Friday, June 29, 2012

Apostle Malm: Internet May Not Be Usable By End of Year

Apostle Malm is getting crazier by the day.  Though that really is not much of a surprise.  He has been doing some house cleaning on his web sites and has spent the day eliminating old comments that were a year old or older in order to free up more space for comments by current readers.

But never fear, he has to get his prophetic mouth engaged in even this.  He writes:

ANNOUNCEMENTS:   To reduce the weight of the site comments two years old and older comments  have been deleted.  This will provide for as much comments space as is needed through the end of this year.

By that time, either the North American Internet will no longer be usable; or I will be going to a dedicated server.  

If his prophetic utterances are true the great whore will have arisen in Europe, the Beast and Germany will be bombing the hell out of the United States. With all of those bombs flying around the internet will be down and no longer useful in spreading his gospel message.  Unless of course he just moves to a new server.  Which really means his prophetic utterances were an epic failure and he has been given more time to warn the church.  Its like broken record.


Anonymous said...

Well that's odd. He deletes my comments right away.

Anonymous said...

I thought the main reason for what became the internet was for communication in time of war.

Anonymous said...

"...the North American Internet [the webspace which I currently use] will no longer be usable; or I will be going to a dedicated server."

I think (as often) you are reading in prophetic comments into his easily understandable passing remark of changing his webspace provider.


Frank said...

Anon 12:12 am: You are truly naive if you believe that Malm is referring to his North American web service no longer being unavailable by the end of the year.

I read the same comment that you read and it is plain as day that he is referring to the fact that he predicts the end time to start by the end of this year. Of course North America will be on the receiving end of Malm's prophetic predictions. When Malm's little god starts punishing this country there will be no internet for anyone to use.

You are the one reading too much into his prediction. Malm is a liar. Nothing he says will be happening by the end of this year will happen, or next year, or the year after that. Get your head out of his ass and use your brain!

Anonymous said...

" Nothing he says will be happening by the end of this year will happen, or next year, or the year after that. Get your head out of his ass and use your brain!"

Even if "the end" came according to Malm, we could just as easily say it came just as Max Keiser, Gerald Celente, several hundred economists and millions of humans who can see this madness can't go on much longer. As long as we are getting our heads out of our butts, COG types need to realize there is no one man, one organization predictors of events on the planet. One can be right just by luck or by insight.

You don't even have to be religious.

What is at work here is the human ego. Malm wants the feel good of being right but has enough disclaimers to also have plausible deniability. Ron Weinland never left himself a plausible deniable out and we can see where he is in all this.

If Malm (who is probably some one we'd never give any time to if we could see his bodily presense and hear his speech) can have so many disclaimers, then it doesn't matter what he says. He may as well just not offer his prophetic views since it "all in God's good time." The fact that he still has to sound as if he knows tells us all we need to know.

He needs the attention and wants to be seen as special and important. Malm needs to get his head of out the south end of his alimentary canal and showing off for Jesus.

Ron showed off for Christ as is Dave Pack showing off for Christ. I guess all the COG's show off for Christ as Jesus is just too swishy a name.

What do you get when you force a COG minister to say the word "Jesus"?

A blocked airway and choking. Call 911 :)


Assistant Deacon said...

Dingleberries are in season. Ripe for the pickin'....

Anonymous said...


: 1 The Malmalation of Jesus Christ, I think. Yep,pretty sure but I could be wrong, which God, the voice said he was God I mean, to shew unto his servants things which must shortly, of course as God choses and in his own time, don't hold me to it, come to pass;

...and he sent and signified it by his angel, because I just feel this to be true, unto his servant Malm:

9 I Malm, who also am your brother, and companion in tribulation, and in the kingdom and patience of Jesus Christ, and as I have appointed myself to communicate all things God with you, was in the isle that is called Patmos, well, it could have been Crete or near Seattle, not sure...was never good at geography, for the word of God, and for the testimony of Jesus Christ...or at least give it my best shot knowing that I am not saying this is when or how things will work out. This is how they CAN work out! sheesh....

10 I was in the Spirit on the Lord's day, or it may have been a Tuesday after lunch, and heard behind me, ok, in my head as no one else did, a great voice, as of a trumpet or perhaps a fog horn. I'm not sayin'...

11 Saying, at least as I understood it, "I am Alpha and Omega, the first and the last: and, What thou seest....

12 And I turned to see the voice that spake with me but there was nothing there. This is in my head. And being turned, I saw seven golden candlesticks or so it seemed to me...

13 And in the midst of the seven candlesticks one like unto the Son of man, clothed with a garment down to the foot, and girt about the paps with a golden girdle. However, I could be wrong but it looked like a man but only God knows.

19 ....Write the things which thou hast seen, and the things which are, and the things which shall be hereafter; as God wants it to happen remember, 'cause I'm not setting dates mind you.

