Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Wayne Matthews (Weinlandite) "It is not my job (or anyone else in the ministry) to explain scriptures or anything to you..."

Below is a quote from an email exchange between Ron Weinland's so-called evangelist Wayne Matthews and a former member had had a series of questions regrading Ron's continuing status as a Witness/Apostle/Prophet.  The arrogance or Matthews and Ron show why Armstrongism has no credibility.  This arrogance is not isolated to COG-PKG but is in every single COG organization out there.  The leaders know more than the dumb sheep.

Highlights are mine:

Hi Christian, It is not my job (nor anyone in the ministry) to explain scriptures or anything to you or to anyone else. It is “God that convicts” someone by the power of His spirit. You either believe God or you don’t. You have chosen not to believe in faith.

I do not have to report to you. When I disfellowshipped you it was for the very reason revealed in this email. You  do not believe God in the spirit of humility. You had spoken to at least 2 others before I disfellowshipped you (that’s why I called you in the first place).

You remain disfellowshipped and until I see clear obvious repentance you remain cut off from God and His church.

Neither Ron or I intend to engage you with regards to any of your questions (which imply you know more than God’s Apostle). If you cannot see the truth, you cannot see it. We pray God grants you repentance to see your current spirit (attitude).
Regards Wayne

You can read the entire email exchange on Mike's Blog: Deputy Sheriff Wayne Rides Again


Steve Kisack said...

Oh my god! Who do these assholes think they are? "Disfellowship" me...please!

Assistant Deacon said...

Who is Wayne Matthews?

What a butthead. "...until I see clear and obvious repentance you remain cut off from God..."

I'm sure God is relieved that butthead cleared that up for him.

The Napoleon Complex is alive and well, obviously.

Byker Bob said...

I agree with one of his statements.
He is totally correct when he states that it is not his job to explain scriptures to them. These guys have no concept as to what real spiritual guidance might be in the first place.

Funny thing is, apparently he feels as if he's got the influence to cut people off from God! How arrogant. Not even Satan has that power.

I suspect that this is yet another one whose parents should have named him Dick.


Byker Bob said...

Acts 19:13-16 is pretty graphic as to what can happen when people try to do things falsely in the name of Jesus.

For those not inclined to get out their Bibles, the verses above tell the story of a fake exorcist, and what happened to him. Ultimately, I doubt that fake apostles will fair any better with their fear mongering and self-given titles.


Mish-Madh said...

Maybe the new website is spiritual?
You can't see it in the flesh, but if you are spiritually imbued, you can see it. So what does that mean for the rest of us.. uh just go make dinner and uh blog and do your thing.

Sorry, I can't see anything beyomd the natural. My grandma could, I think I should check, out, become catholic and see baby Jesus, Elivis and UFOs. Better than enduring the normal. Too many trials. FYI - Just laid to rest my husbands grandmother Elizabeth Hayes -94 years old. I got to read the scripture about the blessed hope, 1Thess 4. Catholic Funerals are such a comfort. Do we have that in COG?????? Nope, just a cold commitment to the ground. Ok, I've decided that the "soul" goes back to God in Heaven whether awake or unawake in anticipation of the coming of the Lord. I cannot relagate my loved ones who were good and kind to nothingness. If they are asleep in Peace I am comforteded.

John said...

I'm with you MM. With all the anecdotal evidence about near death experiences I cannot believe that there is nothing beyond this mortal, physical life. I watched a video the other day that briefly summarized 3 different interpretations. I'm probably inclined to agree with the first or third view, which I find both scriptural and comforting. And my commiserations to you on your loss. I believe and pray that she, like all whom we have loved and lost through our lives, are resting in peace in Christ Jesus who is "the resurrection and the life" (John 11:25). Blessings, shalom, namaste.

Anonymous said...

Matthews says:

"It is not my job (nor anyone in the ministry) to explain scriptures or anything to you or to anyone else. It is “God that convicts” someone by the power of His spirit. You either believe God or you don’t.z'

Excellent! Then shut down church, stay home and save an additional 10 to 30 percent...


Byker Bob said...

Mish Mash,

I attended Catholic services on several occasions with my second wife. The RCC is not the horrible boogeyman that it was made out to be by HWA. Many of their teachings do promote family values and Godly relationships, and the church has provided comfort to many in a wide variety of life's circumstances. Obviously, there are abuses fomented by some who backslide from the teachings of the church. Let's face it, as a group these folks did an awesome job of collecting and preserving the Bible for us today!

I'm sorry to hear of your trials. Sometimes these seem never ending, and they often intensify as we go further along the path which God has us travelling. It's part of our education and development, though, part of our sanctification process, and is in accordance with God's purpose in our lives.

Prayers for you!