Sunday, September 16, 2012

Bob Thiel Comments About Meredith's Concerns

Bob Thiel writes in Living Church of God News:

09/14/12 p.m. Dr. Meredith contacted me yesterday and listed some LCG concerns about about my book Barack Obama, Prophecy, and the Destruction of the United States. I provided him feedback related to those concerns, including part of how I feel that book helps tie into the final phase of the work. We both mentioned mutual prayers and the Feast of Tabernacles, and I conveyed my wishes that he would have a great Feast of Tabernacles.
There are a lot of recent false assertions and reports about me and LCG matters on the internet, so this may be a good time to address a few of them. For example, James Malm (a blogger, that seems to be starting to form his own group, long has had major issues with me, LCG, UCG, COGWA, etc.) posted the following:
This ongoing battle through the summer began to climax as the COGWA talks progressed and Bob published his book on President Obama.  After a number of calls from Charlotte on this new book as well as many communications on his disagreement with the new falling away teaching; and especially about his attitude, that he was straightening out Charlotte; Doug Winnail flew out to San Diego for two days of talks with Bob in August.
With the issues unresolved,  and there seems to be far more than only these matters, maybe LCG leadership finally got around to reading Bob’s other books?  More likely it is a power struggle over any potential agreement to cooperate with COGWA.
Rod Meredith wrote all congregations last Sabbath with a warning about believing anything written by Bob.
Now it appears that a choice to either obey and accept instructions from the leadership or be cast out has been given to Bob...
From what I can see, Bob Thiel is the leader of the anti cooperation with COGWA faction. 
The above assertions contain a lot of falsehoods, false conclusions, and/or false assumptions. Because others on the internet have picked up some of this, let me try to set out the facts about the above:

  1. According to Dr. Meredith, there have been no positive talks about any type of serious merger cooperation with COGWA (Dr. Meredith, without me even bringing this up, yesterday again declared that no merger type talks with COGWA, or UCG for that matter, are in the works). (More on this can be found in my post RCM: There are No Merger Talks with COGWA or UCG.)
  2. I, Bob Thiel, am not leading up any anti cooperation faction related to COGWA. Members and ministers in COGWA who wish to be part of LCG are welcome to contact Charlotte or other LCG ministers. I have never opposed that, but instead long encouraged that.
  3. There has been no "power struggle" related to me and LCG's dealings with COGWA.
  4. There was never one call from Charlotte (or anyone else in LCG) related to my "Obama" book until after I got the attachment (which had already been made public) to the Weekly Update late September 6, 2012. For James Malm to state that I received numerous calls from Charlotte about the book prior to 9/6/12 is totally false.
  5. Dr. Douglas Winnail came out here (and I am nowhere near San Diego) on August 26th and 27th to go over LCG literature concerns that I raised (and the focus was NOT the falling away matter, though that was discussed as well). He did not come out here to warn me about my books. Actually, on both days that he was here I brought up my upcoming "Obama" book and he raised no questions or concerns about it. Dr. Winnail proposed the trip long before he knew about the book and the focus was primarily on matters of church history, doctrine, prophecy, and literature. And I also discussed my views on the final phase of the work and he brought up some Charlotte views. There was no discussion of COGWA, or UCG for that matter, that I can recall.
  6. Dr. Meredith was not warning that people not to read my books or anything else. He simply wanted to make it clear, that despite the claims of others (not me) on the internet that I supposedly was LCG's "official spokesman" that I was not an employee of LCG and hence, did not officially speak for the organization. Not only is that true, that type of disclaimer has long been on the COGwriter home page. He advised people to check out what I write (cf. Acts 17:10-11), and I have always advocated that: Specifically, I have written, and it has been at the About COGwriter page for many years, Don't simply believe me Believe what the Bible really Teaches Believe the Truth Prove all things – Believe God!
  7. The suggestion that a "choice to either obey and accept instructions from the leadership or be cast out has been given to Bob" is not true. This did not happen nor did Dr. Meredith even hint of such to me yesterday either. Nor have I ever been accused of any type of disobedience that I am aware of by any LCG leader.
Perhaps I should mention that also on the internet, some have falsely suggested that a couple of the LCG commentaries in the past week or so were intended to be directed towards me personally. Dr. Meredith, without me bringing that subject up, apparently saw the same nonsense, and told me that this was not the case. And yes, I believe him about that. Dr. Meredith, himself, also took exception to claims that there was any "war" between the LCG evangelists and me.

Yesterday, I noticed that James Malm linked to my recent news article titled Persecution. He, and others who profess Christ, should read it (Christians are subject to persecution per 2 Timothy 3:12, etc. and false accusations per Matthew 5:11, etc.). And James Malm, and others who make false statements about me (and others), should consider what they are doing.
 So there you have it folks!  Straight from the mouth of the world's foremost authority on the end times and the church.  Everything is all sunshine, rainbows and lollipops in LCG right now.


Anonymous said...

“Don't simply believe me– Believe what the Bible really Teaches – Believe the Truth – Prove all things – Believe God!”

Personally, I have always found this statement and others like it to be one of the most deceptive and self righteous of the statements made when one is trying to encourage others to read the Bible.

What this means is. "You can believe me because I give the accurate Biblical view. But if you must, go ahead and read the Bible and see for yourself that my view of it all is the correct one because see, it's right there in the Bible , which you can believe."

All silly really. Every divergent view tells their victims to read the Bible for themselves and PROVE what the divergent view giver is saying is Biblical.

Truly a book that can be made to say whatever you need it to say.

Anonymous said...

I find the Thiel/Malm "feud" ammusing. It's confirmation that both men are weasels who will twist any situation to make it line up with their version of the truth.

I agree with the first comment regarding Biblical truth. Even if you take context into view, and let's face it- most of these jokers do not, scripture is very often open to interpretation.

Douglas Becker said...

A lot of flap over nothing: Meredith isn't going to do one thing to Thiel.

And just remember, Meredith has NEVER committed any MAJOR sin!

I'm assuming that being a false prophet isn't a major sin -- it's sort of like being a psychopath: It isn't illegal being a psychopath -- what's the problem?

Steve Kisack said...

Bobby and Jimmy. Now there's a pair!

Douglas Becker said...

Matthew 18:

1. And when thou hast an issue with your brother in the faith, thou shalt set up a blog;
2. And in that blog, thou shalt libel him, call him names and cover him with mud;
3. And in so doing, thou shalt find the simple that believest in thy name calling;
4. And the people will wax great and divisions will form;
5. And if the people accept thee, thou has gained yourself a congregation, for thou hast proven thyself greatest in hyperbole and giving infotainment to those who would listen;
6. And thy brother, who thou hast made an enemy and a fool of, shall be ashamed in the midst of the congregation;
7. He shall have to seek another following, for his credibility is ruined;
8. And all the people shall praise your name, for thou are greatest of all in manipulating the simpletons;
9. And thou shall be praised and lifted up among your own "brethren" and they shall give you their money.
10. Amen. And Amen. It is so.

Anonymous said...

Bobby and Jimmy. Now there's a pair!

Together, they're elephantitis of the scrotum!


Anonymous said...

I still say that Rod will at some point feel compelled to exert his authority - he just can't help himself - and tell Bob to shut down his website or remove some items or submit everything to HQ for approval before publishing. Bob will resist and assert his right to publish what God leads him to understand as long as he uses his disclaimer about not speaking for LCG.

"Misunderstandings" will ensue and Bob will get kicked out "for his own good until he repents and recognizes the leadership that God has placed in His church." I think their personal scripts will have to play out that way.

Not A Prophet (unless it plays out that way)