Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Real Cause of the Christchurch Earthquake Discovered!

The world has witnessed the devastation in Christchurch New Zealand. Living in earthquake country it is a sobering reminder of what we face everyday here in CA.

As usual, American numbnut Christians are spiting what they claim is the cause of the quake in Christchurch.  It's the gays!  Oh wait, where have we heard that one  before? Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson and other loony American evangelists have been spouting this silliness after every major natural disaster.  It was the gays that caused the tidal wave that swept over Thailand, it was the gays that caused hurricane Katrina and it now is the gays that are causing earthquakes.
There are idiots in Utah that have a web site up claiming that the quake in New Zealand was because of lesbians running loose on the island.  They also claim the Pike River Mine disaster was also cause by the gays....

“The men who died were not guilty of the conspiracy to murder a child. But they could see what was going on, what had happened to the Labour Party. Anyone could see it – the squadron of butch women, with deep voices, dressing like men, walking like men, talking like men, taking lesbian lovers, who had taken over NZ’s Labour Party.”

“Like it or not, Pike River was God’s answer — the whole country was judged guilty, and judgement began in the heartland of the party that let itself be taken over by perverts, paedophiles and murderers.”  Christchurch Quake 

It's no wonder why society looks upon Christians as complete idiots at times!

I have not even wasted my time to see if Flurry, Meredith and other COG splinter cults are saying the same thing.  They usually do.


Anonymous said...

pardon me....but did you say you were once a minister????

Watchman said...

I know from previous posts, that Paul's writings and even the scriptures as a whole are discounted down to a mere loose collection of flawed philosophy. But unfortunately we do read there:

Rom.1:24: Wherefore God also gave them up to uncleanness through the lusts of their own hearts, to dishonour their own bodies between themselves:

26: For this cause God gave them up unto vile affections: for even their women did change the natural use into that which is against nature:
27: And likewise also the men, leaving the natural use of the woman, burned in their lust one toward another; men with men working that which is unseemly, and receiving in themselves that recompence of their error which was meet.
28: And even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge, God gave them over to a reprobate mind, to do those things which are not convenient;"

I can think of nothing more 'inconvenient' than being homosexual in a heterosexual world.

One doesn't have to HATE the victims of this reprobate lifestyle to hate the unseemly, vile and unnatural practice. MOST of its young victims are driven to it by the older predators.

Why don't you get angry about that and ignore the silly church posturing and politics?

Anonymous said...

I don't know what planet you are on but most young people who are gay are NOT driven to it by older people. That is a proven documented fact.

Anonymous said...

Watchman fails to see these verses are about defaming the temple,doing all forms of sexual acts or whatever they wanted to do...had nothing to do with being opposite sex or same-sex behavior...The Gentiles were the ones God was judging and gave along list of their sins and ours also....I am sure we are all on that list because it goes on to show we have to look at ourselves.....Nowhere in the Bible does God condemn loving, committed couples, whether it is opposite sex or same-sex....You tell untruths that young ones are "made"gay....We are all born with our sexual orientation, and it is not being left-handed or color of eyes,etc; It is necessary to read what is before and after the few scriptures you bring out to see what the message is.....I am not flawed or "inconvenient" as you blurt out.....God said "Let us make them in our image";not "Let me make God in my image"....The GLBT community has many people in long-term loving, committed, respectful or no one else can ever take that away.....Thanks for the write-up about gays being blamed for everything....How sad...It is easy to blame others but very hard to look at self and what is in the heart...Love your neighbor as yourself....I am a grateful former member of WCG,and embrace all that God has given me.......Virginia

Black Ops Mikey said...

Yes, PCG blames the disaster on the fact that New Zealand is Anglo Israel not obeying God. That nutty idea is based on British Israelism, which is a different kind of Mental Disorder.

Truthfully, stop picking on gays.

Focus on fornication. It's accepted in more places than Visa and Mastercard combined. Shouldn't there be Divine Wrath against the other fornicators?

Or is that OK and being gay is a special case worse than all the other forms of fornication?

Can you explain how that works?

But then... we are only talking about shades of variation among nutcases spouting rubbish.

Black Ops Mikey said...

Romans 1:28? Really?

I'm still waiting for heterosexual atheists to turn gay.

Hasn't happened yet.

Anonymous said...

