Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Dr Bob Insists...

"Does the amount of water on and in the Earth support the view of the Genesis flood of Noah’s time?


Bob goes on...

"What does science say?
It’s left with two options for what accounts for all of the Earth’s water:
  • It came from extraterrestrial sources – namely comets and asteroids;
  • The Earth itself is actually manufacturing water
The latest studies pointing to vast reserves of fresh water – or “primary water” – are being used to lend credence to the second option. Why? Because the previous theory could not begin to explain how water equivalent to or exceeding the water in all of the Earth’s oceans could have found itself deep beneath the planet’s mantle.
So maybe there is another explanation – God made the water."

Probably not Bob

(Nor is the Grand Canyon a Genesis Flood feature)

At a minimum, the first 11 chapters of Genesis are tale weaving and story telling in an age where "that's the best we can do",  to explain things in ways we should know better than today.  Many don't of course because "It's in the Bible".

A personal collection of Carbonaceous Chondrites containing water. These are pieces and left over debris, 4.5 billion years old, of the formation of our  solar system and spent the vast amount of their time between Mars and Jupiter before ending up on my desk.

The origin of Earth's oceans has been a topic of much scientific debate. But with a genuine understanding of Deep Time for our origins and the nature of the chemistry of  not only our Solar System but of the Universe itself, water would come naturally to a planet just as did Gold, Silver and platinum and iron from the cores of exploding Super Nova.  These rare elements are formed in the last seconds before a star explodes and spews them into clouds that later coalesce into new stars with new and planets with these elements within them now. 
Long wonderful story brought to us by science, not religion.

As a counter point to Dr Bob's simplistic and faith restricted nonsense...
If the topic actually interests anyone and Answers in Genesis is not found to be all that satisfying, there are many well done lectures on the topic and what is known and suspected to date as to the origins of water on earth. None of them will reference Noah or the Genesis Flood. 

Did Asteroids bring water to Earth?

Monday, November 11, 2019

Adult Sabbath School for the Holidays

"The further one regresses in time, the more obvious it becomes that the principal and singular
 religious worship found around the globe has revolved around nature. This nature worship has included reverence not only for the earth, its creatures and their fecundity, but also for the sun, moon, planets and stars. For many thousands of years, man has looked to the skies and become awestruck by what he has observed. This awe has led to the reverence and worship both of the night and day skies, an adoration called  "astrotheology."

 While fertility worship has constituted an important and prevalent part of the human religion, little has astonished humankind more than the sky, with its enormous, blazing, white day orb in the azure expanse, and with its infinite, twinkling, black night dome. So fascinated by the sky, or heavens, has been man that he has created entire religions, with organized priesthoods, complex rituals and massive edifices, in order to tell its story."
Acharya S. 

And the reason for the tilt and the origin of our moon
{Nice moon this evening. Take a look}

At the time Earth formed 4.5 billion years ago, other smaller planetary bodies were also growing. One of these hit earth late in Earth's growth process, blowing out rocky debris. A fraction of that debris went into orbit around the Earth and aggregated into the moon.

The 23 1/2 Degree Tilt is definitely the reason for the Season