Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Pod-casting the Tribulation in the Next 5-6 Weeks?

Apostle Malm is again predicting that the tribulation will begin in 5-6 weeks when the abomination of desolation is set up in Jerusalem.  The apostle thinks he has an inside track into Middle East politics right now and is predicting a soon coming war to defeat the radical Muslims.  According to the apostle the Europeans will really get pissed at the Muslims and defeat their sorry asses leading the way to the antichrist to set up his throne in Jerusalem.  That is all supposed to start this year around Feast time.

Apostle Malm writes:

I do still think that there is a very good chance that the abomination will be set up and the tribulation may begin later this year.  We shall know if this is happening in five or six weeks.
 Then he makes this rather sad comment about his son. 
 If that does happen, I plan to continue with this effort and cover that activities of the two servants of God until the faithful leave.   I hope to see my son married and enjoying some happiness in the prepared place, after he has spent a lifetime helping and  holding me up.  I see the possibility that God might choose me to be one of his two as being remote.

You have to feel sorry for his son. The guy apparently loves his father so much that he has put his life on hold in order to take care of his ill father. Malm only sees hope for his son to be married in Petra.

I look back at the thousands of lives of young people in the Churches of God that had been marred by this kind of thinking.  Lives were put on hold, educational dreams were destroyed, relationships put on the back burner all in the anticipation of the sudden exodus to Petra all because the end times were upon us.  For two thousands years these wolves have been screeching this same message because they inwardly have no hope or security in the One they claim to be following.

He then lays out a subtle hint for hi acolytes to start sending him more moeny.  The apostle wants to start "fireside chat's" through podcasting his earth shattering messages.  Yes folks, lets sit around the fire tonight and talk about you sorry bastards that continue to eat out on Saturdays profaning the Sabbath and how your ass is going to end up in the lake of fire.  That makes me warm and fuzzy thinking about it.  Where's my glass of wine!

If we are given more time I plan to begin making regular audios of about 15 to 30 minutes duration and posting them at the ashininglight.info site as well as podcasting them to itunes.  These would not be sermons as such but fireside chats style talks about God and his ways.

As soon as finances permit I want to move from this noisy apartment by a busy highway to increase the quality of said audios.  If I am moving I want to get into a quiet and slightly larger rental apartment where I can set up a room with the necessaries to begin making audio video presentations as well.

I do not need a million dollar studio to do this; a good camera and mic and a quiet room is all that is needed.  I also do not need to spend millions on TV program time; I will be loading these on Youtube and advertising this to the public on the Outreach Site and here.

The apostle has also started an adverting campaign hitting religious sites around the world with pop up ads.  Impotent Dave Pack must be shivering in his boots right now!

The Outreach advertising began in earnest yesterday with a target of 100,000 full page popup ads for 30 days, at religious and media sites in the US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand set for the campaign.
I don’t want to mislead here.  The vast majority of these exposures will be quickly deleted; however that 1% who read a few pages, comes back for more and tells their friends makes this very worthwhile.  Remember that 1% of 3 million is still over 30,000, and as these events unfold more and more interest will be generated in news and prophecy; leading into doctrine.

When people find out he is connected to Armstrongism the remaining 1% will delete him also.


Douglas Becker said...

So sorry, but the Abomination of Desolation set up in the Temple has come and gone in 167 B.C. with the statue of Zeus put in the temple by Antiochus IV Epiphanes, so Bishop Malm is a little late in joining the Maccabees.

Thanks for playing The Apocalypse game.

Anonymous said...

I don't watch cable news or COG programs anymore. I have a bag of polished rocks, that I toss on the ground to see what's gonna happen.

Anonymous said...

OK, if apostle Malm isn't one of the Two Witnesses, then could the real end-time Elijah, please stand up.

Anonymous said...

"I see the possibility that God might choose me to be one of his two as being remote."

This a sad and rather telling comment.

Obviously Malm has been daydreaming about jesus swooping down and rescuing him from the spectre of retiring in poverty and without healthcare, and instead crowning him as one of the Amazing Two Witnesses of Revelation. Then he could strut around the planet gleefully withholding rain left and right, and people would try to bow down and worship him, and he could tell them, "No, don't do it, but I think it's fanTAStic that you want to." Finally, getting the respect and adoration he's always wanted!

Probably the whole purpose of his blog is as the capstone on his resume for the position of final end-times witness which he's been polishing.

It's probably a good thing he realizes the competition for these coveted positions is stiff, and he might not get the job. It might be even better if he were to realize that the act of coveting is a sin which is sure to disqualify him from the running. Myself, I decided not to apply, since I figured these "positions" would never be filled.

Byker Bob said...

This stuff he keeps shoveling out: Is it coming from his mouth? I don't believe it even has the value of fertilizer! I mean, even the word "crap" seems to miss the mark as a descriptive.


Anonymous said...

"Obviously Malm has been daydreaming about jesus swooping down and rescuing him from the spectre of retiring in poverty and without healthcare"

You are obviously an American. Malm is Canadian so he has healthcare.