Monday, August 13, 2012

Malmites: UCG Women Showing Too Much Cleavage and Leg!!!!!

The Malmites are incensed at the immodest harlots parading around UCG services.  How dare these women show cleavage when they sing special music!  How dare they wear stockings that have patterns on them!  It is making the men in the congregation lustful and have to avert their eyes in order to control their sexual urged. The Malmites sound more and more like radical Muslims.

In the Executive Committee Report one item stands out which is “Mr. Kubik explained the next item offered for Council input. Some have recently asked about the Church’s policy of appropriate Sabbath wear for speakers, song leaders and for those giving opening and closing prayers.” Where is the leadership training? Where is the guidance from the ministry? Why aren’t the commonly understood standards being enforced (ooops maybe there aren’t any)? Must the COE rule on this, or, couldn’t the President make a policy decision, or perhaps even, the Director of Member and Ministerial Services? Doesn’t anybody have real authority? What would Paul have done in his time?

Additionally, the item above leaves one important aspect out of the view of the COE. Ladies dress code. Why do we see Deaconesses showing cleavage? Why are women showing half their thighs when they sit down in a dress? Have women forgotten the use for a “slip” as a piece of modest dress? Why are young women walking around in church with skirts 1/3 – ½ way up their thighs? Oh, I guess modesty and decorum for women isn’t part of the COE or ministry’s agenda. (By the way ladies, it doesn’t make any difference if a man is a Christian or not – he still notices. However, the Christian will not concentrate on, nor think further about your immodest dress at worship services {which does not give you an excuse to keep dressing that way}.)


Since UCG is so careful about how the men appear before the congregation, what about the IMMODESTY of some of the ladies & how much skin they are showing these days. When they do “special music”, they are before the congregation – does that not matter more than a fellow who shows up missing his tie or jacket? More & more “cleavage” is showing also & I don’t appreciate my husband & my brothers having to look the other way to avoid looking at their suggestive dress. Several years ago during the Feast, a male friend sat with us – the gal (not lady), who did “special music”, was showing so much cleavage & otherwise, that both men averted their eyes, until she was finished. How about the “patterned hosiery” that many are wearing now – why do they want people’s attention averted to their legs? Think about it ladies!! One of our deaconesses has & is “leading the pack” in these behaviors & it’s so disappointing. Why aren’t our men reminding us wives, when they see a problem such as this? AND, why aren’t the elders addressing it? Oh, well – since the pictures of the ABC women show so much cleavage in their group photos & a new Pastor’s wife was also, in a United News article a few months back, I guess it doesn’t matter anymore to Home Office. It’s disgusting!!


Anonymous said...

For people who are truly inspired by the Holy Spirit, the solutions to these problems are obvious-

1) Ladies should wear burqas.

2) Men should wear these things under their loincloths to prevent boners.


Anonymous said...

Geez. Cleavage? OMG! You would think they were wearing bikinis to church.

Lemme guess, a righteous christian person never goes to the beach either, right? A regular beach, or a nude beach...for a righteous christian, what's the difference? All the commonly understood standards of yesteryear (when a swimsuit had to cover your ankles) have gone out the window. Oh dear! What's this world coming to?

Yes, this is what everyone (in the world) needs, a bunch of decrepit authority figures with an agenda, laying down the law about how many centimeters constitute modesty. Makeup! No Makeup! Makeup! No Makeup!

Assistant Deacon said...

Apparently, Apostle Palm has struggles of his own.

Anonymous said...

Dang. Maybe I stopped attending UCG too soon.

On second thought, No.

How do these guys, who avert their eyes from a woman singing special music, survive in the Western world?

Douglas Becker said...

The Malmites are incensed at the immodest harlots parading around UCG services.

There's a simple solution to this: Stop attending the UCG. I know I don't.

There. Problem solved.

Of course, I don't attend United because they are immoral, unethical, illegal lying thieves.

I'm afraid some of it may have rubbed off.

Solve the above mentioned problems first and then maybe the women will stop being such brazen harlot hussies.

They are just waiting for the men to catch up, since they are smarter than the men are.

I feel dirty. Maybe I'll take a shower now and get some of the UCG off of me.

I won't guarantee I'll shower alone.

Steve Kisack said...

Those old memories are coming back. They used to measure girl's skirts with a measuring stick, take away their barbie dolls, and make everyone throw their makeup in the trash cans at Big Sandy. Oh, the SIN of it all, teasing the "righteous" men like that! I think the men are the ones who have the sexual problem. How righteous her husband and brothers are to not look at cleavage. Now that takes will power! Are the "deaconesses" hot chick babes? Usually, it's the ones "trying" not to look who have the greatest sexual problem. I've seen it happen every time. Those are the ones who totally shock you when something sexual in nature happens between them and a woman. "I didn't think he would ever do something like that!" I wonder if they watched any of the Olympic events? Well, they couldn't have. That would be more temptation than they could bear, even more so than watching some old "deaconess'" cleavage hanging out while singing special music. Oh, the shame and the filth of it all!

Allen C. Dexter said...

