Saturday, January 28, 2017

Dave Pack Befuddled By COG Members Who Ignored Him In Akron

Poor Dave.  He just does not get it.  How can any real COG member ever ignore his preaching?  Church of God News is reporting how befuddle Pack is over the fact hat hardly anyone followed him out of Akron when he got fired, yet followed the next minister into United and then ultimately taking more into COGWA.  How can people ignore the most significant man on earth?

David Pack, of the Restored Church of God, stated, in his sermon on Dec. 31st:
“I remember when I was fired (by the Worldwide Church of God in 1993), right here in Akron, and there were 38 people came with us. That’s the number.
Two years later, another guy was fired, who had bought into and taught the trinity. I had his sermon ... The TRINITY -  and 200 people followed him. He went on to be the President of United. Now he’s a top minister in COGwa.
Two hundred people followed him. Didn’t any of them remember, right there in the room, I told them where it was going, and they follow a guy that taught them the trinity? And these were ‘escapees’, you see? ...
I listened. I mean, the whole thing - eyeballs and elbows - taught it all; swallowed hook, line and sinker - and they followed him 
(to a newly formed church - the United Church of God), because they said, “Well, it’s just the nature of God. We’re not really changing anything.”


Anonymous said...

“Two hundred people followed him. Didn’t any of them remember, right there in the room, I told them where it was going, and they follow a guy that taught them the trinity? And these were ‘escapees’, you see?...”--David Pack

Hundreds of people followed David Pack into his Restored Cash Grab (RCG) cult over the years, and look how that has worked out for them. Ouch! David Pack initially claimed that he was going to restore everything that Herbert W. Armstrong had taught at the time of his death in January 1986. Interestingly, David Pack later changed his mind and decided to make many unbelievably huge doctrinal changes.

David Pack came up with an August 31, 2013 prophetic guess that failed, and that failed again even when rescheduled for the springtime, and that has continued to fail year after year ever since. David Pack's “56 proofs” for why it would happen on August 31, 2013 did not help at all.

David Pack made up a twisted, selfish form of “common” teaching that everything is his to do with as he pleases. Obediently send it all in--“or no salvation if you don't.”

David Pack now teaches that he, rather than HWA, is the Elijah who gets to restore/change/make up doctrines. David Pack's “130 proofs” of this were just a bunch of mind-numbing noise backed up by the threat of kicking out those who did not quickly pretend to see it and agree with it. No real proof at all was given. Just more intimidation.

David Pack changed all of HWA's prophetic understanding with his new “First Dominion” theory that makes no sense at all. David Pack's crazy blabbering in this long series of demonic noise went on and on until even David Pack did not remember or believe everything he had said.

David Pack comes up with hundreds of “proofs” that do not really prove anything other than that he is insane. All the great miracles and healings that David Pack claims are occurring in his RCG are really nowhere to be seen. It just looks like David Pack is a bigger liar than most could imagine.

The only thing that RCG members are worried about now is escaping from the raging, yelling, spitting, unstable, false prophet David Pack and his satanic imposter cult known as the Restored Cash Grab.

Byker Bob said...

The minute that people were presented a better alternative, they followed. It didn't matter so much what Dave had to say, it's that he already had a certain less than stellar reputation as an administrator of church government, people saw his startup church as diminishing or worsening their Christian lives, so they chose these others whom he disdains.

As for the trinity, three aspects pertaining to God are mentioned in the Bible: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Any attempt to rigidly define each acts as a limitation. Yet Armstrongism attempted to quantify each, and to act as if their definition was one of the signs of their being the true church. Who amongst them believes that you can grieve electricity or gravity? And, the pertinent verses go much deeper than simple personification.


Minimalist said...

Here's something strange: DCP is the best speaker of the splinter superstars - his flow and thought organization is impressive. But, he can't transfer that ability to writing: his booklets (vainly self written) are a disaster: stilted to the point of being unreadable! How to explain this dichotomy? Dyslexia! I'm seeing dyslexia; I don't hold it against him, but it is what it is. I had a boss like that once: he was a very gifted and articulate salesman, but his written memos were a disaster, replete with gross misspellings of simple words! If my assessment of DCP holds true, I'm guessing his spellchecker/proofreaders work overtime - even if they dare not correct his style.

Anonymous said...

When I talk about being in WCG, one general statement I make, over and over, is that the place was run by men whose attitude could be expressed: "You should try and be like ME -- why aren't you trying to be like ME, a minister of God?"

This contrasts sharply with Jesus: "Now that I, your Lord and Teacher, have washed your feet, you also should wash one another’s feet. I have set you an example that you should do as I have done for you. Very truly I tell you, no servant is greater than his master, nor is a messenger greater than the one who sent him. (John 13:14-16)

I am sure the splinters are all like this to some extent, though I never tried one.

Davey, here, is a kind of ultimate "Be Like Me" COG "minister" because he's talked himself into believing that his 18-hours-a-day, don't-dare-look-at-anything-else approach to "studying" the Bible must, has to, couldn't possibly be other than something that makes him the best possible example to follow. No, Dave. Wrong!

After being harangued for a time with how good your minister is, as he did to everyone, and seeing that contradicted by the behavior the man exhibits -- as we know from abundant testimony -- who wouldn't leave for ANYWHERE ELSE BUT HERE? Too bad, though, it was another WCG-wannabe.

R.L. said...

UCG hasn't had that many presidents. He's either talking about Clyde Kilough or Les McCullough.

If they're not endorsing a Trinity now, maybe COGWA members should dare to ask them why not.

Of course, it doesn't say a lot for UCG that 50 percent of its presidents since inception are now in other groups.

Anonymous said...

Both UCG and COGWA have about 8000 members and a large (financially draining) governing body. What do all these Big Cheeses do? There's too many chiefs and not enough Indians.

Homer said...

Recommendation to all ministers mentioned by Anon 8:20 AM (and to all other ministers as well) is demonstrated by a 1957 song. "Get a Job"

Anonymous said...

7.44 PM.

Peoples speaking style and writing style is often very different. I recall Herb once making this observation. In fact, Herbs own writing style was genius level, yet his speaking was plain and boring.

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:20 I agree with you on the being too many chiefs and not enough Indians. Pack talking about Clyde Kilough preaching the trinity in 90s is a desperate low punch. Interesting and won't be forgotten by many but still a low punch. Will the be more uttering like this from Pack to come?

Black Ops Mikey said...

David Pack has zero worth.

In fact, he's a drain on resources.

The world would be better off without him, not that it would notice if he were to suddenly disappear tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

After being harangued for a time with how good your minister is, as he did to everyone, and seeing that contradicted by the behavior the man exhibits -- as we know from abundant testimony -- who wouldn't leave for ANYWHERE ELSE BUT HERE?

Some do not leave because they have been taught to distrust their own perceptions. They hear Jeremiah 17:9 and believe that their heart is wicked for perceiving faults in "God's Ministers." Some do not leave because they believe they will go into the Tribulation, or the Lake of Fire, if they leave. Others know that the ministry is mostly corrupt and the teachings are nonsense, but they like having friends, and are afraid to lose all their friends and start over late in life with none.

Unfortunately, the longer they stay, the more they lose their God-given powers of discernment, and the more they fall into enabling roles with their leading sociopaths, becoming co-dependent and enslaved to the toxic system.

Hoss said...

Homer, the Get a Job clip would be even better if the video had photos of COG ministers...