Thursday, September 13, 2012

Apostle Malm: Successful Civic Minded People Have Sold Their Soul To Satan

More from the pen of apostle James.

Beware all of you civic minded folk out there that serve in civic capacities, who might have some money or are successful.  Apparently you have sold your soul to Satan.

Satan is in authority over all nations and provinces and cities and peoples in the world today.  One CANNOT become a national or civic leader, or achieve wealth fame and success in this world without either unwittingly obeying Satan in rebellion against God; or by knowingly making a deal with Satan; or by the direct intervention of God to over-rule Satan.

The example he uses to "prove" this is Bob Dylan's interview with 60 Minutes.


Painful Truth said...

What a fool Malm is.
The chamber of Commerce can make or break your business. It seems Malm is destined to a life of poverty.
He's a very poor businessman, and yes, the churches of god are a business.

Corporate churches are the real whores here. They sign up so that they can do business tax free. The blue ribbon tithe payers get a tax break also.

Soon the loser and chief of this former great country will dictate to these "churches" what they WILL pay under the healthcare law. From this point forward, its only a matter of time before they will be required to preach the party line. Same thing happened in Russia under the USSR. It will happen here.

Open your hymnals to page 666 and stand...

Douglas Becker said...

Is this anything like the rebellion of Herbert Armstrong against the Church of God Seventh Day or his going to famous world leaders, like Marcos of the Philippines, who certainly did not appear all that godly.

Herbert Armstrong might also be evaluated by the company he kept and some of it was quite unsavory.

So is it Apostle Malm's position that Herbert Armstrong sold his soul to the Devil to have prominence with world leaders?

Anonymous said...

"...unwittingly obeying Satan in rebellion against God..."

Here's my question. Is it possible to be an unwitting rebel? I mean, in English, the word "rebellion" implies an intentional act of conscious volition, doesn't it? I always thought we were mentally wrapping up the act of decisive will and then the subsequent acts of defiance into a single package? If you take away either of these two constituent parts, can you still properly use the word "rebellion"? Can you be an accidental rebel the way you can be an accidental tourist? Or is "unwitting rebel" an oxymoron?

Byker Bob said...

Malm must be scared to get up every morning!

I think we should take up a collection for him, and use the proceeds to purchase and send to him a year's supply of tinfoil, garlic, and dog repellent.


Anonymous said...

All I remember Bob Dylan saying on that subject is "We all got to serve somebody" or words to that effect.

Glenn Parker

Byker Bob said...


I've read extensively on the life stories of people who made a special impact on me. Bob Dylan, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Steve McQueen, and the entire Jewish diaspora have been described even by secular authors as having been specially touched by God.

When I hear people such as Malm say some of the things which they do, it becomes obvious that they are totally devoid of any special insights. They come off as being equally jealous as was HWA when he wrote his editorial about John Lennon following his assassination.


Anonymous said...


I will stop at the SRV statue here in Austin during my bike ride this evening and then play Pride and Joy after I get home.


Anonymous said...

I like Dylan's Positively 4th Street.

Not a perfect match to "what to say to armstrongist people", but pretty close!

Here is the original.

Here is an excellent and much longer version by the JGB.