Wednesday, July 11, 2012

American Kabuki Claims He Helped 50,000 COG Members Leave Armstrongism

This guy claims he helped over 50,000 COG members leave Armstrongism in the 1990's.  You have to read his story and his many claims, including dying and coming back to life.  I knew about the 300,000,000 income when I came to Pasadena. There for a while the church bragged that it was bringing in close to a million dollars a day.

Thank Heaven for 7-11 (2012, that is)… “American Kabuki: First Ever Radio Interview on The Light Agenda”
In a far-ranging interview, we find out that American Kabuki is, not surprisingly, American and grew up in a family of five kids; his father would talk about the UFOs he’d seen flying during the war; his mother’s cousin broke the land speed record; and that at the age of nine, when camping in the desert with his father as part of a group of 30 kids and parents, he experienced his first ‘cowboy’ angel; an angel who may have saved the whole group from dehydrating and possibly dying in the heat.

He also suffered terrible asthma and a dog mauling as a young boy; only to be healed, instantly – twice – by a minister of the church. And it is that same church which had a such major impact on his life – and for way longer…

From the age of five, American Kabuki was an integral part of the World Wide Church of God, led by former advertising guru Herbert W. Armstrong, which his father had joined. The church soon had control over many of the family’s regular activities – from the food they ate, to what they drank and where a percentage of their weekly income went.

Sometime after beginning his working life as a carpenter, American Kabuki finally landed, by accident, in the world of IT. He loved it and it brought him into a whole new world. IT widened his eyes on many fronts, as he soon had dealings with and access to people and confidential corporate and banking information from way outside his church group – and from all around the world. His work also led to him living overseas for several years, in the UK and France, and took him to countries as far away as Australia, regularly.

The Worldwide Church of God and its doctrines, meanwhile, retained American’s Kabuki’s devotion for 35 years. Yet it was his IT knowledge and worldly experiences, combined with what he was seeing and hearing within his church, that led him to uncover a mass of untruths about the church during the 1990s. Including the fact that his church had an annual income of over $300 million a year!

His disillusionment with the church – and his IT know-how – led him to setting up and running what was, albeit, a very archaic, early version (it was the 1990s, after all) of an email database and online chat room. But it was one that was highly effective, as during the late 1990s, he and a couple of others helped over 50,000 people come to terms with the church he had by then left – or leave themselves. Most joined him and left.

Since then, American Kabuki has enjoyed what he describes as a continuous and wonderful awakening.
But he has also endured incredible physical hardship. In 2007, he contracted an illness which, in early 2009, saw him die. He tells me what happened during his death and how, once he was eventually brought back to life, his life changed even further.


DennisCDiehl said...

I have met so many "lightworkers" in the therapeutic massage world that at times I want to unscrew their bulb.

Well meaning people who filter their world in ways most simply cannot imagine. I have friends who are so detached from anything real and so immersed in spirit, Gaia, angels, fairies, all things metaphysical and ethereal that they rarely comment on anything that is actually happening on the planet or in their lives.

A devotion to the New Age not unlike the devotion of fundamentalists to literalisms.

Perhaps the metaphysical approach is the low view of actual observations of quantum physics which make our world, perceptions, realities and universe a truly spooky place that we tend to take for granted and not realize works as it does.

I have my own tendencies towards the metaphysical but on the quantum physics which is mind numbing enough.

Just asking what is reality, matter and light will take you on a very strange journey. Most never think about it.

We think ears "hear", eyes "see", noses "smell" and fingers "touch" but we would be wrong. They are all frequency collectors that change waves into signals and signals into experiences...all in the head.

We know all sound takes place in the head and the world outside our head is silent and full of only waves.

All seeing is watched by something in us (consciousness) in the dark on a credit card size area in the back of our skull and in the dark. The world outside our heads may be silent and pitch black made up of waves of photons and sound. wooo woooo :)

Anyway, it is more fascinating than trying to figure out if Baron Von Toffelhausen is the Beast of Revelation :)

Anonymous said...

Why is that guy wearing an EIB kimono? Is he in the Rush Limbaugh stable?

I wish Christians would realize that they are no different than someone who is completely convinced that he can channel the lifeforce of the planet into a crystal to completely heal cancer. The only difference is that the Crystal Guy isn't into monotheism. But it's the same belief in imaginary forces/beings.

Paul R.

Painful Truth said...

Sounds like a HWA bullshit story!

caseywollberg said...

Awww...the intersection of Armstrongism and New Age lunacy. It's so cute.