If you really notice, it is BECAUSE "they did not give retain God in their knowledge," that God PUNISHED them with gayness. God gave them up to it. I would think if a god could give you up to something, it could also prevent or take the problem away. However, we know it is easier to get punished in Paul's world than be forgiven and like yourself as is.

Also, some strongly feel the Apostle Paul had all the symptoms of a guilt ridden man wrestling with relationship problems, perhaps a repressed gay man.

He didn't like marriage but preferred singleness (as opposed to Jesus)

He beat himself into submission, literally.

He had a thorn in the flesh but did not reveal it.

He did what he shouldn't do and didn't do what he felt he "should"

He had little use for women among his followers as opposed to Jesus who had a bunch.

He said one had to "control their member." He wasn't talking about congregants.

He was always angry and defensive.

He taught that marriage was so one could avoid fornication

He had no concept of family

He had a huge ego but something was making him feel inadequate to the Jerusalem guys.

and so on...
who knows. Perhaps he felt that his current life and turmoil was punishment for his former terror upon the Church etc.

Anonymous said...

sorry, early and still dark...

If you notice, " even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge..."

Anonymous said...

I always remember David Jon Hill in these cases....Before his death he and his wife established half-way houses to help, rescue those with addictions to find a better life....He gave up the fame, riches of the WCG to get his own life in order...He became spiritually mature(which I see as beyond's beliefs opposed to how one treats their fellow human being)He quit beating people over the head with the Bible and touched people with love,understanding,and validation....He died with nothing in material ways, but left positive results in his life and others...These preachers mentioned are spiritually immature and still love the negative, the religiosity, and make the Bible "God"....We don't live in those old times now and there is much research as to who we are inside and out...I hid behind religion,WCG,marriage,children,alcohol much of my life because I never accepted the way God made me until 1995(being in WCG since 1968) as to being gay....God loves me and I have grown as D.J.Hill and others to see people as more than labels or what they believe....Whether one believes the Bible or not,the sermon on the mount has many wonderfull things to see....Life is a journey, an inside/out revealing of one's self....I look forward to the day we will embrace one another regardless of who we are....The "blaming others" posting shows that are people who are far from being spiritually mature.......Virginia...a grateful former member of WCG and negativity...I come up "Anonymous" as I don't have the other accounts....

Black Ops Mikey said...

Dennis, a lot of people do not like to retain God in their knowledge. It isn't so much atheists, really. If we were to turn to Scripture, II Timothy 3 is a perfect description of Armstrongists. They do not like to retain God in their knowledge. They would rather take the fantasy of British Israelism and build their gold fantasy castles with crystal towers hoving in the air, supported by nothing at all, in order to reject God (any god) and embrace Herbert Armstrong.

All of this is a peculiar idolatry. It's not far from Scientology, really.

It's true that the Armstrongists have rejected anything that would even begin to look like a true God. They don't want to retain God in their knowledge. I have severe doubts that God (any god) has given them over to a reprobate mind. They chose that mind themselves -- a mind of oppression, arrogance and narcissism.

Scripture says, From such turn away. The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, referring to this particular mental disorder observes that as the patient moves away from those with the abberation, there is a marked improvement toward recovery.

So we have several things going on here.

Anyone who embraces an insane unworkable philosophy is going to go nuts because they have distorted perceptions. This is a shared psychosis. People go daft from it. Then, as they move away from it, they tend to recover. In all of this, there is no movement in the direction of heterosexuals to homosexuality. It just doesn't happen.

Sure, moral compromises tend to destroy the conscience. Unnatural acts, such as betraying your fellow man to support a sociopath with no more than an eighth grade education, will tend to make you immoral, illegal and unethical. Abandoning your family to pour all your resources into the coffers of a narcissistic despot is certainly unconscionable and totally disgusting. Suspending your rationality to embrace destructive fantasy to support the arrogant selfishness of a cult leader is preposterous.

Nevertheless, as extreme as the mental rubbish is, and even though sexuality is one of the things certainly perverted as a result of letting someone else take total control of your life, becoming truly gay is not part of the picture.

So maybe we can reframe Scripture.

Those who abandon reason to embrace sociopaths are given over to a reprobate mind. For this cause, nature itself gave mankind over to distorted perceptions to do that which is unseemly, and receiving in their bank accounts that recompence of their error which was meet. And even if they did not like to retain rationality in their knowledge, nature gave them over to a reprobate mind, to do those things which are really terrible and inconvenient for yourself, your friends, your family, your coworkers and your bank account.

