Sunday, December 16, 2012

COG Leader/Prophet Says: "A Big Plane Will Fall From Sky"

The Church of God has always had prophets in it's midst, but none have ever been as successful as E W King in making his prophecies come true.

Today he has two prophecies:

*A big plane will fall from the sky.

*A female leader will die.

This morning I had a “dream” about a big plane falling from the sky. At the same time I saw what appeared to be birds or “a” bird falling next to it. After this, I awoke and heard a voice in my mind tell me: “This is the marker.”
Now I do not know what this exactly means and I do not usually share my dreams. But this one seems important in that it points to something bigger. I will also tell you that I had another dream recently where a woman leader died. She appeared important and the impression was that she held some kind of important position.
I bring these up because lately I have been studying Matthew ch.24 regarding the Great Tribulation. I believe that before the tribulation begins those leaders of the fallen “Worldwide Church of God” groups must repent and throw away all of their false doctrines, if they do not they will become part of the coming “abomination of desolation”. Perhapes my recent dreams have something to do with marking a time regarding the abomination of desolation.


Anonymous said...

"I'm sensing someone in the room is sad or depressed..." Someone is worried about a loved one..... Someone is worried about their health..."

I am amazing aren't I!


Anonymous said...

Too many onion rings before bed?

Anonymous said...

If you read this paragraph closely very little of it makes any coherent sense! Nothing is connected to nothing and symbolisms to be pulled from where the sun don't shine....

"I awoke and heard a voice in my mind tell me:"

GO see you're doctor and tell him about the voice....


Douglas Becker said...

Job 7:14 Then thou scarest me with dreams, and terrifiest me through visions;

Ecclesiastes 5:3 For a dream cometh through the multitude of business; and a fool's voice is known by multitude of words.

Ecclesiastes 5:7 For in the multitude of dreams and many words there are also divers vanities....

Well, that's just about it for what the Bible says about E. W. King.

Hint: Don't watch the Syfy Channel and eat cold pizza before bedtime.

Anonymous said...

EWWWWW says: "Perhaps my recent dreams have something to do with marking a time regarding the abomination of desolation."

yes...true. your dreams are abominable and desolate and it is time to wake up now. You are not important to world survival as are not the COGs of the world.

DennisCDiehl said...

I predict a small plane will go up into the sky and an insignificant woman will die.

Now who's the prophet. We'll see!!!

Anonymous said...

If King were really good at this, he'd know which plane and when so he could save the children on the plane. No wait, prophecy is not that detailed or based in outgoing concern and the give way. It is about getting attention???

Frankly, the voice in my head tells me the man is a god haunted idiot.

M.T. Lookahead

Corky said...

I predict that when whatever date has been set for the end of the world passes, the prophets of doom will set another date.

I predict that old men will dream dreams (the prophet Joel sure nailed that one, didn't he?).

I tell you, brothers and sisters, there will be wars and rumors of wars and earthquakes and lightning, droughts and floods in various places. There will even be a tornado or 10 in Arkansas this spring.

We'll see now who the real prophet is!

Anonymous said...

I do not know who this guy is or what he thinks he gains by exposing personal dreams, but he definitely doesn’t show much wisdom. If he has anything of importance to offer making such statements nullifies it and reduces the glory of the god he believes he is supporting.
He needs to recognize the danger of how a person uses words.
The old adage that ‘sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never harm me’ only half true. It should be evident that words whether true or false can be used to either build or destroy. We cannot deny that good and evil exists so it is important that we recognize that destructive words are like a bomb that can destroy more than the target originally intended.

Byker Bob said...

I predict that E.W. King will die sometime in the future.


Byker Bob said...

You know, it's just unbelievable to watch the ACOGs in their various configurations get hijacked into meaningless silliness, all the while outreach and good things are being accomplished in and by the types of Christian churches that don't subscribe to the so-called 18 restored truths.

As an example, the elders of the church which I attend had recently learned of the phenomenal number of food insecure children in our community. These kids are fed at their public school when school is in session, but weekends and holidays often places them in jeopardy, ie going hungry until the next school day. People who don't know any better will often scoff at the very idea of a mega-church without realizing that collectively, there is much greater potential to do massive good. The church decided to provide members with a uniform grocery list, and to ask as many members as were able to purchase foodstuffs according to this list, and to place them in cardboard cartons, which were provided by the church for collecting these foods.

