Friday, August 29, 2014

Cal Culpepper Destroys Another PCG Relationship

PCG and Cal Culpepper continue their winning streak on winning this award!

Here is another story that was on Exit and Support about a man named Hugh and how the PCG and Cal Culpepper tried to destroy his life and his family.  Imagine going in in to counsel with a minister and have them ask if you have been intimate with the woman you were dating after you long time wife had died. Or if you masturbated and if you had a problem with pornography.  Oh wait....that is the Church of God's modus operandi!  So many of these sick men get off dwelling on sexual topics with members.

Someday soon someone with enough money is going to take these degenerate men to court and it is going to be nasty! Cal Culpepper is the gift that keeps on giving.

Why I'm Ex-PCG

My wife never wanted to be in the PCG. She attended because I did. We were treated very badly by the man that became the regional director in our area.

She died very suddenly of a brain aneurysm going on 5 years now. At first I didn't care if I lived or died; I didn't even want to go home. It was because of my two sons still living at home that I even went home. The regional director didn't even want to perform the funeral. The local minister said a few words during the announcement part of Sabbath services. He said the director forbade him from more because it was the Sabbath and it would be inappropriate. At that time I didn't care; however, I did bring pictures of my dead wife and put them on the table.

A few weeks later, our first grandchild was born. That was a bittersweet day. Oh, how my wife looked forward to her first grandchild, but she wasn't there. When I held that baby, I knew I wanted to live. I knew I had to change, to lose the weight and health problems that would prevent me from seeing my grandchild grow up.

After two years, I had lost 150 pounds and decided that I wasn't too old to date again. There were no single ladies in my congregation so I had to travel. I went all over looking for someone to date. My minister cautioned me not to travel too much and reminded me that (city withheld) was my congregation and I should stay there.

A friend that was a minister told me about a single lady in his area. He said she was a school teacher close to my age, that she was a great lady and I should come and meet her. I did. We hit it off and I began traveling to see her as often as I could. I would spend a week at a time seeing her every day. She came up to visit me and I would go visit her.

We became close and both of us thought we were  in love. One thing led to another and we became intimate. Thinking we were in love and going to be married, and knowing other couples that were married that had done the same thing, we decided that we would not let it happen again until we were married and not tell anyone about it.

One day the minister called me while she was there and asked me if we were in love, I said yes; he asked if we wanted to get married, I said yes. He took that to the director and he put the breaks on it like we were children. I was told that they did not know her and I should not spend time with her until they met her. She came down and met the local minister. He frightened her so much that we didn't see each other for a while. She had a series of disasters happen, and decided that we had sinned. The guilt was heavy on both of us so we quit dating.

Wow, that was a blow but I had to live with it. I started seeing another lady, not wanting to let that happen again. We went out a few times with no physical contact at all. I had learned my lesson.

The FOT was in (city withheld) that year. I went a few days early and while walking around the hotel I met the lady I had been intimate with. We went out to dinner. She started crying, said she loved me and wanted to marry me. I felt the same way.

The second lady was also at (city withheld) and when she learned that the first lady was there she went to the regional director and told him. I was told not to see anyone until he could talk to me.
He called all three of us and arranged a meeting. The ladies went first and when I saw the first one come out crying, I knew things would not go well.

I was called in to talk with the director. He asked me about my relationship with the first lady. I told him we dated and wanted to continue dating and counsel for marriage. He pushed me further on the relationship, I said we had been intimate. He asked if we had had sex. Not wanting to lie to the minister I said we had. He told me that I was a sexual predator. I told him that I had had sex with one woman besides my wife in 38 years and that made me a sexual predator? He said yes. He then asked If I had had sex with the second woman. I said no and that we had not even kissed. He then said that I did have sex with her. I again said no and he again said I did.

He asked me If I had a problem with pornography. I said no, that I had two young boys at home and didn't look at it or have it in the house. He then asked me if I masturbated. I couldn't believe what was happening. I thought of saying, "No, but I've seen your wife so I know you do," but I was so shocked that I couldn't say anything. The local minister sat there with a sad look on his face, like a little whipped puppy dog. I felt that he was in just as much shock as I was. (I've just learned that this local minister was put out, and lost his family.)

The lady and I were both suspended on the spot. And I was told to leave (city withheld).

As I was leaving at about 5:00 in the morning, I passed her door and saw that the bill was under her door. indicating that she too was leaving that morning.