And it will come to pass in the last days, church corporate arrogant selfish sleaze ball sociopaths will be filled with lusts, heady, high minded, lovers of selves, without natural affection, with an an unsatiable appetite to steal from the innocent: From such turn away.

Anonymous said...

Dennis: I love your analysis of the Apostle Paul.

Never much liked the guy, but always felt guilty during my WCG days, because the self-righteous would quote him as an example of what we should/should not be doing.

It never occurred to anyone that the guy might have just been a bit off base.

Anonymous said...

I have studied the controversies around the Apostle Paul for over a decade. Many theologians have and many have always been uncomfortable with his NT presense.

He claims to have been the brightest Pharisee under Gamaliel but the Gospels never heard of him.

The Pharisees were Jesus worst, it is claimed, antagonists. But the Gospels never heard of Paul, the brightest bulb in the box.

Paul bragged about his lack of learning anything from the "reputed pillars" Peter, James and John (Galatians 1-2)

He got pissed at anyone who strayed from the Gospel he preached, which would be towards the one preached by Peter, James and John.

He claimed to be called from the womb

He tries to write like a trained Pharisee but fails many times

He claims to be unknown by the Jewish Church which is interesting since he chased them all over Jerusalem, or so they say.

He says he went to Arabia, but for what? after conversion but Luke in Acts says he consulted with the apostles. He did not.

He said "all in Asia have forsaken me." But he always fail to tell us why. Maybe they should have. Could Paul be the false Apostle that the Ephesian (in Asia) Church found wanting.

Paul...."I am an Apostle"
Ephesians "No you arent"
Jesus "Congratulations"
Ephesians, "Thank you."

Paul NEVER met the human Jesus, thus he never quotes him.

Paul only knew Jesus was born of a woman. Nothing special

No Pharisee would be a Roman Citizen and get any respect

Paul thought "being all things to all men, to the jew a jew, the gentile a gentile...etc" to be a good thing. Would be hard what to know the man really believed if that were the way to be.

Paul is the founder of NT Christianity not Jesus.

Jesus would puke at the teachings of Paul


Anonymous said...

Absolutely priceless, Dennis

Ken said...

Did someone say orgie?

Considering that the bible god killed around 2,476,633 living, breathing human beings and Satan only around 10, I would think that Anon might be worshiping the wrong entity!

Please Anon, explain this to me!

Allen C. Dexter said...

I have a male cousin who was born gay. As an infant, he wanted to play with dolls, not trucks. He was what he was. He wasn't "given over" to anything.

My own father was born left handed, but his wild-eyed, prohibitist, lantern jawed grand mother saw that as an aberration and he was forced to use his right hand for everything. It messed him up in physical matters for the rest of his life, but it was "Bible" because the Bible shows we should all be right handed.

That stupid book and its stupid proclamations by stupid writers has done irreparable harm to the human race ever since it was first conceived of by lame brained psychos.

Sam said...

Never payed with dolls here, into sports, hiking, off-roading and still gay as can be. Married my husband, have two great kids, attend church regularly, involved in the community, and live a normal life like most other people do.

Anonymous said...

Okay guys....nobody knows why the earthquakes and floods and tidal waves happen. For those of us that believe in God, yes, God obviously made/allowed them to happen for a reason, but for us to claim that we KNOW WHY He did it is pretentious and useless. God does what He wants...period. He's not a genie. He's not a cuddly teddy bear whose job is to make life easy and rosey. His plans just might cost lives and save others. We don't know his agenda. SO...let's stop blaming homosexuals as if homosexuality is the only sin in the world. Let's look into our own sins (pride, for one) and consider "Hey, what if God is judging US for pushing this ungodly message of HATE (ie. God Hates 'Fags') in His name?". Let's start acting like REAL Christians and stop blaming people for God's decisions and start acting like Christ wants us to LOVING others despite who they are...NOT blaming them for what they do.

Sharon said...

Anon: I don't think anyone here i blaming gays for earthquakes. There are some diehard legalists that might, but most of us do not. Leaving legalism leaves one open to all kinds of possibilities!

old EXPCG hag said...

Oh, now I understand why there are so many EARTHQUAKES and TORNADOES hitting so closely to Philadelphia Church of god,(Edmond, OK), >HEADQUARTERS<