Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Did UCG/COGWA Ministers Play "The Good Germans" or Were/Are They "Academic and Ethical Prostitutes?"

The Malmites have been an a tear against the "academic and ethical prostitutes" that run UCG and COGWA.  These men, all former WCG leaders who actively worked to disfellowship those people who were not in agreement with WCG's new teachings, while working in the background to form a new church.  While they played heavy handed dictatorial policies towards others, they themselves were whoring themselves out to a new organization and the almighty dollar.  The Malmites are correct in their observations of these men and the continued hypocrisy they all share to this day.

This is a comment written in by an acolyte of Malm.  Malm's comment is the highlight section.

No second hand, twice removed, hear-say, gossip in this matter. Rather, we have the informed and published comment of Michael Feazell and the official WWN heroic triumphal PR releases published for the consumption of the brethren.

The truth that emerges from these documented sources is that Donald Ward was in early and up to his eyeballs in the process of indoctrination of both the executives and the academic teaching faculty of WCG Inc. in evanghelical protestant theoogy(which is to say reformed Roman Catholicism).

Ably assisting and helping in the process were such other UCG bigwigs as Robin Webber, Larry Salyer, and David Hulme.

Don’t forget Victor Kubik, Michael P Germano [who now "educates" LCG youth and is a big influence behind Bob Thiel's false prophecies] and Michael Synder [the Tkach front man to the Evangelical Movement from at least 1990] who is now the consultant for the changeover to the New UCG. James

They and the others of their ilk not publically identifiable (at least not yet anyway)were mostly either the “good Germans” who would never countenance the results of their superiors actions, but efficiently carried out their assigned duties like so many parts in a well oiled ($$ being the “grease” applied) machine. As Victor Kubik told Warren Zehrung at the UCG founding conferance in Indianapolis when asked by the latter for an apology for having disfellowshipped and fired him from his former employment–”of course not, I was just doing my job.”. Like the switchmen who kept the Reich’s trains of cattle cars running and the guards who “maintained order”, they were the “good Germans”.

Some others were academic and ethical prostitutes who just wanted the best job they could find and who would go wherever and do whatever it took for that to occur. (Like Larry Salyer whose COG career eems “born to trouble as the sparks fly upward” (Job 5:7).

Those who behave in such a manner declare themselves more intersted in their reward in the here and now than in waiting for Christ to grant it to them at His return. Those who remain willingly blind to such motivations on the part of their presumptive leaders and brethren are more to be pitied than mocked.


Anonymous said...

Michael P Germano [who now "educates" LCG youth and is a big influence behind Bob Thiel's false prophecies]

Don't blame Germano. LCG is presently in the grip of a serious internal power struggle. Rod Meredith has become mentally and emotionally unstable, and at least two warring factions within LCG are trying to "spin" him to their side. Meredith himself is so far gone that he barely remembers what he said from one day to the next, which makes him very hard for any faction to control, but also makes him seem to "play both sides" of many issues. There are reports of major moral lapses involving top men and/or their families, and there is doctrinal confusion so severe that ministers have been punished for teaching the very same doctrines that are being preached by LCG HQ!

Through all this, it seems to be the unpaid LCG local elders who are "holding fast" and keeping their congregations together while the paid ministry, like hirelings, waits to see which faction will come out on top.

Reports from ministers who attended the recent LCG Ministerial Conference suggest that Meredith is almost totally detached from coherent discussion of doctrine. He simply expects obedience to whatever he says. That used to be fine for some in LCG, but lately Meredith has become so confused, and so confusing, that even those who want to be loyal to him don't know what to believe.

In short, LCG these days isn't so much "the good Germans" or the "academic and ethical prostitutes" as it is "the Keystone Kops."

Douglas Becker said...

You have to admit that even with his brain being battered in boxing matches when he was a teenager on his way to winning the Golden Gloves Championship, Meredith has lasted pretty well for these past few decades of being a false prophet, before descending into senile dementia and other health problems.

Perhaps before too long, we can see a split or splits in the Living (Dead) church of gods just like United (United -- a misnomer if there ever were one).

As for confused, the whole Armstrongist religion makes no real sense in the light of science, logic, history and Scripture... and there are some Archeologists that aren't too happy with the Armstrongists either, because they know better.

It's quite a drama to sit back and watch just whose lies are going to dominate the scene.

Anonymous said...

According to the Holy Spirit, Jesus just watched thousands of Christian preachers to see how his "PR" here on Earth is going...

Although he generally avoids statistics, Jesus says that "99.9% of those preachers I listened to are ridiculous 'Liars for Jesus', and totally worthty of some awesome mockery."

Jesus said he plans "to get away from all the cheesy salesman 'Liars for Jesus' for awhile", by taking a "nice long vacation on the Planet Kolob, which is a couple galaxies away from Earth."

Surprisingly, when asked what music he's into these days, Jesus said, "I just downloaded DEVO's 'Don't Roof Rack Me, Bro!' onto my 64MB godPod."

When asked if he's pro-Mormon or anti-Mormon, Jesus replied, "Both. Even though Mormonism is totally ridiculous, you got to give them props for being very creative. I wish I would have thought of 'seer goggles and golden plates and stuff like that' when I was creating the universe."
"But also,pictures like this and this give me a chance to have a laugh, too.


Byker Bob said...

My take on this is that these guys are all their own judges. This stuff we keep reading is peer review, and who would be in a better position for such reviews than all of the insiders?

Taken as a body, well, I guess the emerging picture becomes pretty clear. Beam me up, Scotty, there is no spiritual health amongst the ACOGs!


Anonymous said...

"My take on this is that these guys are all their own judges."

Just as in mainstream Christianity!
It's like a giant orgy, how the top ministers of mainstream Christianity interview, praise, pet, and oolge over each other, no matter how crazy.

Anonymous said...

"As Victor Kubik told Warren Zehrung at the UCG founding conferance in Indianapolis when asked by the latter for an apology for having disfellowshipped and fired him from his former employment–'of course not, I was just doing my job.'."

"Victor Kubik is not the shepherd who owns the sheep. So when he sees Joseph Tkach coming, he abandons the sheep and runs away. Then Joseph Tkach attacks the flock and scatters it. Victor Kubik runs away because he is a hired hand and cares nothing for the sheep" (John 10:12-13, Really New Up-To-Date Version With Modern Names).