On my way to the church building this morning, I inadvertently cut through the area in which the boxes were being sealed and palletized. The man in charge asked if I were cutting through because I wanted to volunteer to help this effort. I explained that I was cutting through to get to my spiritual education for the day. But, then, as I sat in services, I realized that he would not have asked this unless they needed help. There were about a dozen Budget Rental trucks that had to be loaded, and thousands of boxes of food had to be sealed and placed on to pallets. So, I got brave, and came out of the shadows after services, and lent a hand. It was only then that I was able to see the huge impact this was going to make on our community!

Still not willing to be "known" to the people and officials at the church (trust issues remaining from Armstrongism), I did this anonymously, supplying only my first name when it was absolutely inescapable. And, I left when the work was completed rather than sticking around for a post-project meeting. But, as I drove home, I really felt blessed that I wasn't occupying my time by sitting around speculating about prophecy, the Germans, the FEMA camps, or what names food processors could use to hide lard. That's all selfish, save your ass stuff. No, we were doing a bonifide job of representing the Kingdom, impacting our community in a Christlike way. No brownie points, no elitism, and maybe not even broaching the realm of profitable servant. Just doing what I believe we are supposed to be doing. It made everything seem right for just a while. I know some kids aren't going to go hungry during the holidays.


James said...

Sounds like a terrorist threat!

Anonymous said...

The ACOGs are terrorist organizations!

~Miguel de la Rodente

Head Usher said...

I agree BB. Armstrongism always was akin to the Publisher's Clearinghouse Church.

Grand Prize is an all expense paid eternal vacation to heaven. The difference is, sweepstakes are barred by law from making purchases required, but Armstrongism requires a lifetime subscription, payable in monthly installments in order to win. Subscriber benefits include membership in the elite Predestination Club, enrollment in the Prayer Protection plan, and more! Only subscriptions that are current at death are eligible to win. Second place winners will be selected in a subsequent drawing, and will be awarded the right to be your slaves for all eternity. Subscribe today to begin earning points toward your eligibility to win your very own sweepstakes entry ticket!

HWA was our Ed McMahon. All the talk about the "give and get" ways of life were very shrewd propaganda. What he was saying was, you give to me (church aka HWA) to get for yourself. The entire thing has always been focused on getting something for yourself. Giving to one's fellow man in need was never part of the equation. Save your bullets. Let 'em starve and God'll sort 'em out.

Anonymous said...

I've got news for King. Planes "fall" from the sky every day dude--it's called landing!
And "a female leader," huh? Can you get any more specific than that?! So what are you saying bro--that my kid's elementary school cafeteria leader is gonna die?! He may as well post his "predictions" on ATS!

Anonymous said...

Predictions, not prophecy: For the next 12 months I predict

1. A pigeon will die in a public park in a large East Coast city.
2. The world will not end on Dec 21/22 after which a Mayan will state, "We NEVER said the world would end on Dec 21/22 2012!
3. A bicyclist in Texas will be run off the road by a guy driving a pickup truck.
4. Rod Meredith will give a sermon in which he condemns homosexuality and masturbation but oddly supports spanking girls.
5. Cog land will continue to lose tithe slaves.
6. A male country music star will wear a cowboy hat on stage during his concert.
7. I will get a smile on my face every time I put the top down and drive my Honda S2000, especially on twisty, hilly roads.
8. Dave Pack will not give a totally unique sermon unlike any he has every given before despite repeated announcements that he will do so.
9. Ron Weinland will continue to collect money even from jail.
10. Israelis and Palestinians will continue to kill each other.
11. Syria will continue to implode.
12. Americans in Colorado and Washington state will smoke more weed with less trepidation.

Anonymous said...

Probably King's being smokin' a little sometin' 'imself? His predictions are so generic I imagine an American Indian speaking them: "big plane fall from sky" "female leader dies" "white mans silver goes rusty" "serpent bites eagle and eagle dies" WTH?

Anonymous said...

Here's my prediction-

That a competent therapist will not be concerned with EWKing having dreams, per se, but WILL be concerned that EWKing hears voices in his head about them during waking hours.