I drove down the road for an hour or so and called her to see if she needed any money to get home. I was at a Wal-Mart and could wire the funds to her. Because she had driven to the FOT with a local family, I knew she didn't have the means to get home. She didn't answer so I left a message offering to help her get home.

She told the minister; he called me on my cell and told me I would be marked for contacting her.

When I got the call from the director, I was shocked. I asked if I could receive counseling. He told me that I was out, no longer a member of the congregation, and that I was marked. I said after 33 years that's it? No counseling, no second chance? He said I was out and not to call. He then went on to say he was having to put out a lot of people in the region, like it was a burden on him. He didn't care about the lives he was affecting.

So after over 33 years and raising four children in the PCG, two of which were at AC [Armstrong College], I was thrown away. Just like the Nazis would march a Jew out and shoot him in the head. That's what I felt like.

It's taken me a while to get over this. If I had had a gun in my home at that time, I would not be writing this now.

They made my daughter that was living with me leave home. They forbade my other daughter and my little granddaughter from seeing me. They would not let my son at AC have contact with me.

Thankfully my daughter and son in law quit the cult. They saw what they had done to me and decided they could not be a part of a group that would do such a thing. And would not forbid their daughter from seeing her grandfather. My youngest son is still with me. He doubts the existence of God because of the cult.1
I even wrote a letter to "That Prophet." I never got an answer. I know he got the letter because the director told my son-in-law about the letter and told him that I had lied to Gerald Flurry. The director was "Cow Cultpecker" (name changed).

I continue on with my life. I'm happy now and have made lots of friends. People we were taught not to associate with I've found are good people and friends.

My daughter, son-in-law and two granddaughters are with me, as is my youngest son. We grieve the loss of my other two children that are still in the cult. We hope that one day they will have their eyes opened to the truth and we will see them again.
By Hugh
August 28, 2014


Anonymous said...

"My wife never wanted to be in the PCG. She attended because I did."

This is a phenomenon that's not unusual, in how families get involved in these cults.
Rarely have I seen wives dragging the rest of the families in. It's usually the husbands that drag their families in.

Often, it's emotion-based bullshit that plays on the psyche of folks who want to think they're super-special to and "in the know" with some particular god, that's the draw.

To help explain, here's Little Timmy's recent prayer-

"Dear Jesus, when I heard you helped my neighbor Mr. Wilson find his car keys I decided to pray to you too, but when I discovered that tens of thousands of children die every day of starvation, I thought that either you really really like Mr. Wilson, or that you are a jerk.
Amen from Timmy."

Connie Schmidt said...

Ministers in the COGs and back in the old WCG loved to question people dating or counseling about marriage with very intimate questions, such as those asked of the PCG victim in the main post.

Realize that in ANY situation in life, the person who is asking the questions, is in control of the situation. When confronted in such situations, turn the tables around and take control by asking questions back!

Jesus did this technique often when asked by the Pharisees trapping questions.

If any minister asked me sexually based questions , I would ask back ...

Mr. Minister have you ever masturbated? How many times? What were you thinking about when you did? Have you ever had sex with anyone else other than your wife? How "FAR" did you and your wife go before you got married? Were you both aroused? ETC ETC.

This kind of questioning from a minister is prurient, sick, and disgusting. Do not provide "erotica" material to these perverts EVER, whether you be male or female. This is psychological RAPE.

Connie Schmidt said...

Just recently saw the movie "12 Years A Slave" and couldn't help but apply some of the Slave Masters personalities to some of the bad COG ministers I have known over the years.

Anonymous said...

These churches have done so much damage to so many people in so many ways, I am surprised that more shootings haven't taken place.

Anonymous said...

Geez. When will it stop being 1892 in these stupid cults? Time truly stands still in these splinters.

Byker Bob said...

These idiots and their apologists play dumb when such anecdotes start flying around, spouting the same nonsense as they do when confronted with Herbert's incest.

They seem to think that fairness and objectivity dictate believing that people become hurt, angry, and bitter without any provocation or any wrong doing on the church's part. Blame the victims.

Fortunately, we all know better.


Anonymous said...

Someone needs to go undercover and make a documentary on PCG and RCG ( they are one in the same ) and blow their sick worlds wide open. Film and record everything.

Allen C. Dexter said...

I just a little while ago returned from officiating the wedding of a nice young couple who are returning to Kentucky and wanted to gift a dear relative with having their simple little ceremony in their presence. I asked no questions about anything because it's none of my damn business, performed my universally loved simple ceremony, signed the license, wished them a lifetime of happiness and left. I have a clear conscience and a few extra bucks in my pocket. I hope they have a happy and fulfilling life.

