Tuesday, June 26, 2012

NZ Father With Ties to Armstrongism Murders Son

Police seize property of former NZ man accused of murdering son


Police investigating a former New Zealand man accused of murdering his six-month-old son have seized the family's laptop, phone, camera and iPads.
David Fisher, 38, has been kept behind bars after a brief court appearance for allegedly killing his son Elijah in a South Brisbane river on Saturday evening.

The child's mother, Fisher's wife, Lauren, wrote on Twitter last night that police had seized electronic equipment.
This afternoon she tweeted that today she had held her "baby boy" in her arms.

"Someone had dressed him in red. And the grey sky over Brisbane weeps with me," Mrs Fisher wrote.

Last night she tweeted: "There's such a beautiful moon smiling down on us tonight - so pretty it breaks my heart and I weep."

The Courier Mail is reporting that detectives have renewed calls for help from the public about the hours leading up to Elijah's death.

Elijah drowned after his father fell from the Logan Bridge with the baby in his arms.
Fisher emerged from the river and walked home, allegedly telling the his wife and Elijah's four older sisters, "Elijah's drowned. Elijah's gone."

He was charged with murder around midnight on Saturday and the baby's body was recovered on Sunday morning when water police found it washed up on a riverbank 1.5km downstream.

Later in the article Armstrongism was brought into the picture.

The Fisher family lived a nomadic lifestyle between Australia and New Zealand. Fisher's parents had ties to a former cult in New Zealand, the Worldwide Church of God.
While the church, established in 1967, now describes itself as "simply an Evangelical church with normal orthodox ideology", Pastor Dennis Richards said it used to be known as a "cult".

 Another article had this to say about the family:

Mr and Mrs Fisher had been together for about 13 years, and followed an alternative lifestyle where they home-schooled their children, kept to a vegan diet and travelled Australia and New Zealand on a truck they lived in for weeks at a time.


Douglas Becker said...

The Worldwide Church of God under Herbert Armstrong was filled with lies and deceptions which confused the members as they tried to hold conflicting ideas, preachments and doctrines all together and tried to make them work in some sort of semblance of rational operating life -- impossible to do -- and the results of this extreme dysfunctional conflict set up tragic situations where disaster has just been waiting to happen.

In two movies, 2001: A Space Odyssey and its companion 2010: The year we make contact, the HAL 9000, with its pristine logic murdered people. One wonders how such a perfect logic machine with such a high level of intelligence could do such a thing (though we have no question at all how David in Prometheus could do so)?

The answer is that they lied to the HAL 9000 computer. It could not handle the cognitive dissonance and "lost it".

I think Arthur C. Clark had something there: Lies have consequences and sometimes the consequences are severe. Everyone looks at the families and wonders, "How could that happen, they seem like such nice people?".

The answer: Armstrongism drove them nuts.

Mark said...

I hate how everyone is guilty in the media before they even get a trial.
It was ugly with Michael Jackson, and its ugly here too.
He is guilty to you because you hate his former religion. Not because you know the full details.