Monday, January 16, 2017

I am the most accurate PROPHET in the Church of God now!

Where would the Church of God be without self-appointed know-it-all's in its midst?  For decades the church has had a legion of men (and a few women) who have set themselves up as prophets of their god.  Men who knew first hand how the end times would be happening, had specific dates and who made "accurate" predictions.  The fun thing has always been that every single one of them have been proven liars till now.  Regardless of the record of failure we now have in our midst the  most accurate Church of God prophet ever!  He has 4 accurate prophecies to add to his resume!  He now must be followed as the one and only TRUE Church of God leader! All hail the TRUE prophet!

Who is this amazing man?  Dave Pack?  Gerald Flurry?  Rod Meredith?  James Malm?  Bob Thiel?

It is our very own Almost Arrested,  Elisha, Elijah, Amos, Joshua, Doubly Blessed, Habakkuk Bob Thiel!  Read it and weep Dave Pack!

Fourth COGwriter warning about Donald Trump confirmed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You too can read this steaming pile of bullshit here:  4th Warning

Habakkuk Thiel has a word of warring for all disbelievers:

We in the [improperly named] "continuing" Church of God “have also a more sure word of prophecy; whereunto ye do well that ye take heed, as unto a light that shineth in a dark place, until the day dawn, and the day star arise in your hearts” (2 Peter 1:19, KJV).”
Anti-Church of God skeptics do not seem to care that world events are aligning with properly understood biblical prophecy. Hopefully you are not among them.


Living Church of God and its Den of Iniquity in Charlotte

From a reader here.  Note that this is not the first time we have heard this.  This has been an ongoing issue  Charlotte and elsewhere.  It also is not confined just to LCG.  It got its start in Pasadena.  The spy base in Pasadena was astounding in the web it wove.

LCG is full of spies. They are completely unscrupulous and know no boundaries. 

They spy on members Facebook pages and feel A-Okay ordering members to remove posts that MIGHT be misconstrued (think: wearing a toga - God forbid). They will guilt-trip the member by saying something like, "we know that nothing bad was really occurring when you took those pictures, but now they are on Facebook and people out in California [who don't know you] might get the wrong impression".

Funny thing is that some people can get away with costume parties (especially in Kansas City) while others are constantly criticized and beaten down for the exact same things. The scales of justice at LCG are anything but fair and just.

I remember a minister at LCG Headquarters (Roger Bardo) telling me that he came back early from lunch one day and found other HQ's ministers in his LOCKED office searching through his desk. He 'resigned' soon after and is now pastoring a small congregation far from Charlotte. I'm sure his life is exponentially better now that he's free of the brood of vipers that is LCG headquarters.

LCG also spies on all employees who use their internet servers. The cleaver one's have gmail or Hotmail accounts for personal email because they know that Big Brother is watching.

To make matters worse, these spies rarely report just the facts. It's far more salacious to add a little spin to it. Rod Meredith is always willing to believe the worst about people and never seeks both sides of the story so he buy it hook, line and sinker.

It was one of these LCG Super Spies that ultimately ended the headquarters careers of Davey Crockett, John Robinson and Bill Bowmer just to name a few.

LCG HQs is notorious for back-biting and lies. They preach brotherly love and servant leadership but what they actually practice is despicable.

I honestly don't know how they sleep at night with all the horrible things they have done to God's people over the years.

Within 10 seconds of posting this, Charlotte lite up again:

Herbert W Armstrong: 31 Years Later and No Legitimate COG Leader Has Come Forth.

Today is the 31st anniversary of Herbert Armstrong's death.  For decades earlier it was preached from the pulpit that HWA would never die and if he did while still in office he would be resurrected almost immediately.  Some fringe elements of the church actually went to his grave 3 1/2 days later expecting his coffin to burst from the ground as he was resurrected to finished the greatest work ever imagined on the earth.  Some in the church still believe this is yet to happen.  They are waiting for a saviour to come in and rebuild the Church of God and reunite it into one magnificent end time work.  It should be noted that none of these people believe it is Dave Pack or Almost Arrested Habakkuk Bob Thiel.

Today the Church of God is one of the biggest fractured messes that anyone could have ever imagined. Hundreds and hundreds of splinter groups are now in existence.  Almost all of them refuse to cooperate with other groups.  Most of them led by men who think they are God's most important leaders ever imagined.  Most of these groups are rather benign and are nothing more than neighborly social clubs for members to feel warm and fuzzy about.  But then there are the aberrant groups like the Restored Church of God, Philadelphia Church of God and Continuing Church of God.  These three groups are led by some of the craziest men we have ever seen in the church.  The nut-jobs the came to Pasadena over the decades proclaiming themselves "witnesses," "prophets," "apostles," "Elijah," "Jesus," and scores of other personalities pale in comparison to these three self-appointed debauched reprobates.   These three claim God personally appointed them to the position they are in now.  Never has the church seen three more humble people to ever lead the members.

Almost Arrested Elisha, Elijah, Amos, Joshua, Doubly Blessed, Habakkuk Bob Thiel is making claims today that he and he alone is the ONLY one that follows and publishes the official list of truths delivered by Herbert Armstrong.

Habakkuk Thiel writes:
The only Church of God group that specifically lists all of those truth, using his list, as part of their official beliefs is the Continuing Church of God
So just what is this glorious list?  Notice that Jesus has no part of it.  As usual.

