Friday, August 31, 2012

Eat Some Bacon and the Holy Ghost is Toast!

Oh, and you'll stink, too!

The apostle is having a snit fest today about the sacred and profane.  Can you imagine sharing a cave in Petra with this guy?  You wont even be able to blow your nose without being told it is a sin.

God commands us not to consume or even to touch the unclean thing.  This is an object lesson and a TEST. Will we obey God, or will we do what we or some man decides is right?
We may consume or use ONLY the dead bodies of creatures that have been sanctified by the word of God.
1 Ti 4:4   For every creature of God is good, and nothing to be refused, if it be received with thanksgiving: 5 For [if] it is sanctified by the Word of God and prayer.  Anything that is contrary to the word of God [adultery, murder, consuming the unclean thing, observing Sunday or any other day instead of God's commanded Sabbath (sunset Fri to sunset Sat) etc etc]  is sin.

I remember dingy comments like this years ago when part of WCG as a child.  Hush Puppy shoes were sometimes made with pig skin and it was considered a sin to wear them.

We spend a lot of time avoiding pork, other unclean creatures, furs, and the skins of unclean creatures, and that is good; yet we have failed to learn the spiritual lesson of this physical command. The New Covenant is a spiritual Covenant involving the presence of the Holy Spirit of Almighty God.
One major lesson of the clean and the unclean is that God will not tolerate even the slightest presence of sin.
The apostle is not allowing any of his women to wear mink or chinchilla furs or for that matter any fur!  Maybe this is another reason his wife left him after he threw out all her furs and unclean leather shoes.

We are not to consume or even to touch the dead body of any unclean creature.  That includes skins and furs.

The hair or wool sheared from LIVING animals may be used, as the operative concept is DEATH, with the dead unclean creature picturing the person who dies in wickedness remaining polluted by sin.
The clean creature picture the righteous godly person and the unclean pictures the person who is spiritually unclean before God through rebellion and compromise with the law and commandments of God.  The dead bodies of the clean animals picture those persons clean from sin, through their faithfulness to God and awaiting their resurrection to eternal life as Christ the Lamb of God was resurrected to eternal life; the dead bodies of the unclean picture persons who are polluted by sin.
Get thee behind me Starbucks!  I rebuke you McDonald's!  In the name of Jesus, I command you Baskin and Robbins BE GONE!  Damn, no more treats on that long drive home after a mind numbingly boring church service.

To tolerate sin without rebuking it is to tolerate spiritual uncleanness among us! To compromise with the Sabbath and pay others to work for us in restaurants is to not only tolerate sin, it encourages the sin of polluting the Sabbath and it is active participation in other men’s sins.
Did you know  that when you have that pork hotdog you automatically start to stink and smell like a sewer?
When we eat we internalize what we eat, and when we touch filth we become polluted with that filth.
If you put your hand in sewage; would you not then wash it to cleanse it?
The lesson is the same, and God used certain animals to teach us about eating and internalizing evil. He used the very touching of the unclean dead body to teach us that dipping our hand in the wickedness of spiritual sewage will make us unclean and detestable to God.
If we have been exposed and touched evil we are contaminated with that evil and need to be cleansed; just like a person handling sewage begins to stink of that sewage. And if we actually eat the physical unclean thing which is representative of internalizing spiritual sewage; how much more do we stink of sin before our God?
That BLT sandwich you had today is going to cause the Holy Ghost to high tail it out of you!  Swoosh!  Did you feel it just leave?
Lets get this clear: Almighty God will NOT tolerate anyone who compromises with HIS commandments or who breaks his laws; they will be rejected from being his Spiritual Temple!
Let’s make this even clearer: Almighty God will NOT dwell in a filthy sinful environment!
God’s spirit will NOT remain in a willfully sinful person! And we become willfully sinful the minute we begin to make excuses for sin; when we say that we are only weak flesh and that he will forgive, and then use that as an excuse to avoid any serious effort to overcome.
If we justify working on Sabbath [sunset Friday to sunset Saturday] by saying that God is love and he would not want us to lose our jobs: WE ARE SINNERS and God’s spirit will leave us if we do not quickly and sincerely REPENT!


Painful Truth said...

I want to repent, but what do I do when I have a "pork" addiction???

Questeruk said...

Honey is produced by (unclean) bees, using gathered nectar, mixed inside the bees body with bee saliva, which the bee then regurgitates.

Yet honey is considered ‘clean’. Maybe Mr Malm has a ruling on this too?

Anonymous said...

All I got to say is, this deity better man up.

Almighty, huh? Yet can't stand to be in the same room with a guy that wears horsehide work boots and has pork sausage on his breath?

Hell, a little dirt don't hurt.

What a wuss.

Ike N. Hackett

Assistant Deacon said...

Every time Malm writes, he displays his ignorance.

There is very little quoted in this post from Malm's rant that isn't shockingly incorrect.

Does ANYBODY claim to follow this windbag?

Anonymous said...

Speaking of wingnuts, has anyone heard from Homer Kizer, lately? He's a prolific writer, with a COG background, but it's been a while since he has posted on
He's also considered to be a two witness contender (who's leader isn't these days), by his few followers.

I dare anyone to read his material, for any length of time, without going cross-eyed looney.
I fear his tiny flock may have abandoned him. They may even show up at Malm's place. Be on the lookout for cross-eyed sheep.

NO2HWA said...

AD: These are the stats that The Malm claims for May of this year:

May Site Stats: Unique visitors 9,777, Total visits 39,861, Pages 107,949, Hits 505,461

Douglas Becker said...

This convinces me more than ever that scientists need to begin an intensive search to find sentient life on earth.

NO2HWA said...

AD writes: "There is very little quoted in this post from Malm's rant that isn't shockingly incorrect."

That is exactly why I posted what I did. The more he writes the more he looks like a fool. The sad part is he has a lot of people falling for his junk.

That is why I continue to post his rantings so everyone can see what a con he is.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely amazing. What new "sins" (which God will not tolerate even the slightest trace of) will the numbskull apostle think up next? I cannot imagine what a person's life would look like if they followed to the letter every word which proceeded out of the mouth of Malm.

Assistant Deacon said...

Agreed, NO2. I realize his site gets hits, but when I say "follow," I mean actual disciples. He's such an aberration, it's scary to think anyone would buy in.

Michael D. Maynard said...

The Tabernacle materials list given to Moses included Badger or Dugong (Manatee) hides. Both unclean according to Torah.

Hummmm...we pick and choose, cut and paste, redact and crop the Bible until it fits our shape and form.

Anonymous said...

RE: Homer Kizer

He has been posting to his page, but it only goes to his mailing list currently. 2 volumes of A Philadelphia Apologetic, Kindle edition, are currently on amazon A Third volume is in process and a 4th volume is on the way. and are available free on his website.

Byker Bob said...

This is the sort of nonsense that comes from believing that the Holy Spirit is an impersonal force. Their doctrines re: authority are actually an attempt to replace or usurp the functions of God the Holy Spirit!

It also comes from a misreading of the book of Acts. They believe that the reason that the Gentiles lost their uncleanness was that they all became totally immersed in Judaism. Problem with that scenario is that how could an evangelist preach to Gentiles and eat with them prior to their conversion?


Anonymous said...

Manatees can be scrubbed clean with bleach and febreeze. After hauling them from the coast into the desert, they can get a little ripe.


Anonymous said...

Manatees can be scrubbed clean with bleach and febreeze. After hauling them from the coast into the desert, they can get a little ripe.


Anonymous said...

I find myself short on hogfat. Not sure what to do if/when I next injure myself.