Thursday, December 29, 2016

Mirror, mirror, on the Wall. Who has the best COG of all?

We have listened for many years now to the bloviating cries of Dave Pack boasting about his superfantabulous church.  Never in human history has there been Church of God that is as miraculous as the Restored Church of God.  That is until now.

Almost Arrested Elisha Elijah Joshua Amos, First Witness, Prophet, Apostle, Mayan authority, Dreamer, Doubly Blessed, Chief Overseer, Bitter Bob of the improperly named "continuing" Church of God claims his group is the best ever in this end times era.

Bob still believes that he was doubly blessed and that the nightmares he and a woman had legitimize his  decision to start his own personality cult "church."
CCOG after 4 years: Unique start and growth
Today marks the fourth anniversary (on the Roman calendar) of the official formation of the Continuing Church of God (CCOG) as a separate entity.
I still find it funny that the more aberrant personality cults have to always clarify that the dates they use in their material are the dates set up by those dirty nasty pagan Romans!  Only the COG knows the what the "true" calendar is and it is one setup by Jewish Rabbi filled with his own interpretation as to "correctness.".
Despite comments from various detractors in and out of the various Church of God (COG) groups, the Continuing Church of God has flourished beyond what many said/posted.
Hyper-sensitive Bitter Bob is constantly shocked that no one believes his claims to legitimacy as a true leader.  Why is it that no one believes that he is doubly blessed, that he has dreamed dreams, and is a prophet?  
Compared to the formation of other groups whose leaders were once part of the old Worldwide Church of God, there have been several things that were unique about our formation. But actually, more similar to the start of the old Radio Church of God.
For example, a dream preceded the start of the old Radio Church of God, whereas two people (myself and someone who I did not know at the time) had dreams that preceded the start of the Continuing Church of God.
So Loma Armstrong had a nightmare that lead to the formation of the RCG.  We have seen the destructive trail of ruined lives that resulted in.  Bitter Bob has to use Loma to legitimize his nightmare.  His nightmare is true!  Believe it or die in the tribulation! 
Furthermore, unlike other groups we are aware of, no other group also declared that it was fulfilling the second part of the dream that Loma Armstrong had which preceded the start of the Radio Church of God.
Maybe there is a reason no one makes such a declaration.  tHey know it is not true! 
Non-believers and Laodiceans often will not accept how God works.
After lashing out the he takes no salary from the forced tithing he expects from his followers,, even though the New Covenant does not command it, the Bitter prophet has this to say:
Interestingly, someone not in CCOG mentioned to me in Illinois this past October that CCOG was one of the only, if not the only, COG group he knew of that formed mainly because of doctrinal/integrity issues, as opposed to personality issues. Details on why CCOG had to form are in the article.
Seriously???  Thiel has "doctrinal integrity?"   Seriously?  Bastardizing the law, ignoring Jesus and the New Covenant does not show any integrity.   He is right though one thing.  He is lacking in personality.  All of the bible waving, lack of a real theological education, crooked bookcases and thin curtains certainly do not contribute improve his personality issues.

Bitter Elisha then takes a direct jab at i=his spiritual Daddy Rod Meredith and his advisory Dave Pack with this: 
Within hours of the formation, I posted that the Continuing Church of God would reach more people in the first 30 days after it formed than any COG group that was not directly related to the late Garner Ted Armstrong. 
Note that he cannot compare himself to HWA.  Bitter Amos Elijah knows he cannot compare to HWA in any aspect whatsoever.

How did the Bitter False Prophet accomplish this?  Notice his exaggerated excuse:
Well, similar to what happened with the late Herbert W. Armstrong, I unexpectedly ended up being on radio. I ended up being on two radio programs, one of which the host claimed to have over 2,000,000 listeners. Additionally, over 100,000 different computers were reached over the website in those thirty days. I believe that this accomplishment helped demonstrate the application of various dreams to the CCOG.
The Bitter False Prophet was on a radio station that claims it reaches  large numbers.  The chance that any more than one or two people actually swallowed his lies is a fact. He has not garnered any members from these world encompassing radio stations.  those that listen to him consider him crackpot in the same vein as those that had Ron Weinland on their stations before his imprisonment.

