Wednesday, October 17, 2018

"To say Mr. Herbert W. Armstrong is NOT a Saint, is kin to the UNPARDONABLE SIN!"

The Kitchen clan have a bizarre posting up on Facebook concerning HWA and the unpardonable sin.

A person that one of the Kitchen's had attempted to "friend" on Facebook rejected his friendship when she found out he was not a Living Church of God member.

She made this comment:

"Mr. Merideth was appointed by the church board members, all ministers. I don't know where you get your info. but you are wrong on more than one count. My. Armstrong was a very good and intelligent man and he loved Father God and he taught others to be the same. He is not a Saint. Nor is He an apostle. He would be the very first to say so. I am sorry you do not understand your Bible better and that you believe without proof in your fellow man."
Her comment above, that HWA was not a saint, sent the Kitchen clan into a pretribulation Laodicean meltdown.
To say Mr. Herbert W. Armstrong is NOT a Saint, is kin to the UNPARDONABLE SIN!
It is saying he had NO HOLY SPIRIT within him, and therefore is NOT a member of the Church, and therefore WILL NOT rise to meet Christ in the air on the last trump of God! And that sentences him to the third resurrection does it not? The Lake of fire?

And to say he is NOT an apostle, and that Mr. Herbert W. Armstrong would be the first to say he is NOT a Saint, and apostle? Read Mr. Armstrong's articles! Listen to his sermons! In his article “How Christ gives Church its beliefs” he specifically says he is an apostle! In the World Tomorrow TV program “The Coming Kingdom” he says to the PUBLIC that he is an APOSTLE of Jesus Christ! He says this numerous times! Yet you say he would admit that he WASN'T ONE? First, perhaps you should consider that you could be wrong or mistaken. Or if you are merely parroting what has been told you by a pastor, maybe you should examine whether such statements is true. They are not. And is very dangerously close to committing the unpardonable sin!
The Kitchen's worship at the altar of HWA like James Malm worships at the altar of the law.  Neither has any idea who Jesus is or what he accomplished.



Every form of government the ACOGs have tried has failed.
WCG – top guy changed all the doctrines and kept all the money.
GCG – tried one man with a board that could throw him out. This they did even though 80% of the members disagreed with them. Plus, they kept all the money. Then they went broke because they also had most of the expenses and not enough income. Not as smart as the Tkaches.
LCG – back to one man. One man died. Next one up – unknown at this point.
UCG – council voted on by ministers – still split into 2.
The common denominator is the people – specifically the ministry. Everyone wants to be in charge.
For such a small group of people, we have as many splits (400) as the rest of Christianity combined (400). You would think we would be ashamed. We sing Onward Christian soldier – all one body we – we are 400 bodies. 1 Corinthians 3 blasts all the schisms and points out Christ was crucified for us, not the ministers.
The head of man is Christ – not a minister. The ministry role is to help us, not lord it over us like the worldly rulers do.
In Acts 15, we find James, the brother of Jesus, rendering the final decision – not Peter. After Jesus told the 12 they should not be jockeying for position and they should be servants, not lord it over people like worldly rulers, they finally got the point.
Why can’t we all get along today like the apostolic church did? Instead we have leaders who demand titles – Mr. and Dr. – instead of being brethren, we have the formality of 100 years ago. At every company I have worked for, everyone from CEO down is on a first name basis, and somehow manages to still have respect for one another and the management.

Submitted by TLA