20 The mystery of the seven stars which thou sawest....


Douglas Becker said...

Professor Malm reminds me of all the schizophrenic patients I have ever met.

Only not quite as sane.

Douglas Becker said...

We don't have to wait for the end of the year, Malm has already gone "404".

Byker Bob said...

This reflects directly on the ACOG understanding of the Holy Spirit, truth or the lack thereof, and consequently their message or doctrines causes the broad majority of logically or Biblically-founded people to tune them out.

Who would want their version of the Holy Spirit in the first place?
They call Him an "it" and consider it to be an impersonal power that allegedly makes someone understand that Herbert W. Armstrong was God's endtime apostle, with binding and loosing authority inherited from St. Peter. Their version of the Spirit opens their mind to ridiculous, readily disprovable theories, and makes them see wisdom in beating their children. It even blocks the logic center which would normally inform them that if prophetic dates for Christ's return constantly need to be revised and excuses made, that God did not inspire those dates, or the people who laid them out.

No, I prefer the real Holy Spirit, the third personage of God, Who is interactive with God's children and transforms their hearts. The One who is described as having emotions and other personal attributes, and the One who is not restricted to some imaginary small elite group, and does not lead people into such a group, but allows them to be part of the body of Christ, numerous and worldwide.

The ACOGs are bogus, people! Why continue to make excuses for them? Why continue to support them financially? All of them are based on the thinking of a charismatic, but ultimately false teacher who put together his system based on the worst theological waste material taught by other false teachers.


Anonymous said...

"No, I prefer the real Holy Spirit, the third personage of God, Who is interactive with God's children and transforms their hearts."

Equally elusive and out of touch...

Steve Kisack said...


How do you know that you have the Holy Spirit? Do you feel different? Are there any manifestations? Just how can you tell?

Anonymous said...

I can tell when I'm loaded with the holy spirit cause it gets hard to walk and my speech gets slurred. Good times!

Byker Bob said...


James over at the Painful Truth Website ( has collected some of my writings and put them into a folder entitled "The Road from Sheol".
I've pretty much chronicled my post-atheist spiritual experiences and musings in those articles. If you are curious, chec, them out.

But, yes, I do feel much different.
There is a certain realness to it all this time around. For many decades, I was into retaliation bigtime. I also had a very unforgiving spirit. You might say I was bitter, but certainly hated it and took people to task when they pointed it out. Within a few weeks after God, who has the keys to unlock all of our hearts and minds, did His work on me, I really experienced healing from the retaliatory and bitterness thingies. Frankly, that's something all of us on these sites talk about regularly, but some never actually do receive the healing.

As a WCG member, I never felt that my ritualistic and WCG patterned prayers ever got beyond the ceiling. That's why it was so easy to leave when 1975 became a non-event. Now, I feel dynamic two way conversation with God in my prayers, much as St. Paul described in his epistles. It's mind blowing what I get back each time I pray. Never would have guessed. I also have felt nearly compelled to renew my mind through personal Bible Study. Now that I am not being told what conclusions I must reach or will go to the Lake of Fire, I really enjoy Bible Study. The Spirit is not being stifled, grieved, and quenched by some despotic and toxic church.

I'm not special. This can happen (and routinely does!) for many others. Life is better now than at any other point in my life, and believe me, there have been numerous trials! This is not religion. It's a personal relationship with God. There is a substantial difference as I've learned!


Anonymous said...

Many people's lives have transformed for the better through getting religion(and it's corresponding holy spirit), whether that religion is Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Scientology, Rastafari, and/or a host of other religions.

I am struck by how Byker Bob's description of his life changes are so similar to those of someone I know who converted to Islam.

Without trying to determine whose life was "worst" before their "true conversion", I do recognize the positives that a cathartic conversion can bring.

And I tend to see such "conversions" as being a result of some internal or external pressure or need to change one's self, rather than "God" doing it, since the plethora of positive testimonials can be found from converts to religions of a wide variety of beliefs.

I also think the particular variety of "Truth" that's found by such converts is largely a function of the prevailing religious milieu of the person's culture.

There are many subsets, though. The culture in which I live has Christianity as it's prevailing religious milieu, although the alleged Christian Holy Spirit leads millions of people to an incredible amount of opposing 'truths', even within the Christian community.
Thankfully, we have the fine Christians among the Texas State Legislature who have recently outlawed "critical thinking", so we will no longer have to think about such things.

I will have to now go to watch TV on the Daystar, TBN, and JCTV networks, to see how the REAL Holy Spirit makes a truly converted Christian roll around on the floor while pissing and shitting himself and babbling incoherently, while believing the crap of all the "Liars for Jesus" preaching on those networks babbleon.



Anonymous said...

Hey! I can do this too.

By tonight either the Beast Power will have led Americans away in chains into captivity, or I will go to the movies.

Either the rivers will run red with blood by Saturday, or I will go fishing.