Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Gerald Flurry: Satan Disables New Jet, But God Intervenes So Elijah Can Fly

In the magical world of Armstorngismm, "God" is constantly intervening in church events in order for his modern-day emissaries to carry our their Elijah roles.  That god had to recently find Gerald Flurry a different plane to fly on. Geralds new jet had a malfunctioned and by God's mercy and thoughtfulness, Gerald did not have to fly on a commercial airliner next to the unwashed and disease-ridden masses but found him a charter jet. God is great!  Forget those starving children in Africa, or those that are being slaughtered in Syria and elsewhere, intervening for Gerald is a TOP priority.

From Exit and Support

June 13, 2019
Recently, Flurry's plane on its way to a "campaign" in Tampa, FL, had a malfunction in the motor operating the wing flaps so returned to Oklahoma City airport. They departed once again, but again had to return to Oklahoma City airport! Flurry was determined to get to Tampa to give his lecture no matter what. 
Well, "luckily" for Flurry, there just happened to be a small charter plane available at another airport close by, which was a much smaller jet. Flurry managed to give his lecture after it was postponed for half an hour.  
PCG claimed that miraculously the PCG pilots found the small charter plane which just happened to be available! If God was truly with the PCG, then they wouldn't have had the problems with the motor in their plane in the first place! 
I wish that the people who attend these lectures would first check out what the PCG is really all about, destroying families, no medicines, etc. -- Impacted by PCG


Anonymous said...

What I find offensive is the reason that his church calls Trump a "Jeroboam administration." Trump is no shrinking violet. He is assertive and outspoken. These are traits that are forbiden in all the ACOGs. Instead members are expected to be like children, passive, seen but not heard.

TLA said...

The exit and support link about PCG is very sad.
My advice to any COG attendee is to study the entire Bible, not just the parts emphasized by your group, and definitely not just the literature only.
Read with an open mind and think about what you reading and how it all fits together.
And remember - the Bible was not written in English - every translation has its slant and bias - so read the Bible in multiple translations.
And if some of it does not make sense or is unclear, don't worry about it. Nobody knows everything, and not everything in life has answers.
Plus, since we are all unique, we do not process what we read in the same way - that is okay too - the important thing is to have love and respect for one another.

Tonto said...

Wouldn't it had been a lot easier just to have God intervene and not have the original jet breakdown in the first place?

Such narratives as these from Flurry, breakdown quickly into "magic thinking" and "charmed life thinking".

Anonymous said...

"They departed once again, but again had to return to Oklahoma City airport"

So much for the no doubt offered "And please bless this trip and your Gulfstream" and the wisdom of hiring a church mechanic which I am sure must be the case as Flurry could recoup up to 30% of the guys pay. .

Anonymous said...

A more awesome miracle would have been if it crashed into Tampa Bay - but not too close to living things to hurt anything except armstrongism.

jim said...

Good advice TLA!

Retired Prof said...

If Flurry is so sure he enjoys his god's protection and is attuned to that god's will, why didn't he conclude that he was being warned not to deliver that talk in Florida but to go back to Oklahoma?

I seems likely that he is not a modern-day Elijah but a modern-day Balaam. Does he forget how Balaam was warned by his jennet three times that an angel was trying to tell him to go back home? Did he not ponder the fact that, although Balaam did finally completed his journey, he achieved zero results and had to forfeit his commission?

Anonymous said...

God saved his prophet from the horrors of being imprisoned in a tube full of demons.

Anonymous said...

God saved his prophet from the horrors of being imprisoned in a tube full of demons.

The tube of demons is where you are supposed to watch his TV program every week!

Anonymous said...

Pigs šŸ· can fly too. Fluffy old flurry is not working miracles yetšŸ¤‘šŸ¤®

Anonymous said...

"They departed once again, but again had to return to Oklahoma City airport"

As a pilot myself this screams of "top down pressure" taking over for the safety of the flight.

I would have grounded that plane instantly upon returning to base.


Anonymous said...

In January 1995, Joseph W. Tkach, Sr. (who was urged on by his son Joseph Tkach, Jr.) did The Great Apostasy and openly destroyed the Worldwide Church of God. The apostate Tkaches threw out virtually everything that Herbert W. Armstrong had ever taught. (Later, Joey Jr. repented just enough over throwing out everything to bring back tithing, and only tithing. Any ham-eating Sunday-keeper could have told him that you do not do away with the tithing law, just with every other law.)

Many WCG members then wondered what to do and where to go. Some were simple-minded, and did not realize that the very same Devil who had set up the APOSTATE Tkaches had also prepared a FALSE PROPHET by the name of Gerald Flurry. During this time of confusion, Gerald Flurry used Herbert W. Armstrong's name and photograph to attract HWA's followers to Gerald Flurry's PCG imposter cult. Gerald Flurry pretended to be faithful to HWA's teachings by buying the copyrights to some of HWA's writings from the WCG.

Then, it quickly became all about Gerald Flurry and how endlessly great he supposedly was. Gerald Flurry “flooded” his PCG with much “new revelation” about how unbelievably great he was, and spent his days giving himself numerous new names, titles, offices, and positions. Gerald Flurry even went on to claim that he himself, rather than Jesus, was what he called “That Prophet” mentioned in the book of Deuteronomy that everyone had to listen to or else God would call them to account. Sadly, such outrageous Identity Theft seems to be all the rage these days. Gerald Flurry's heresies required him to edit and change HWA's literature, including HWA's last book called Mystery of the Ages. HWA had taught that the church was led by an apostle. Gerald Flurry wanted to be a prophet so badly that he did not realize that for about the first twenty years of his PCG.

HWA in his later years had tried to fulfill the prophecy in Malachi about turning the hearts of the fathers to their children and the hearts of the children to their fathers. Gerald Flurry came up with his own ideas about breaking up families. Gerald Flurry said that God demands that we avoid certain ones. The “certain ones” are former WCG people, including family members, who could point out Gerald Flurry's numerous heretical teachings. Trying to avoid the old sex perverts and predators in the PCG is not allowed.

It is not really surprising that Gerald Flurry does not understand the book of Malachi, since Gerald Flurry plagiarized Jules Dervaes' writings in order to produce his Malachi's Message book, which Gerald Flurry now claims was “delivered by a mighty angel” and is the “little scroll” mentioned in the book of Revelation.

HWA had taught that the “true purpose” and the “very purpose” of the church was to carry out the Great Commission of preaching the true gospel of the kingdom of God. This had been suppressed early on and never really done to the world until HWA's WCG had been given an “open door” to preach it. This would be a sign of the end of the age. It was a big red warning sign when Gerald Flurry immediately did away with that commission by saying that HWA had already done it, and by saying that with a new church era comes a “new commission” to “warn the Laodiceans.”