Sunday, June 24, 2018

Mayfair - Pasadena Campus For Sale

Here is your chance to buy one of the original buildings that Herbert Armstrong bought to start the Pasadena campus.  Mayfair served for many years as the dorm for men, women and cafeteria for the students.  Annie Mann, one of the orginal Pasadena campus workers who lived here till she died.

You too can live here for a pittance:  $8,3800,000.00
10 bedrooms and 10 bathrooms

Ron Weinland, Felon, Makes British Newspaper Over End Of The World In June 2019

End of the World COMING: 

Doomsday prophet claims apocalypse less than ‘ONE YEAR AWAY'

Ron Weinland, our favorite Church of God felon, has caught the eye of the British Press due to his prediction the end of the world will begin in June of 2019.  Like all of Weinland's previous asinine utterances, come July 2019 the world will once again see that Weinland is a liar.  Weinland has had one embarrassing failure after another since he claimed 2008 was the end of time.

Though the article is brief, it is very apparent that whoever wrote it has been checking out COG blogs related to Ron and his loony family.  There is no escaping the Internet any more for these charlatans!

Ronald Weinland is the founder of the Church of God Preparing for the Kingdom of God (COG-PKG). 
The author of multiple books on the subject of the end of the world, Weinland now claims Judgment Day will come in June 2019. 
Formerly a minister of the Worldwide Church of God, based in North Carolina, he formed the COG-PKG in 1998. 
Ever since, Weinland has warned his followers the end times are upon us, telling those who mock him or his church they will be cursed with “a sickness that will eat them from the inside out”.  End of the World COMING: Doomsday prophet claims apocalypse less than ‘ONE YEAR AWAY'