As far as other proclamation fruits, both the and Bible News Prophecy channel have reached people in over 215 nations and territories around the world.
So!  The Banned blog has reached  216 nations!  Have I witnessed to the entire world.  No.  Neither has Bob Thiel.  He is a liar to make such empty claims.  These claims are just was empty as claiming a radio station with a potential audience granted him 2,000,000 listeners.  The False Prophet has never witnessed to 2,000,000 people at any time ins life and never will.

The False Prophet then claims that since he has had some of his literature translated he is fulling Bible prophecy.  Once again is is just another lie.

Another project to mention is that some of the literature of the CCOG has been translated into 100 languages (watch Behind the Work 2016: All Nations, Tribes, People, and Tongues). Some people may not consider that important, but notice what Jesus taught:
14 And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached in all the world as a witness to all the nations, and then the end will come. (Matthew 24:14)

How can he preach the "gospel" when he denies everything that Jesus stood for and preached.  He prefers to lie about the law and endless useless topics that no one is interested in and that have no value to one's salvation.

The False Prophet then declares he has the fasted growing COG in the entire world. Even Dave Pack shudders at Thiel's magnificence.  2,000 members with 1,996 located in Africa.

Actually, since its formation, the Continuing Church of God has been the fastest growing of all COG groups.
We now have over 2,000 people around the world, with most of our congregations in Africa 
Thiel then claims he has restored more correct doctrine than any other COG.

Earlier doctrine was mentioned.
In this area, the CCOG has restored more than other groups we are aware of.
This includes church history.
Church of God church history...really?  The COG history that the church has claimed has been one of the biggest snow jobs ever fostered off on church members.  It is right up there with the myth of British Israelism.

The false teacher then claims he is the ONLY COG leader who has the guts to to proclaim truth to the world and is prepared to suffer the consequences.  Rod Meredith and Dave Pack have both failed in this department.  Only the almost arrested false prophet is ready to go to jail for saying what needs to be said.  He is already suffering intense persecution.  Youtube is persecuting him.  Oh, the horrors!

Having hundreds of booklets in different languages, claiming you are doubly blessed and that "god" spoke to you in a dream does not make one a true church leader.  There is noting about Thiel's "ministry" that is Christian, no matter how much he claims it is.  He is noting more than one mor lying false propeht claiming superior knowledge of things he knows more about than anyone ever has in church history.

Matthew 7:15-20The Message (MSG)

15-20 “Be wary of false preachers who smile a lot, dripping with practiced sincerity. Chances are they are out to rip you off some way or other. Don’t be impressed with charisma; look for character. Who preachers are is the main thing, not what they say. A genuine leader will never exploit your emotions or your pocketbook. These diseased trees with their bad apples are going to be chopped down and burned.


The Painful Truth said...

Did God tell bitter bob to deceive his sheeple with a fake certificate from a diploma mill?

Hoss said...

As often happens, a post touches such a plethora of points it's hard to know where to dive in.

Determining which is the Best COG of them all can be likened unto HWA's search for the “True Church”: if you set your own criteria, make your own assumptions, and establish your own tests, you can prove anything you like. For CCOG, the main criterion seems to be HWA's 18 Restored Truths, and the assumption is they are indeed Biblical truths that are meant to be followed. The test is if you adhere to these “Truths” in an appropriate manner.

“Non-believers and Laodiceans often will not accept how God works” seems a condescending view on those who won't accept that a dream was a divine call to start another splinter. And the dreams in the Biblical examples cited seem quite different to both Loma's and Bob's dreams.

The “nations contacted” scorecard is another interesting one. COGs seem to be mixing the roles of the Great Commission, Mat. 24:14, Isaiah 58, and the Ezekiel Watchman. A ping from every nation may be a “witness” (KJV, in modern translations, “testimony”) but it doesn't make disciples (of Jesus, not a COGleader) of all nations. As for “crying out” the sins of “My people”, there should be plenty to choose from that don't clash with the 14th Amendment.

Now regarding Covenants... The OT contains books of commands, statutes, judgments, etc regarding the “Old” Covenant. The “New” Covenant gets very little mention, and in some cases the word “New” was added by the translators, as it didn't actually appear in all Greek manuscripts. Next time someone counters a COG claim or practice with, “The New Covenant does/doesn't require xxx”, could they be kind enough to give the supporting evidence? What's required of the COGs should be required of the blogs...

Anonymous said...

