Wednesday, August 29, 2012

God Gave The U.S. A Chance To Repent 7 Years Ago And It Did Not!

Armstrongism's magical god certainly is getting a work out lately.

From Facebook:

We all know God works in cycles, the #7 cycle being the one we all know! God gave New Orleans a major warning to repent 7 years ago when hurricane Katrina caused over a Billion dollars in damage. Apparently New Orleans and AMERICA has not repented. Hurricane Isaac will sweep into New Orleans 7 years to the day. WILL AMERICA AND EACH ONE OF US REPENT THIS TIME??

I wonder who Armstrongism's god is actually pissed at.  The folk in New Orleans, or the COG evangelists and ministers committing adultery, who steal tithe money for their own use, who utter false prophesies, who are arrogant and narcissistic, who stalk members and threaten them?  The list could go on and on.  Maybe this is a wake up call for the COG to open their eyes?


Anonymous said...

If I never hear or read the words "We all know that God...[insert bullsh*t]" ever again, it will be too damn soon.

Douglas Becker said...

No, this event is a "lost prophecy".

You will see more on this later, but suffice it to say, if God does nothing that He reveals it to his servants, the prophets, you would think He would have revealed this event in advance to His prophets, the Armstrongists.

Huge failure here.

We don't just have false prophecies, we have missing ones.

The ACoG ministers are totally useless. No, I take that back: They are worse than useless.

Anonymous said...

According to the Holy Spirit, Jesus is mad at New Orleans because not enough people there have accepted the fact that Jesus has "Christianized" Voodoo by turning it into Santeria.

Chick-fil-A sacrificial anti-gay chicken #1

Byker Bob said...

In order for punishment to be effective, one needs to know beyond the shadow of a doubt what offense or offenses the punishment is for. And, not just because some unknown wannabe preacher shares his armchair speculations with the very limited number of people in his small sphere of influence. The offense and the judgment would need to be something recognized by everyone involved. That would be the only logical way in which punishment could be expected to be effective.

Back in the '80s in California, there was a crude sign off to the side of I-5, just before an overpass. Rain was substandard for a couple of years, and some organization had created this sign which read: "DROUGHT!!! God says there is something queer going on!"
And, presumably, enough of the "queers" (as they called them)must have repented, because eventually El Nino hit, dumping enough rain to refill the reservoirs and aquifers, and the problem was solved. (Heh, we all know better).