Monday, July 9, 2012

A Break From Ron Weinland and Apostle Malm

Quality entertainment for the brainwashed

Notice Kevin Dean and others entralled with this world class entertainment!


Silence said...

Gahhhh. This triggers traumatic childhood memories of old Young Ambassador videos played for us kids. 0_o

Painful Truth said...

"Notice Kevin Dean and others entralled with this world class entertainment!"

Maybe it reminded of the movie "Deliverance?"

Anonymous said...

This vidio was just part of WCG's mind control efforts. The music was sqeaky clean and upbeat. The singers were well, groomed and neatly clothed. It is clear that the vidio was used to draw a sharp contrast to modern worldly entertainment. enoughter part of the exclusivist, us versus the world, mentality the leadership was trying to further in the minds of the membership.

Byker Bob said...

I feel sorry for all the kids in the ACOGs who might like rock and roll this weekend. They're probably going to listen to a sermon based on the latest tell all book about Mick Jagger. He is described as being a virtual human vacuum cleaner, going around and having sex with David Bowie and dozens of other popular rock stars over a period lasting decades. Who knows? Flurry might even play "When the Whip Comes Down" with all the words posted on his Jumbotron as he gives his sermon.


Anonymous said...

I never liked the Big Beak idea.

It always seemed very strange that the WCG--which pretended to know a better way of life--would just copy some silly idea like Big Bird from some grungy television show like Sesame Street.

Also strange was the trouble this caused WCG kids in school as they argued with their classmates about whether the big yellow thing was called Big Bird or Big Beak.

Anonymous said...

I fell dirty after watching this.

Am I the only one who finds this to be extremely creepy?

Anonymous said...

I agree anon. This just seems sick and perverted now. It really is creepy!