Like it or not, Bob Thiel represents "The Future of God's Work." Since the Jesus won't return, Bob will be peddling his hokum for 20 or 30 years after Rod Meredith and Gerald Flurry and Dave Pack have died. There are a lot of stupid Armstrongists in the world, and they will need something to cling to unless they are willing to admit that they wasted their lives as victims of a fraud.

At least Bitter Bob does talk about the future. How many people outside of LCG saw Rod Meredith's sermon title, "The Future of God's Work" and expected Rod to talk about the future? Instead, all we heard were the same tired old stories of how Rod spent so much time at HWA's feet and how only Rod had the right idea about how HWA was carrying out the Work. I guess "The Tired Old Past Stories of God's Work" wouldn't have drawn as many viewers as the deceptive title Rod chose instead.

Byker Bob said...

You can't say "best". Totally inappropriate. First, because none of them are anywhere near that side of the spectrum. Secondly, what criteria would you even apply?

Maybe it's because there is more or less a news blackout, but we do hear much fewer bad things about the COGaWA.


Black Ops Mikey said...

The answer is easy: The Church of God Seventh Day, having approximately 10 times as many members in all sorts of nations around the world than all of the sects of the CoHAM put together.

Not the answer you were looking for?

Move along.

Anonymous said...


Bitter Bob has about as much integrity and truthfulness as the company who sells pizza boxes with, "YOU'VE TRIED ALL THE REST - NOW TRY THE BEST!" written on them to thousands of different pizzerias. Can those thousands of pizzerias all have "THE BEST"?
I think not.

Besides, when it comes to religion, and Armstrongism in particular, what Bitter Bob offers may be "Hot and Fresh!", but sadly and of course it's nothing but a hot fresh steaming poison turd plop.

Everything about Bob seems crooked- from his doubly-crooked false claims to superfantaboulousness, to his lies about his schooling and degrees earned.

At least, people can visit the Leaning Tower of Pisa made of fine stone, and in it's shadow find some fine restaurants.
(As opposed to Armstrongist pundit Bitter Bob's crooked particle-board "leaning book cases" that shadow piles of particularly pungent poop that may or may not come from Bitter Bob's kitchen from where strange semi-human sounds seem to emanate.)

Connie Schmidt said...

Dear Bob:

Ok, you have convinced me. You are indeed the greatest COG of all. I want to attend. I live in New Hampshire, and I will not just do church on the "internet" or with videos... I want to be their "live" and around at least 10 or more people.

Please tell me where to go this week to church, hopefully it is within a one hour jet flight from my house.
Thank You - Connie

Dear Connie:
I saw your request for a church location for the Continuing Greatest Church of God. Although we have NO BRETHREN at all within a one hour jet flight from your location, we do have THOUSANDS of brethren in the Congo Africa who would welcome you with open arms.

If you are willing to just stretch yourself a tiny bit each week, get some more of a sun tan, and get a series of polio , malaria, diphtheria , and tuberculous shots, you will truly enjoy being at our live services there. THEY ARE THE GREATEST EVER! Looking forward to your attendance and your weekly tithe check (and offerings!)
Grand PooPah- Bob Thiel

Anonymous said...

Hi Connie,
Wonderful to hear you will following Mr. Theil's advice to meet with thousands of Continuing Greatest Church of God members located in the Congo.

Pleased be advised that you will have a DOUBLE DOSE of Godly protection while in the Congo, so you have no need to worry at all about safety issues.

Only the wogs outside this most superfantaboulous Church need to read and worry about articles like,
"Why Congo is the world's most dangerous place for women?"
"Democratic Republic of Congo: The worst place in the world to be a woman"

It should all be easy peasy in the Congo as long as you're in Thiel's group!

RSK said...

I'd say Gavin nailed it when he described Thiel's group as a "vanity church". That's really the only reason it exists.

Hoss said...

After reading another "prediction being fulfilled" I wondered, when did Biblical prophets use conditions like "possibility", "consistent with", "aligning with", "perhaps"? "Possibility Thinking" was a Robert Schuller buzzword.

Yes, HWA and his minions criticized such approaches, saying they speak BOLDLY about what WILL happen! Of course, their BOLD predictions were totally wrong.

I just tossed a coin. There's a possibility it will come up heads. No, it was tails... perhaps next time. I'll keep an eye on it.