1. True Gospel  
2. Purpose of God 
3. God’s Plan through the Holy Days 
4. Proper Church Government  
5. Who and What is God? 
6. What and Why is Man? 
7. Spirit in Man 
8. Firstfruits In this Age 
9. Knowledge of What the Millennium Truly Is  
10. Truth About the Holy Spirit 
11. Christians are Begotten Now  
12. Born-Again at the Resurrection  
13. Identity of Physical Israel  
 14. How the Identity of Israel Opens Up Understanding of Bible Prophecy 
15. Second and Third Tithes 
16. Identity of Babylon and Her Daughters 
17. Satan has Deceived the Whole World
18. We Are to Be Separate 
Oh, he may claim that many of his topics point to his "jesus Christ" but ultimately they do not.   They all point to the law and have nothing to do with Jesus.

Almost Arrest Thiel then goes on to name 7 more points as to why he is legitimate and true.  Why do all of the con artists that run the COG's have to have endless lists of bullet points and numbered categories "proving" they are the only true believers?

Habakkuk Thiel then continues claim that all COG's in existence today are NOT following these lists an therefore CANNOT be true churches.   Apostate Thiel also claims that he is doing a more powerful work than HWA did due to modern technology.

We in the [improperly named] "continuing" Church of God are utilizing 21st century methods for mass communication including the printing press, radio, YouTube television, the telephone, and of course the internet, which can even be faster than the forms of mass communication that Herbert Armstrong used. We have reached multiple millions with the gospel of the kingdom and have the type of proclamation and prophetic truths that Jesus said should be the criteria to know the true from the false in Matthew 7:15-18.
Then Elijah Thiel gets to one of his favorite topics.  His dreams.  He dreamed that he should start a church and therefore his god validated him to do that.  He can do it since Herbert and Loma both had dreams.  No COG member would have ever expected to see a guy set himself up as a church leader after a night of bad Chinese food that led to some freakish nightmares. Though the word "nightmare" pretty much sums up the state of affairs in the Church of God today.

Other Church of God leaders mock Amos Thiel's dream sequence and that strikes a sore point with Theil.  HE is still bitter that his ultimate daddy, Rod Meredith mocked his dreams.

Most groups with leaders once part of the old Worldwide Church of God discount all dreams and have not placed the public proclamation of the kingdom of God to the world as their true initial priority (Matthew 24:14; 28:19), do not fully understand all of the restored truths, and have not valued the truth enough, hence they have shown that they are not the possessors of what has been called the “Philadelphia mantle” (leadership authority). The group with said mantle is also represented by the “woman” of Revelation 12:14-17.
Elisha Thiel then claims that his work and his work alone is growing at a rate of 30% a year, something that no God can claim today.  That 30% that HWA claimed was a manipulated figure the was not based upon truth.  Many in Pasadena have acknowledged this over the decades.  It was just one more lie fostered off on gullible church members as a tool to get them to keep sending in money.

The [improperly named] "continuing" Church of God has exceeded the 30% growth per year that the old Radio/Worldwide Church of God used to claim it had for decades. Many of those that we have with us did NOT have a WCG background as we reached people others had not. 
Almost Arrested Thiel is the man!  THE man to lead us to glory.  Maybe it is time we all get on board...

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Is Gerald Flurry Looking to Sell Armstrong Auditorium as Income Plummets?

Gerald Flurry continues his downward spiral as his income drops and money flows out to keep a creepy old house in England up and running just so he can imitate Herbert Armstrong and be in place to dig up Hill Tara in Ireland where he will uncover the Ark of the Covenant.

As PCG looses members due to their anti-family message and spiritual abuse of members by Wayne Turgeon and others, income is dropping.  A person would never know though.  Gerald Flurry commissioned another musical based upon Old Testament characters.  These "musicals" have drained the PCG coffers of hundreds of thousands of dollars over the years.  They have been nothing more that a platform for Flurry's grand kids to perform Irish dance in and for the Malone's to have a place to perform where church members are forced to sit and listen to them week after week.  Many members are getting sick of listening to corny musicals and listen to Mrs. Malone screech on stage.

EDMOND—More than 100 Philadelphia Church of God cast and crew members are preparing for the December 29 debut of music director Ryan Malone’s newest musical, The Widow’s Might, which will show at Armstrong Auditorium. Beginning with a rehearsal on November 1, the musical’s chorus groups are focusing on the blocking and staging elements of the show. 
Based on the book of Ruth, the project began in February, with Mr. Malone and Pastor General Gerald Flurry exploring which biblical account to portray in the Church’s next musical production. 
“He thought, since he was going to be getting into some deeper understanding on this book of the Bible, that it would be timely to make this the next musical,” Mr. Malone said. 
Since August, 15 Irish dancers from the Maguire Academy have spent 21/2 hours every week rehearsing for the six dance numbers in the show. Choreographer and instructor Paris Turgeon says the group has dedicated an estimated 30 hours to the finale alone.

A reader here wrote the following about the current state of affairs in the Philadelphia Church of God:

Gerald Flurry has commanded a mandatory Fast starting at sunset last night. He's in a mad panic because membership is down terribly and they're in bad shape financially. Edstone is a money pit and costing them a fortune, bringing in zero revenue. They can't even afford a backup generator when the power frequently goes out. 
The Irish dancing expenses is out of control! The fees to attend the different Feis around the country, the costumes and expensive wigs. There's even rumors of possibly selling the Auditorium.
The recent Ruth play didn't bring in the funds they thought it would, seems these clowns have no idea what they're doing.