Read Hawaii by Michener. It's an eye opener. The Hawaiians were happy and completely natural until hypocrit missionaries came along and destroyed their idylic way of life.

Yeah, they worshipped idols and did some other strange things once in awhile, but they suffered less under their stone idols than they did under the conceptual idols and hypocritical morality the white man foisted off on them.

Byker Bob said...

It begs the question, where does Malm think the Holy Spirit is? What does Malm believe the Holy Spirit's role is in a Christian's life and the transformation of hearts?

It's been my experience that even when all perceived microscopic temptation is removed, the mind will still gravitate towards sex. It's a drive with which we are all created, just like hunger or thirst.

It'd be nice to hear that Malm had turned his thoughts to loving treatment of others, and good and exemplary works in his community, but he's perpetually stuck on the first rung, and will probably never get to that level of growth.


Fritz said...

Why is Malm eyeing those women in the first place.

Mary said...

"Why are women drawing attention their legs" amazingly dumb.
Do hairstyles draw attention, how about ties, how about shoes, how about most things you wear drawing attention.
Nudity would draw the most attention perhaps.
Silly thinking

Anonymous said...

Does anyone remember how often HWA used to say something like "I think it started with the flappers" (i.e. their fault for starting the downfall of morality). I used to think, even if that were true (and I don't believe it was), the men were obviously going along with it - they weren't being kidnapped by the women.


Anonymous said...

Maybe thats the only way they can keep men attending services. I can't imagine sitting through boring services. Maybe this spices it up a little.

Anonymous said...

"I can't imagine sitting through boring services."

I think that many pastors are aware of this, so these days, they incorporate a variety of "Cheezy Sales Tactics for Jesus" in their presentations.

(It's as if the preachers believe Jesus and slimy sales tactics go together like bread and butter.)
(I'm not talking about cleavage or legs, here.)

Whether mainstream Christian preachers are using "outrageous lies for Jesus"(as so many do), or using a bunch of gaudy theatrical props(as Perry Stone does), or amazing people with "supernatural" tall tales(as Sid Roth does), or staging flamboyant healing extravaganzas(as Benny Hinn does), they're all utilizing a bunch of craptastic "Cheezy Sales Tactics for Jesus"


Byker Bob said...


Why is it that you are hung up on all of the ridiculous ones, and attempt to make them appear as typifying or representing Christianity? I, too, believe the people you listed to be absurd, ridiculous, and cheezy.

Don't you ever watch James Merritt,
Charles Stanley, Greg Laurie, or Jeff Shreve? How about the Robisons, James and Betty, or the classic broadcasts of Billy Graham?

Anonymous said...

Holy crap, the Robisons aren't ridiculous, too?

Allen C. Dexter said...

Thinking back on my life and the raging hormones I had to deal with up until the recent past, I realize that I could have been turned on by a female in a burka just as easily as in a bikini -- or stark naked.

We humans have prolific imaginations and that's all it takes to conjure up mental sexual images when one is so horny he (or she) can hardly stand themselves.

It takes personal morality to resist the urges that are as inevitable as the rising of tomorrow's sun. Those urges are not evil of and by themselves, but being so caught up in trying to surpress them as so many religious people are is evil.

Suppression doesn't work. Moral self-control does. That takes real character, not nit picking rules and regulations that never work anyway.

Allen C. Dexter said...

Gotta say a bit more. I see all these references to what the "holy spirit" does. I supposedly received that nebulous whatever when Herman Hoeh laid his hands on me and prayed after my baptism.

Back fifty years ago, I would have confidently stated that I had that spirit and that it made me different. Looking back, I can say with even more assurance that I walked away from that baptismal pool with the same thoughts, emotions, etc. that I had before I entered it. It was all emotional assurance that meant nothing and had no bssis in reality.

I wasn't suddenly some super human with different emotions and thoughts than I had an hour before. I still struggled with the same weaknesses and secret short comings I had the day before. I was still human, not some mysterious mental hybrid with a "holy spirit" taking over my mind.

Let's get real. It takes no god or special spirit to be a good and moral human being or to think straight. Give me logic and the morals of the golden rule -- which in one form or another is taught in all the major religions, but often not practiced very well. That's a human mental problem and has nothing to do with the presence or absence of some supernatural spirit.

Anonymous said...

if a man can't look at a woman (clothed, unclothed, or somewhere inbetween) without lusting for her, then he is the one with the problem.....don't blame the woman.

Assistant Deacon said...

Yes, Anon, the Robisons are indeed ridiculous -- except when peddling vitamin B-12, of course.

Allen C. Dexter said...

Firlyw"if a man can't look at a woman (clothed, unclothed, or somewhere inbetween) without lusting for her, then he is the one with the problem.....don't blame the woman."

Right on! Women have been vilified as sluts, temptresses, etc. ever since idiots like Augustine came along. Just noticing that a woman has beauty and disirability is not wrong and is not necessarily lustful.

Steve Kisack said...

I think that Muslim woman in the picture should cover her toes. I have to look away every time I look at that picture...that and special music cleavage. God help me!