Friday, February 19, 2016

Friday's Campus Demolition

Today's demolition  front facade and West facade torn off.
Taken at sunrise.

Front left first floor was where Security office was.

 East and South facade still up.

 This picture is where the switchboard/telecom center was.

 This is looking the area where the Information Center was located.

Looking north to the entry where after hours visitors/employees had to be buzzed in under stairwell.

 West facade down.  This side had the AICF offices on first floor.

 West facade ripped off

 Merritt Mansion (former Ambassador Hall) overgrown cypress

 West facade

 West facade

West facade

 West facade, auditorium and Maranatha High School student center.

 Mayfair (private residence) and new condo's in site of former library.

Auditorium with egrets painted white

Sunrise on last remains.


Anonymous said...

Na na na na
Na na na na
Hey hey hey

Michael said...

I remember in later years (late 80s or early 90s?) the hall of Ad had a sign warning about asbestos(?) in the building.

If so, why are there not tarp-like coverings over the demolition to help prevent toxic particle diffusion?

Anonymous said...

If God has allowed these buildings to be destroyed, why have some splinters tried to replicate these colleges and associated buildings. After all, God is not wasteful. Maybe, they are not respecting the end of a era.

Byker Bob said...

This is what happens when people build "quality" monuments while preaching a gospel of the end times. It just sends a mixed message that eventually, people do pick up on. These monuments are being destroyed, but just not by the Assyrians misidentified in the false prophecies. The "leaders" that aspire to be HWA's theological or spiritual heirs seem to have also borrowed from Kevin Costner. It is as if they believe that "if you build it, they will come."

The "heirs" work with basic ingredients, and formulae. The ways in which they are combining these are both out of kilter. Even if they orchestrated a chemically precise replication of the toxicity, the formula that HWA concocted and applied was appropriate to a totally different era. I don't know how everyone else applies the technology we have available today, but whenever I hear something expressed as a fact, I Google it on my iphone, and review additional facts, as well as an assortment of pros and cons. No need to argue or debate with a "salesman" or his agents, or to allow them to back me into a corner. If my parents had had that type of enhancement or artificial intelligence when they went through the crisis that led them to accept Armstrongism as the total solution for our lives, they most likely would never have joined up. That is the essence of the ACOG recruitment problem of today!


Anonymous said...

indeed there is an invisible force in control, because once again history repeats itself: twice the beloved temple in jerusalem fell, even as the barn yard animals put so much emphasis on it, and ironically, to this very day, yet again, the valued, vain trappings of the physical are proving to be yet another example of religion's bizarre rejection of spiritual matters, like feeding the flock, and overt over emphasis on eye candy coming full circle...

Anonymous said...

Herbert W. Armstrong loved to plan, design, and construct nice buildings.

Many other people love to criticize and tear down everything that he built.

Anonymous said...

6.22PM. Hitler too was involved in the 'planning and design of nice buildings' that was supposed to follow the Nazi victory of WW 2. In fact, it is a trait of tyrants to 'construct nice buildings.' There are many such buildings in the former Soviet Union. There is the narrow gate and the broad gate. Your obvious assessment of Herbie is not the narrow gate, as are many of his critics here. But I believe most peoples criticism here are close to the narrow gate. I doubt that is true of your assessment of the man. Herbie worship is a problem in the churches.

Anonymous said...

6:23 PM You are ignoring the whipped galley slaves that were constantly being verbally bashed and torn down by the controlling ministers. Yes, Southern plantations did have nice looking mansions.

Anonymous said...

A professionals opinion, (one not inflicted with your particular injuries I fully recognize)

At Ambassador, Eckbo revised the Daniel, Mann, Johnson and Mendenhall (DMJM) plan of 1963. The following year, the first fruits of these efforts were published as an 11-page example in his book, Urban Landscape Design (p. 68-79). The college closed in the 1980s, and today, the Fine Arts Building and Science Hall, built in 1966 and designed by architect Peter J. Holdstock with an Eckbo landscape design, are slated for demolition. As I visited Ambassador with architectural historian and TCLF Board Member, Meredith Bzdak, PhD, I was quick to note her response, and recorded her words: “I was instantly struck by the way in which Holdstock and Eckbo created such a bold and rich environment within an otherwise traditional educational setting. The playful physical forms – so typical for the mid-20th century and yet somehow so specific to the experimental nature of southern California – set within the superbly integrated courtyard fountains, graphic paving, and tropical vegetation – were all breathtaking. For me, the thought that this cultural landscape with its multiple, lively juxtapositions of material and form might cease to exist is nothing short of tragic.”


Retired Prof said...

February 20, 2016 at 6:00 AM said, "After all, God is not wasteful."

Evidence suggests he is. He created the universe as a habitat for us, his favorite creatures, right?

The fixed firmament the ancients saw, a scrim on which the sun, moon planets, and fixed stars visible with the naked eye were projected, would have been plenty. Now we see that we are instead part of a solar system embedded in a galaxy that is part of a cluster that is only one of many billions, each surrounded by vast voids of empty space. Our "cozy cradle" extends over unfathomable reaches of space, which goes back 13.8 billion years in time and untold billions of years into the future. Even if you insist the creator built this extravagance only six thousand years ago, you have to admit he made it look like we are an infinitesimal speck in a practically infinite expanse of deep space and deep time.

If your God expended all that matter and energy (most of it beyond the knowledge of our race until we developed instruments to aid the eye) merely so we could play out a few thousand years of drama on a thin biotic layer clinging to the surface of a speck of ordinary atomic matter, he would earn the censure of any engineering society in existence. Even more appalling, the only product he intended to produce when the process was complete was 144,000 devotees out of the several billion humans who had been born and died throughout history.

Not wasteful indeed.

Anonymous said...

anon 6:23pm, if hwa had the kind of passion for feeding the flock, preaching the loving Power of the Holy Spirit, preaching equality and brotherhood, and doing charitable work instead of building great monuments like ceasar or pharoah, the original wwcg need not have fallen because it would exist on the integrity and merit what is based on having the loving nature of Christ...

instead, the man built these worthless, obviously easily demolished structures on the backs of poor tithers like my father...

some may say is ironic that these buildings are being destroyed, but i say it is absolutely a natural case of reaping what you sow: for if you sow the seeds of the physical, you will ultimately reap destruction; but the fruits of Love are Eternal...

Anonymous said...

"Herbert W. Armstrong loved to plan, design, and construct nice buildings. Many other people love to criticize and tear down everything that he built."

It's not so much that, as it is that Herbert W. Armstrong was a daughter-raping con man, and some fine folks have pointed such things out to others. Warning others is a positive pursuit, and I'm glad that many people have been able to do so.

It's a tribute to the resiliency of the fine folk who were once entangled in the mess that Herbert W. Armstrong created.