Saturday, September 22, 2012

Dale Schurter: When Will He Grow A Pair?

Dale Schurter has a long history being part of the Church of God.  He was looked upon by many as a guru on natural farming and other "green" activities before they were cool.  Others worshiped the man as a minister.  He could preach no wrong and his tapes were widely distributed.

Then Dale made the mind numbing switch over to the Restored Church of God claiming it was the ONLY COG on the face of the earth and in human history to be doing an earth shattering "work."

A reader sent in a little blurb to me today about Dale's latest chameleon changes.  Dale seems to have a reputation on changing colors to suit his latest endeavor.

Dave Pack has been having orgasmic fits over LCG's new teaching on the "wedding supper" and where it will be. Dave is spitting fire right now that LCG are apostates for teaching such a heresy.

The only problem is this so called "new teaching" is not new and was first brought to light by WCG pastor Harold Smith in 1981.  Smith started teaching that the "wedding feast" would be in heaven.  The interesting thing is that when Smith preached this one of the first to jump on the same band wagon was Dale Schurter.  Dale was a firm believer in this "new" teaching and taught it.

Jump ahead to 2012 and Dale is has joined up with his new guru Dave. Obviously Dale needs to be told what to believe, where to do it and how.  Hence, Mr. No Balls.

 Dave hates that teaching and says it is heresy.  Dale Schurter, in his typical ball-less fashion now has changed his beliefs and says it is wrong.  How many more times can this king of waffling change his mind?  When Dave kicks him out of RCG? When some other "new and improved" teacher comes along?

Why doesn't Dale get a pair and stand up for something and stick to it?


Douglas Becker said...

earth shattering "work"

No matter how you want to portray that, it just doesn't do anything positive for the Armstrongist cult religions.

This idea of the "wedding supper" being in heaven is making the rounds of the various ACoGs (starting way back in 2010) which gave new creedance to the silly idea that -- in spite of the pattern of the "Feasts", Christ is going to make a near miss on Pentecost and sort of bounce off the earth's atmosphere to gather up the elect and whisk them off to heaven while some part of the Great Tribulation goes on, or something like that (nailing down the specifics gets really fuzzy). As near as I can tell, this all started with James Russell and his silly ideas and it sort of spread. Of course, I'm personally not ruling out William Dankenbring, bringer of strange things, including the stupid idea from Greg Doudna's book that the United States is really Ephraim (well, not the book exactly, but from a paper he wrote at AC).

There's really no reason for Dave getting his panties in a bunch: British Israelism is just a wrong silly idea for kooks, so everything in Armstrongism goes down hill from there. None of it is sane -- not one drop of it.

So it doesn't matter whether Dale Schurter has courage or not, everybody involved is wrong anyway: Just pick who will give you a salary and you're good to go.

Anonymous said...

I don't believe that Harold Smith has ever been an Evangelist in WCG. You may have him confused with Norman Smith? It's doubtful HWA or those around him would ever want to raise Harold Smith to an Evangelist when he was teaching what the Bible says... and not what HWA or HQ taught.

NO2HWA said...

Thanks Anon. Corrected Smith's title. After a while all the names and titles of WCG officials start running together.

Anonymous said...

You are welcome. Mr. Harold Smith is still a Pastor. He oversees the COGFNW. He continues to teach that the Wedding Supper takes place in heaven, despite what the critics think or say.