekend" that it was just a bunch of "chest beating" "control your women" BS (their words not mine). Sorry but if the only way you feel like a real man is by controlling women then you're not a real man and never will be.

Byker Bob said...

Waste of the mens' time.


Steve J said...

One great way Meredith proved he was a manly kind of man was continually following his idol HWA knowing he molested his own daughter.

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile, LCG women are taught to be submissive first to the ministry, and only secondly to a husband. If your husband dares to question the LCG ministry, your duty as a Christian woman is not to correct your man, it is to report your man to the ministry.

It may be hard for outsiders to understand the degree of fear and sadness that is common in LCG marriages because of such teaching.

Hoss said...

Yet, can we lead well without ever learning how to be a good follower?

In The Peter Principle (1969) Dr Peter shows that the idea of "good follower, good leader" is not usually the case, and gives examples of how great leaders were generally terrible followers...

Connie Schmidt said...

Too much talking and not enough doing! LCG should just have a giant mens hunting, hiking, and fishing expedition!

Byker Bob said...

Yes, 11:12, that is the problem! The objective of a marriage is developing a team strategy with both mates having input. Sadly, Armstrongism has always used a model based on the military. The military model works with soldiers only because it is a closed environment in which the entire system supports each level of authority, at least in basic theory.


Anonymous said...

There's an old expression: If you have to do something to prove you're a man, then you're not one.


Anonymous said...

From reading this post and the comments above it appears that LCG are off balance on their definition of a Godly leader who walks with God Almighty. Moses was described as a most humble man, King David played the harp, Noah tended to all sorts of animals, Joseph was a dreamer... need I go on. These LCG chest beating manly men are in training for the Olympics SS style or God's Kingdom. Maybe they can wrestle Sampson or Jacob.

Near_Earth_Object said...

The True Manhood that Armstrongites is a simple reversion back to the 1950s - autocratic, arbitrary men who oppress women and children. The other piece of the mythology is that women and children need a strong man and will respond to this autocracy. I was appalled to see a man in the congregation back when start bossing around another man's wife as if she were a servant. It was a disgusting display of pseudo-patriarchy. This debasement of women and children lets sexual sins creep in.

Why is this pathological family structure desirable? It is easy, for the lazy for the low in character male who simply wants to be imperious and unchallenged. Some males find this highly desirable - dictatorial rulers of their little kingdom. The approach appeals to the basest tendencies and it can be viewed as "Godly."

It has been determined what meaning the Trump followers ascribe to the phrase "Make America Great Again." The list of meanings is bizarre, including a return to slavery.
You would think his follower had all spent time in the WCG. A large portion of them want American to go back to the 1950s - when everything was cool for men. When will the Armstrongites "come out of the world."

Lake of Fire Church of God said...

Near_Earth_Object said, "It has been determined what meaning the Trump followers ascribe to the phrase "Make America Great Again." The list of meanings is bizarre, including a return to slavery. You would think his follower had all spent time in the WCG. A large portion of them want American to go back to the 1950s - when everything was cool for men. When will the Armstrongites "come out of the world.""

MY COMMENT - It was determined by WHO? The loony left fringe?? Someone with a political agenda with an ax to grind??? Perhaps even YOU?!?!? Nothing could be farther from the truth, and you are clueless if that is what you really believe.

I was with you up until you strayed in your last paragraph. Then you lost all credibility. May I suggest why don't you park the political BS narratives at the door when entering this blog.


Angel Dust And Candy Sprinkles said...

Isn't this the same group that gave dating tips to teenagers. A "great" date would be visiting a funeral home and taking a tour of a sewage treatment plant.

Anonymous said...

How much hypocrisy can we tolerate??? A McNair teaching anyone about following Christ is just about enough to make me puke.

Rod and Big J are worse than most when it comes to obeying anything that Christ taught.


Anonymous said...

The theme is "Following Christ" which brings to mind a few questions...

1. How can someone who doesn't know Christ teach about Him?
2. How can people (LCG leadership) who have a documented track record that shows a lack of love, forgiveness, mercy and fairness be bold enough to even try to peddle this BS?
3. Will anyone have the kahoonis to use the word 'Jesus'?
4. Many in LCG bristle at the mention of JESUS because they feel it's a tragedy to "teach the person of Christ" (no joke, I heard this for years when I was a member in LCG). Does this theme indicate that LCGers are going soft?