Anonymous said...

Here's a part of the milieu of all these too-many-to-count groups, each claiming to be the one-and-only. Statements, such as those here, with which they browbeat whoever might be out there, attempting to tell unique and powerful reasons to LISTEN and BE OBEDIENT.

Boils down to them saying:

It's so because I SAY it's so!!!

There was a man I followed for a while, Herbert Something-or-other, who was quite effective, quite convincing in his harangue about how I BETTER LISTEN TO HIM. I did, and spent years regretting it. Don't expect me even to pay attention. "Fool me once . . . ."

Anonymous said...

Hello Connie, if you watched my recent movie, you'd know that I live in the Congo. I act as Bobs body guard and beat the crap out of members who are behind in their tithes. Looking forward to meeting you when you visit.
Kindest regards. Tarzan.

Anonymous said...

Sorry,did I miss somethink?.......Bob who?......yes I know......that "Bob".

Bob when LCG members speak about your arrogance and pride,they are speaking the truth.
Your own words and actions and "Holy Writ" witness against you.

"Non believers and Ladiceans often will not accept how God works".
As though you do.Its called arrogance,pride,take your pick.

As I said,"Your own words....."

Anonymous said...

Oh yes Connie, how could I've forgotten.
Bring lots of money with you.

Black Ops Mikey said...

Connie, United has a meeting at Londonderry, New Hampshire in a Presbyterian
Church. The next nearest is, unfortunately, Massachusetts. If you live in Pittsburg, New Hampshire unless you might try crossing over into Canada.

Have you tried the CoG7D? It's much bigger.

And Scientology. They must have a congregation near you.

Heck, the Jehovah's Witnesses seem to have halls everywhere. You can't swing a dead... er... well, anyway, there's a lot of them.

Worst case scenario, Catholics and Lutherans, but watch out for which Synod of Lutherans! It can be quite the swamp if we are to believe Gavin's postings.

Hoss said...

After listening to the 4th anniversary message (YouTube) twice (the first time I fell asleep) it confirmed some points from the posted version and added some more.

Yes, adherence to HWA's 18 Restored Truths is apparently a major measure of correctness. But, they must be the Originals, as found in a transcript of HWA's sermon, not the Tkatch version. And they must be correctly understood. And, surprisingly, only CCOG satisfies this criterion.

Interesting that another thing being “restored” only by CCOG is an edited version of the old Bible Correspondence Course, originally put together by C. Paul Meredith. And apparently the original version was “full of errors”.

But what I want to revisit is “The Great Commission” (as opposed to Matt. 24:14, etc). Forget about how many countries there are – many were just lines drawn on maps by colonial powers. The Hebrew understanding is there are “Seventy Nations” - based on descendants of Noah. And traditionally, the voice from Mt Sinai went out in seventy languages. COGs will claim they had hits from “every” country, but does that actually mean they have baptized disciples in every nation? And have those disciples been taught every command of Jesus? Bob thinks he has fulfilled that, at least in a sense, by having read “every word” of Jesus in YouTube sermons. I'd venture to say that not only has CCOG not fulfilled the Great Commission, but no COG has. And the closest may have been CG7.

Anonymous said...

I just noticed a couple of posts from Tarzan, lol! Hopefully Connie can bring Tarzan the needed money for "The Work"!

On another note-
I just rejected a business offer from a guy because I looked at his Facebook page, and what did I see?
Crazy racist conspiracy theory stuff: He loved "news sources" like Alex Jones and Glen Beck, and was very into the Bible and guns, and whacko preachers like Jesse Duplantis.

It's telling that these types of views are more dominant in people who were once in the WCG than they are among the general population.

Sadly, opportunist hacks like Thiel will tingle some XWCGer's 'spidey sense' which will further encourage those disaffected x-members to disconnect from reality.

An acceptance of Armstrongism has already softened up some people's brains to the extent that they're now ready to accept even crazier beliefs.
(Hence, any success at all, that the Double-Brain-Farting Bob Thiel may have had and can be attributed to.)
'Double-Doses-of-Brain-Farting' isn't exactly something that impresses me or my friends and family, so we'll [spiritually reward our nostrils and] stay a respectable distance from Mr Thiel's salient super stinky segregationist spiritual stench.
(It's what reasonable people do.)