Tuesday, October 25, 2016

When Will Garner Ted Armstrong Ever Die?

On September 12, 2003, Garner Ted Armstrong reportedly died due to a staph infection due to complications of pneumonia.  This obviously was a charade to draw in more members to the Garner Ted Armstrong Evangelistic Association.  Even though his son Mark supposedly took over reigns of the organization after an elaborate funeral, it is now increasingly clear that GTA is alive and behind the scenes running his organization.  That wax dummy in the casket was pretty accurate!

His web site still features him prominently:

In the latest 21st Century Watch, GTA has an article on whether or not you will go to heaven:

You can watch GTA's amazing sermons:

You can listen to his sermons as MP3's; remembering fondly the old cassettes:

The Intercontinental Church of God web site still portrays GTA as its leader:

Garner Ted's wife Shirley ran the organization from her home on Lake Palestine, for many years. Their son Mark is the more public face.  Due to the fact that Mark is not a good speaker like his dad and that the articles he writes seems to be lifted from WorldNetDaily and Fox News, its no wonder Dead Ted needs to be continually trotted out as if he was still alive.  The world is collapsing around us and it is vitally important that an Armstrong proclaim that message to the world.


Monday, October 24, 2016

Living In A Cult And Killing It

The following article on CRACKED will be sure to stir up a controversy with followers of Armstrongism:

The Church Of Scientology managed to gain worldwide infamy, despite numbering only roughly 25,000 in the U.S. That's a damn fine annoyance per capita ratio. At its height, the Worldwide Church Of God had nearly 90,000members in the United States, and you've never heard of them. Its followers didn't believe in space alien ghosts or anything, but they used to have other things in common with Scientology: both were founded by a charismatic hustler who told them not to go to the doctor, for example. And yet today the Worldwide Church Of God is more church than cult. That's a rare transition: From crazy to sane. It usually runs the other way, and doesn't stop until the men in white coats take it down with a net. Mike Feazell is part of the reason for WCG's shift to respectability. We asked him how he managed to pull a full-blown cult out of its tailspin of insanity, and he told us ...

6.  It Started With A Crazed Ad-Man Who Found God
5.  Medicine And Birthday Parties Were Sins Against The Lord
4.  It Was Both A Church, And A Wildly Successful Business
3.  When The Founder Died, We Started Questioning 'Doctrine'
2.  We Broke The Rules To Save A Life
1.  But It Was Dropping The Crazy Stuff That Killed The Church
Check the full article out here:

6 Things You Learn Living In (And Killing) A Cult

Cult Witness

ht: Painful Truth

Saturday, October 22, 2016

David C Pack: The World's Most Perfect Man Who Is Incapable of Doing Wrong

On October 11, 1999, Mr. Pack was approached, at his insistence, by those people who had been employees, volunteers, and/or, contractors of the Restored Church of God, and was confronted with further explicit evidence of his sowing discord. He told us that he was sorry and would repent. We withdrew from him to give him time to show fruits of repentance. The result was, rather than admitting before the church that he had been the one causing all the problems presented to him, he has decided to attack those who have confronted him over his conduct.

Link here.

  • Mr. Pack has stated that he is not held to The Law (biblical) as members are - not that he is held to a higher standard, but that these things don't apply to him (1 Tim 3:1-7, Titus 1:5-15, John 14:15, 1 Tim 5:19-21)
  • Mr. Pack stated in the first office staff meeting, as Restored was being formed, that he would not look at tithe/contribution records. He decided he could not be held to that promise and began looking at these records immediately prior to the Feast of Trumpets 1999 (Ex 20:16, Mat 5:37)
  • Mr. Pack divulged, among the office staff, those who were the largest contributors, and those who tithed once a year and/or quarterly (Lev 19:16)
  • Mr. Pack showed favoritism in duty assignments based on contributions (Lev 19:15, Jam 2:1-9)
  • Mr. Pack was divulging confidential information given him in counseling sessions and used the information in an attempt to divide family members or as a reason to sever people from their position(s) at RCG (employee, contractor, or, volunteer) (Lev 19:11, 13, 16)
  • Mr. Pack was found to be a talebearer in that he was repeating stories rather than putting a stop to them (Lev 19:16)
  • Mr. Pack "terminated for cause" one of the staff members of RCG because he had not paid tithes, even though he was self-employed and all during the time he worked for RCG had incurred losses - therefore had no increase to tithe on (Lev 19:11, 13, 15)
  • Mr. Pack claimed that certain people embezzled funds after his having approved of the expenditure and or reimbursement (Lev 19:11)
  • Mr. Pack demanded people work for the church for free, while being paid their severance from their prior employer (e.g., if a person was being paid for two weeks of accrued vacation after resigning, Mr. Pack required them to work for RCG for two weeks without accruing pay) (Lev 19:13)
  • Mr. Pack was sowing discord within families and between husband and wife (Lev 19:16)
  • Mr. Pack was sowing discord between the various groups he was trying to get to join RCG (Lev 19:16)
  • Mr. Pack on a regular basis exaggerated figures as to income and/or attendance (Lev 19:11, Ex 20:16, Col 3:9)
  • Mr. Pack quickly and easily trampled on brethren who even slightly opposed or held a different viewpoint or opinion. Many times this precipitated inconceivable schemes by him. This was found to be a pattern throughout much of his ministry. (2 Cor 1:24 John 7:24)
  • Mr. Pack stated that one of the persons bringing the problems to him had gone public with that information. He [Mr. Pack] was challenged on this, and could provide no proof, yet continued to make similar statements. (Ex 20:16, 23:1-2, Lev 19:11, 16, Deu 16:19-20)

The false prophet was confronted with his lies and he responds by doing this:
Meanwhile, Mr. Pack ultimately refused to accept his responsibility in these matters and then began attacking those bringing the problems to his attention. Part of that attack was to attempt to discredit the persons bringing the Mat 18 situation, and the witnesses, with the ministers within RCG. In doing this, he was telling those ministers to ignore what was brought before them, whereby he interfered with judgment - a violation of those principles found in Ex. 23 and Deut. 16 concerning interfering with the giving of judgment:
He even went so far as to "disfellowship" and "mark" one of the ministers who questioned him [Mr. Pack] on his conduct and his [Mr. Pack] sowing of discord.