Thursday, August 16, 2012

E. W. King - Mockers Beware!

E. W. King, the wanne-a-be prophetic end time leader of the Worldwide Church of God and/or Church of God Speaking To The Remnant, is not happy that people doubt his prophetic end time standing.  Woe be to you mockers out there!

I am always fascinated by these kooks that refer to themselves as Mr. in their communications. Dave Pack does the same thing.  I guess they think it adds an air of authority to their otherwise impotent names.

Integrity of Mr. E.W.King

Many people who used to be friends with Eric are now on a mission to attack him because he teaches the Truth! If one truly takes time out to visit the website, “Church of God ~ Speaking to the Remnant” and to really read the articles posted in the Library they will learn the Truth.

Eric has asked all members of COGSR to continue praying for all those who are on a “Hate Mission” against the True Church of God [WCG]. We are now even finding out that people in private chats have said things to disrupt the COGSR on Hate Blogs.

God is coming back only for His true Church, “The Worldwide Church of God” [COGSR] and that church has Mr. E.W.King teaching and proclaiming the One Truth about the One Church which was started by the One Christ.
The other thing that continues to fascinate me about these kooky COG leaders is that they declare that God is only working through them and will only come back to their church specifically and use it in the world tomorrow.  When pigs fly...


Anonymous said...

Where exactly do these guys get off anyway?

There is no way in hell that King (or Uncle Herbie himself) could ever verify that what they teach is the truth. Why do people believe that so much truth could possibly come out of one man's ass (either Herbie's or King's)? If people are attacking him, he's lying when he says it's because he teaches the truth. I guarantee he knows that is not the reason why. It's probably because he's a gigantic asshat.

Another thing is, why do these guys get so stuck in the past? If nothing else, it's such a musty, tiny little mental box to want to climb into. Why do they think the friggin' sun moon and stars revolved around such a flawed old dead man as Herbie? And now they think the universe will revolve around them as well if they teach others to bow down to Herbie too? But this nutjob goes so far as to worship the WCG name too, which is just looney.

This is not a hate blog. It isn't hate to ridicule the ridiculous, and King's drivel is among the most ridiculous COG garbage out there. Before you know it, King or somebody else just like him is gonna come along preaching the second coming of Herbie. Shoot me now!

Douglas Becker said...

There is no way in hell that King (or Uncle Herbie himself) could ever verify that what they teach is the truth.

Some of us have proved that what they teach are lies.

But then, it doesn't matter how many times we prove that there is no tithing on wages in Scripture and there weren't three tithes (only one -- and that for only the farmers and ranchers), they just ignore the truth and go on their merry way because...

They Can!

But if they think that we will give up on mocking them as the kooks they are, they are sadly mistaken.

And that word, "kooks", seems to be appearing with more regularity.

It makes us wonder if something is coming....

Assistant Deacon said...

Well, NO2, including EeeeeW King in the category of "COG leader" is too magnanimous. This delusional ranter couldn't lead a Cub Scout troop across the street, let alone a church into any sort of understanding.

Anonymous said...

Mocking is good for the soul. Keeps the competition on their toes

Byker Bob said...

Ah, so many people seeking to be seen as "the Elvis of Jesus"!

I'm still waiting for one of these people to come into national or international prominence. A chihuahua commands greater attention!