Assistant Deacon said...

Anyone who thinks that Culpepper, Flurry, et al, are good men needs to familiarize themselves with Isaiah 5:20.

Anonymous said...

If nothing else, reports like this will leave an undeniable record of what an utter asshole Cal Culpepper is.

Anonymous said...

During the WCG meltdown, and long before I left Armstrongism and realized the bible is bunk, I decided I wasn't going to let any of these goons dictate to me such absurdities as this. I decided that if I were ever called on the carpet, I would simply refuse to recognize their authority (let's face it, their authority is totally not justifiable) refuse to grant them their audience, or acquiesce to their patronizing demands. And when they suspend me or kick me out, I'll count it as a favor they've done to me, not some episode of scarring rejection. It's bad to be so dependent on any person or institution. Dependence just creates opportunities for others to take advantage of you, which they will, if not for personal gain, then just to teach you a lesson because they find you so cloying.

old EXPCG hag said...

The one and only time I saw Cow Pecker-head was in Sandusky, Ohio at a feast,(this was before I turned mean and started getting on this site and posting but before I was suspended for being nice, but also trying to defend myself).

Anywho...I remember dumb-dumb turning around and looking at me and giving me a Satanic grin. A few days later he was standing at the end of the row me and my young son were sitting on giving me a weird threatening look. Even though he was standing there glaring at me as I was walking to my seat, I still laughed to myself because my son stuck his foot out in front of me as I passed and I almost tripped and fell on my face in front of that possessed goof-ball.

I now know what that look was about. The night before one crazed party animal woman from our congregation was sooooo ready to let loose she couldn't contain herself anymore, and she had begged me to go to the underwater bar with her.(I had no clue at the time this (Dee) was already drinking and drunk before I showed up). Well she ordered ONE DRINK and TWO STRAWS and kept insisting I drink out of the other straw at the same time. I think I did once. I don't like germs lol. She was talking and flirting with all the NON MEMBER guys in the pool. Well, she only had about thirty minutes to do all this because soon the party was over(at least at Kalahari Resort water Park). So we get out of the water (we were wearing swimsuits) and start walking towards the exit and Mrs. Lush still holding the HUGE martini type glass starts bumping up against my butt with her butt. Now imagine a tall lanky giraffe trying to bump butts with a pygmy deer(if there is such a thing).
All of a sudden wild party woman disappears down the hall and her husband is all of a sudden walking with me wondering where his wife went and I was wondering where my son went. While walking to my room both of us thinking my son and his crazy wife might be there this guy tells me he don't think his wife is "converted". HA!,(I thought) What a revelation!
We get to my room and there is party animal lady sitting on my bed and my son had walked to the room with Mr. sexual predator incest man(but never convicted because no one believed the girls). Crazy lady starts cursing at my son and I was filming her with my camera. She got really angry. Now her husband was also in the room and I noticed he was snooping around. Later I realized that he must have been looking for something he could get me in trouble for if the film got out of his sex crazed unconverted party animal wife as the next day was when doofus C.U.L.ater Pepper was standing at the end of the row I almost fell flat on my face on.

Stay tuned for more wild and crazy long boring PCG stories, and I'll tell you some YEE HAW!

Black Ops Mikey said...

None of the Cult of Herbert Armstrong Mafia ministers have any authority at all (unless Satan gave it to them).

If they begin to tell you how to run your life, you can point out to them that they are wrong, wicked, unscientific and need to go take a flying leap.

If they want to know where, direct them to the Lake of Fire.

Anonymous said...

There is nothing worse than hearing about boring peoples sex lives. I could never understand why all those WCG ministers were so obsessed with interrogating members about their sex lives.

While I was a young virgin at AC I heard stories from female classmates about these sexual interrogations when they went for counseling. When I finally got the interrogation myself I was no longer entirely innocent and recognized a certain learing look on the interrogators face, and then a glazed faraway look....... I realized I was providing something similar to free phone sex for the idiot.
After that I felt sorry for his wife.

Anonymous said...

"We became close and both of us thought we were in love. One thing led to another and we became intimate."

One thing led to another? Yes, the lust led to the screwing.

Sounds just like some of the PCG people I had the misfortune of meeting. Always screwing around themselves while thinking that they were somehow better than all the "evil Laodiceans" out there.