Saturday, June 16, 2012

Ron Weinland Scholarship Fund Accepting Applications

Here's a little tidbit from a comment on Mike's blog that one of the jurors posted today.  I wonder how many Church of God Preaching the Kingdom members know there is a scholarship fund for their children if they show promise in being part of the "work?"

So far that scholarship fund has only been used once in it's existence.  it is a matter of court record who the recipient was.  Anyone want to venture a guess?

Juror #215 Says:
Regarding Jeremy, it was revealed that one of the Weinland’s personal credit cards was being used by Jeremy for his various peresonal expenses as well. Also, there was the whole “scholarship program” issue…

I wonder now how many PKG members are aware that their church has a college scholarship program to be used for young persons who show a promising future in the church? Mr Weinland is the only person with authority to determine who would receive such a scholarship, and according to the testimony and evidence, the only person who did receive this scholarship was Jeremy Weinland.


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You don't think Stephen Flurry and the Meredith boys haven't received benefits that weren't given to other members of their father's church? Just like GTA did? Insane False Profit Ron Weinland is just following in the footsteps of his mentor HWA. And on a far smaller scale.

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I understand Dave Pack has put one of his sons on the minister payroll and of course , the boy is dad booklet trained. At least this is what I have heard

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I understand Dave Pack has put one of his sons on the minister payroll and of course , the boy is dad booklet trained.

What's even more sad is that the Pack boy posted on ex-HWA sites for a couple of years, making it clear that he despised his Dad's religion. Then, when the economy went sour, he got right back on the gravy train. Just like some of the Meredith boys, and little Stevie Flurry who used to tell friends that at first he thought his Dad was crazy, but who now tells a very different story of how he was impressed by Malachi's Message from the very beginning.

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Well, it seems to be a pattern here. If we go by the Gospel of Mark, it tells us, and only here in the any Gospel, that Mary and Jesus brothers showed up to take Jesus back home "because they thought he was mad." (Insane)

Then, after a couple years we find James, "the Lord's brother" the head of the Jerusalem Church."

Quick and convenient conversion with no background given. He just shows up in place.


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Gee, I'm feeling sort of stupid and embarrassed because I am surprised- I never thought Weinland was up to this kind of criminal activity. I know these guys are crazy, but I keep forgetting that some of them are entirely aware of what they are doing, that is, they have criminal inent. I have the bad habit of thinking that while they are robbing people, these guys really think they are doing the Lord's Work. It doesn't look that way with Ron...

Paul Ray

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PKG Student Scholarship Application

What is your name?__________

Sorry. That is the wrong name.

Are you related to the Prophet?

Sorry. You must be related to the Prophet.

Can you housewatch for God's Church while the Prophet is out of town?

Sorry, you must have a key to the home already.

Is your mother the most silent of witnesses?

Sorry, she must be so.

Thank you for applying however the Bored of One who Profits find you ineligable forever.


Sweetblood777 said...

Is it only me,but have you all noticed how silent the COGs became after the rat was charged?

It would not surprise me in the least that all of them function this way.

In fact, I believe that all organized churches, especially those that use the airwaves to bait future givers to their ministry.


Douglas Becker said...

I miss Law and Order Criminal Intent.

But this is almost as good.

Lake of Fire Church of God said...

CNBC has a program called "American Greed - scams across America". The show profiles "white collar" crooks - people like Bernie Ebbers of WorldCom, Ken Lay of Enron and Bernie Madoff's ponzi scheme. They also profile lesser known fraudsters.

I think they should do an episode on Ron Weinland.


Anonymous said...

As to the "Meredith boys", you guys are all wet. Rod Meredith has all kinds of theological error, but any Meredith ethical shortcomings are virtually non-existent. -Anon 43