Monday, September 22, 2014

PCG Minister Tells Family God Will Kill Their Baby Girl If They Don't Follow His Instructions

The filth that is the Philadelphia Church of God just gets sicker day by day.

Here is a letter from the Exit and Support site from a couple that left the Philadelphia Church of God cult and how they escaped the clutches of the "Flurrys, Turgeons, Malones, and Culpeppers."

Imagine being told by a minisTURD that if you do not heed the instructions he commands you that his god will strike your child down.  This is the sick vermin that make up the ministry of the Philadelphia Church of God.

God Has Set Us Free:
September 20, 2014

Soon it will be the one year anniversary of our official resignation from the PCG cult. Flurry and his henchmen always told us that God would curse us or kill us if we ever stopped "supporting the Work" (i. e., putting money in their bank accounts so they can live in luxury). Or if we ever stopped attending services or keeping the Mosaic Sabbath law, God would kill us or strike us down horribly.

None of this has happened. In fact, God has blessed me with a state job that has full time hours, a future and paid benefits. In three weeks I will graduate from the academy and become a sworn Peace Officer. This is God himself setting me free from the obsolete Mosaic Law that so many are still enslaved to by those gangsters in Edmond.

If I would have stayed in the PCG cult, I would probably be homeless and on government assistance section 8 housing. Keeping the Mosaic Holy Days and Sabbaths destroyed every good job opportunity I ever had. Gerry Flurry always told me that giving him money would ensure my salvation, health and prosperity. Instead, giving him the money I needed to live my life almost cost me everything I had.

Thanks to my good friend [name removed] who told me about ESN I was able to conquer the fear that the Flurrys, Turgeons, Malones, and Culpepoers used to keep me sending them my hard earned money to keep my salvation. Realizing from ESN that Gerald Flurry plagiarized most of Malachi's Message and was arrested for being drunk on the Sabbath disillusioned me from the adoration I had for that fake prophet from Oklahoma.

The hardest thing now is to not be overcome with resentment and anger towards those men in Edmond who deceived me into giving them my limited resources so they could live in elegant homes, drive luxury cars, and travel all over the world in comfort. When I went out to Edmond OK and saw the wealth and extravagance that these people surround themselves with I was shocked. Then it was the snobbish arrogance and pride of these Edmond elites that sickened me to the core. Here are a bunch of individuals living off of the hard work, sweat, and tithes of others and they act like it was all owed to them.

The final straw was when a "minister of God" told me that God would kill my baby girl if I did not follow his instructions. We left and never looked back. Someone in Edmond like Brian Davis would read this letter and laugh and mock. But we are free now and for the first time we have the blessings Flurry always promised but never delivered.

God bless you all. --Brett and Carmen Streutker


Allen C. Dexter said...

When I was a student at AC, Benjamin Rea made the statement that we all had received a "call" from god, and if we rejected that call, we would be cursed. I saw through that and waltzed away in 1975. Life has had its challenges, but overall, I have been what I would call blessed in every area of life ever since. Coming up on forty years of those fictional curses and still going strong.

Assistant Deacon said...

"Woe unto them that call Flurry good, and good Flurry."

Lake of Fire Church of God said...

Allen C. Dexter said, "When I was a student at AC, Benjamin Rea made the statement that we all had received a "call" from god, and if we rejected that call, we would be cursed"

MY COMMENT - Wow! You have to be a real old-timer to remember Dr. Rea. I believe he died sometime in the mid 1960s. An Armstrongite peer of his was C. Paul Meredith, Ramrod Meredith's uncle who also died sometime in the mid 1960s.

Lake of Fire Church of God

Unknown said...

"God would kill their little girl" used as a threat against someone?

Spiritual abuse, spiritual rapist, and sick sociopath!

Byker Bob said...

I believe that the reason that the worst of the splinter groups continue to exist is that the constant flow of stories are just so horrible that almost anyone who hears them automatically concludes that someone is doing some powerful exaggerating. The thinking is that nobody in today's United States of America could possibly get away with this sort of institutionalized behavior. We who had once been on the inside wouldn't even question it, because we've seen it all, and probably worse!

If someone asked me if I would rather sit down and have a beer with Gerald Flurry, or Charlie Manson, I'd probably pick Manson.


Retired Prof said...

Allen, your mention of Benjamin Rea jogged my memory as well as Richard's. Nice man. He invited three or four of us students to ride with him to San Diego, where he conducted the service. Afterwards he took us to dinner in a luxurious rotating circular restaurant at the top of a tall building overlooking the bay. Two of us were too young to drink legally, and he ordered a Dale Evans for the young woman and a Roy Rogers for me. I had filet mignon for the first time in my life (with the bacon wrap omitted, of course).

He called on me to say the blessing, and I begged off. He warned me (politely, not sternly), "If you don't do it now, you may never be asked again." He had no inkling how much I welcomed the prospect of never being asked to say the blessing again.

Allen C. Dexter said...

"Wow! You have to be a real old-timer to remember Dr. Rea."

Yes I am. Freshman in 1956. Graduated in 1960. Dr. Rea taught me Spanish and I can still read it fluently when I do Spanish or bi-lingual weddings. He was a good man that I remember fondly.

Redfox712 said...

I am so happy that these two got out of PCG and seem to be doing well for themselves outside of PCG. I found this testimony quite inspiring. I wish them all the best in making a new life for themselves outside of the PCG cult.

I myself can personally testify that giving heed to Armstrongite teachings do make you think that if you abandon Armstrongism some terrible thing will occur (loss of salvation, becoming blinded and forgetting that Armstrongism is the truth, etc.) It is simply an induced phobia.

Now when I renounced Armstrongism this was not much of a problem to me but I can well imagine how some people could becoming quite badly affected by thoughts like that.

It is important to realize these thoughts are just an induced phobia that the cult leaders tell you again and again simply in order to control you. Such words have no power over you or anyone else.

Alas, many authoritarian cults use induced phobias to keep their followers in line.

Byker Bob said...

My sister attended Imperial School with Dr. Ray's son. By that time, Dr. Ray had already passed away. His legacy was most certainly involved with Spanish, and the Spanish "work".


old EXPCG hag said...

Brian Davis? Did he say BRIAN DAVIS?? I'm glad someone else has experienced that guy and has escaped from those HITLER NUTS in Edmond.
Yes isn't it something their attitude...all arrogant and full of pride and conceit as if God so highly favors them!
Open up and read your Bible BRAIN-DEAD DAVIS! You'll most likely be on of those Christ looks at and says..."I never new you!"Matthew 7:21-23.
Yes there is life BEFORE and AFTER the PCG clan. You may "do a jig" now...woo hoo!.

Anonymous said...

Let us bow our heads and puke.....

Anonymous said...

Par for this particular course, no?

I'd prefer to spend my time putting elsewhere, and thankfully there are no gods forcing me do otherwise, praise be to zeus. Until there are, you won't find me darkening their door or them darkening my countenance.

old EXPCG hag said...

"PCG Minister Tells Family God Will Kill Their Baby Girl If They Don't Follow His Instructions"

Yes, stay with the PCG and watch the hierarchy kill your whole family!...
(but notice THEIRS will still be intact)