Thursday, September 26, 2013

James Malm's Uber-legalistic Rules and Regulations Have Become "Burdensome and an Endurance" That Has Left Some Members "Weak"

James Malm's absurd and unnecessary strict rules and regulations in regards to sabbath keeping has created a "burdensome" environment for many in his little group that deal with health issues.

A Malmite acolyte says:

I have been reading your writings. I no longer go to restaurants on the Sabbath or “get out of the house ”

My question is this. During back to back Sabbaths, one can read so much, study so much and listen to sermons so much. How can we pass the time and still keep the Sabbath holy. The Sabbath has become more of a burden & endurance rather than joy. Eating warmed up & cold foods has left me weak with blood sugar levels unstable. This has caused me to not feel well all day long and my spiritual condition has been suffering. ” and Not man for the Sabbath.”
This is not a leading question with an agenda. I really grapple with this. Your help would be deeply appreciated.
Malm responds with this:

I apologize for the delayed response, I have been very busy.

Being a diabetic for over 20 years I know all about blood sugar issues. All you need do is eat another biscuit or piece of bread, you can also have one or two cookies or heat water for a coffee or tea and have hot drink with a teaspoon of honey.

There is nothing limiting your intake, maybe you should prepare more food for the Sabbath.

If you are alone for Sabbath, maybe loneliness after being used to a large meeting is more the issue. For that, we must get close to God and wait patiently on him. For most of history from the first century and BEFORE Moses the people of God were mainly stand alone individuals or families. Remember Noah?

I suggest that you seek a medical opinion if your blood sugar issue persists.
It is also very good to have a walk to clear the mind from sitting around too long.
One of the reasons for the day dragging can be in being alone; when we are meeting with like-minded persons the time can go quickly.
Malm's asinine response is totally unnecessary because if he truly was a "new covenant" Christian, which he is not, then he would know that Saturday keeping and "kosher" eating is not a requirement. If his acolytes realized that then their days of worship would be days filled with joy and feasting.  Instead damnable rules and laws kill that joy.

Malm continues with this:

In terms of study it is important to understand that study is not merely reading. It is far better to read only a small portion and have a good think on it after praying for understanding.

When approaching something new I read all the material on the same subject, then pray for understanding and the take a walk or rest; after which I reread the material and carefully think it out, often repeating this cycle.

I also find that if I still do not have clarity it can be good to go on to something else for a few weeks and them revisit the problem issue. This gives the mind time to digest the new thing.

We don’t need to spend the whole day buried in the Book reading and burning our eyes; we must accompany reading with prayer and much time in thought, and it is extremely helpful to have like minded friends to gain from each others insights and to discuss these things with.

Part of the problem of boredom is that habits take awhile to change to something new, and due to the fact that people are taught to be dependent in these church groups, and not to really think for themselves so it is a struggle in the beginning. 
The Malmites STILL cannot think for themselves.  They have to continually ask Malm what is opinion is on different subjects.  Malm's opinions are just that, OPINIONS, which are totally irrelevant in the long run

One more point is our own situation. If we are working very hard through the week we will often be very tired by Sabbath and look forward to a much needed rest and spiritual recharge.

If we are not very active through the week we are not so much physically in need of rest on Sabbath. If anyone in not very active it would be a good idea to get active, even if it is only a daily long walk. I know about the handicapped and many of them can still do something within their limitations and such activity will contribute to their overall wellbeing of body and mind.


Byker Bob said...

Sounds like more legalism-induced PTSD to me!

However, having said that, those of us who are life-long risk takers always have a certain amount of stress with which we must deal. The part where Malm recommends exercise is good, as well as diet. I also can't fault him for his one part study to multiple parts thinking. The only problem is, you just know that he expects the person's thinking to result in agreement with Malm.

By stressing the many, many action items which he thinks are a sacred duty of Chrristians, rather than grace, love, and forgiveness, Malm is actually administering the same kind of "God-aversion therapy" as practiced by HWA and his Pharisaic antecedents. There will be fallout, and burnout! He is running a finishing school that will graduate many atheists and is too stupid or hard-headed to realize it!


Head Usher said...

WHY? Why do people look to him for answers? As stated in OP, Malm's answers are just OPINIONS, and carry no more weight than anyone else's! Just because Malm pretends like he's some latter-day OT-style prophet sent to warn "the house of Armstrong," he's not sent, he's not a prophet, and god doesn't talk to him any more than he talks to you. I just wish that everyone would wake up and recognize that each one of us is more capable at giving ourselves good advice than Apostle Numnutz will ever be.